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Sat Apr 05, 2008 5:15 am
Ark, The

n. Affectionate nickname given to Boothferry Park, Hull City's former home. The neon lights spelling out the stadium's name were prone to partial failure, for a long time the only letters illuminated spelt FER ARK.

"I miss being at The Ark, when blokes would piss in your pocket rather than face the queues for the bogs"


a. A measure of a persons ability to be a cunt.

"Your mate is showing a remarkable level of cuntivity today."


n. (Pejorative) A disparaging term for a person displaying such preposterous stupidity, one wonders if they are mentally defective.

The word is a portmanteau of fuckwit and retard.

"You found Bill Baxter's joke funny? Are you a fucktard?"


n. A homosexual.

"He wears K-Swiss trainers? What a heem!"

Related words; Heemasex, Quadraheem, Heemaphrodite.


n. Something considered worthless, inferior or repugnant.

"I think the Kaiser Chiefs are utterly jenk."

Related words; Jenkatronic, Jenkmanistan, Jenkbot.


n. An uneducated delinquent showing characteristics of a Chav but with the unclean and poorly dressed appearance of a Pikey.

"I'm not bothering with Hull Fair this year, the place teems with Jikes."


n. Annoyance or frustration caused by a situation or a persons actions.

"The bird was giving me mash all last night, in the end I told her to shut the fuck up."

Related words; Workmash, Birdmash, Manmash.


n. (Pejorative) A contemptible person, typically someone of unkempt appearance and low intelligence.

"The city centre is teeming with meffs today", "V-Bar? That place is spectacularly meff-packed"

Related words; Meffotron, Muntmeff, Meffelated.


n. (Pejorative) A female meff of considerable ugliness.

The word is a portmanteau of munter and meff.

"I've never met her, but I reckon Boro Babe is a right muntmeff."


Abbreviation of Perfectly Acceptable Lifestyle Choice.

A statement of defiant acknowledgement made when expressing a liking for something that peers may find socially unconventional and/or a bit gay. Adding *PALC affords the person admitting the interest or preference a degree of immunity from criticism.

"Last night I watched a DVD of Sex in the City (*PALC) with the bird."

"I love Justin Whittle*, the man is a legend. *PALC"


n. (pejorative) - an excellent combination of "quim" and "fadge", used to deride those who engage in un-manly acts

Agreeable Wabs

Excellent bosoms. Top drawer titties. Quality yags.

"The bird doing a naked bike ride through the streets of London had agreeable wabs and a tidily clipped quim"

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