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#279407 by CharliePalmer
Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:18 pm
I didn't like them in the Prem. But the championship?

You don't watch the oppo, you watch City. We have MK Mongs Saturday which is Cat C and cheaper but it's a massive game for us. If we win, we go to Boro neck and neck with them, maybe even above them. The game matters, later on we play Forest... Who are A or B? Because??? They won the European Cup in 1980!? That's important why?

That's the whole point at this level. The biggest names (Forest L**ds Wolves) are mediocre. The average names (Brighton, Burnley... Us to be honest) are good.

Categorising games kills your floating vote. Do all the tickets at the same rate ffs. If anything then drop the price sometimes. Brum did it Thu and got loads more bums on seats...

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