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#277119 by Jimmy Weekly
Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:47 am
Was that a spoof? How to get almost everything wrong on a football highlights show.

    A studio audience getting in the way in every sense, from standing in front of the cameras to taking up valuable highlights time.

    A serious lack of seriousness, in terms of telling us about the football. No team line-ups, very few replays, and a selection of what to show when which was bonkers and unexplained.

    If you're going, for no apparent reason, to have everyone standing up, then try not to have the camera at knee height.

    And that 'expert analyst' who provided as much insight as a tripadvisor review and kept saying 'as you say' every couple of sentences although nobody had said anything.

I turned the sound down after 15 minutes, and turned the whole thing off after half an hour.

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