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#106282 by Les
Sat Apr 05, 2008 5:18 am
Compared to other messageboards, Amber Nectar’s Tiger Nation Forums are quite free and easy. There’s no censorship of profanity (far from it) and providing you put it in the right board you can pretty much discuss what you like.

However that’s not to say we have no standards, we don’t want the place to degenerate into a haven for illiterate meffs bashing out ill though out drivel. So consider these salient points…

1. Think about what you are writing. Do you really have a point to make? Also, is it relevant to a forum that is meant for discussing football and irreverent lighthearted crap like 80’s TV shows and the nutritional values of Space Raiders? Extreme political views, regardless of their position on the political compass, can be discussed on forums designed for that purpose, so we don’t need that stuff here. When we describe ourselves as ‘an uncensored forum for the Tiger Nation’, we mean that if you think the manager/chairman/a player is a wanker then we won’t throw the ‘you’re not a real fan’ crap at you, because you have a right to make that point if it’s properly thought out. That description is not a licence to post inflammatory crap, however.

2. The forums exist for the communication of ideas between users. To make your ideas easily understood then try, at least try, to use good grammar. English is such a cool language, please do it justice. We’re not English teachers and you won’t be jumped on if you make the odd spelling mistake, it will happen, but if you make no attempt at putting your point across in a correct manner then you’ll probably take some flak for it.

Do not post in capitals only, either in the thread title if you are creating one or in the main body of text in your post. It's the equivalent of shouting your opinions in a pub when everyone else is talking at normal volume, and implies you think your opinions take precedence over those of others.

Text speak, or TXT SPK is strictly verboten. There are no limits on letters and characters when posting, so there is no need to bastardise words, you isn’t much more effort than U and you’re than UR, if you can’t be bothered to make the effort then frankly, fuck off.

3. If you’re posting a news article from another site, that’s fine, but tell us where you got it from. If you post a URL to link to another site and it’s content could land someone in bother if they are viewing it on a work PC, then declare it ‘Not work safe’.

4. If you want to post a picture, that’s fine, but make sure it’s not so big it will wazz up the forum parameters. Keep the ‘Not work safe’ principle in mind, with a URL people can choose not to click on it if they fear it could land them in bother, a pic doesn’t present that option, so no porn please.

5. Use of emoticons is frowned upon on and considered dangerously gay on the Tiger Nation Forums. "Why then do they exist?" you might ask. Well, like a tree of ripe and juicy apples in the garden of Eden, emoticons exist as a test of your resolve, sure they may look appealing and fun to use, but doing so is wrong, so very wrong, and against the will of the creator(s). Though using emoticons on the Tiger Nation Forums will not see you expelled by sword wielding angels, it will leave you open to ridicule and no use of *PALC will save you this time, as emoticon use is deemed anti-*PALC.


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