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#106279 by Les
Sat Apr 05, 2008 5:03 am
Amber Nectar is a non profit making website and has been so since it's inception in 1998. Though we have been asked to join franchised site networks such as Rivals and Footy Mad, we have always resisted the temptation to become a soulless, template based site with little control over what the site looks like, or what is advertised within it's pages. We have remained fiercely independent and pride ourselves on being so, the lack of profanity moderation is a product of that rebellious streak, a celebration of freedom to say what you like about Hull City without fear of censorship or sanitisation of viewpoints.

The site though, costs money to run, and that money comes from the pockets of the site creators and owners. A few years ago we added the 'Buy shit you don't need' link to so you could by yourself an iPod and also throw some loose change at Amber Nectar as part of our Amazon affiliation. The money made from this small ad doesn't come anywhere near meeting the costs though, it is akin to throwing a tray of ice cubes into a volcano and expecting it to quench the fiery lava. So, we've added a 'Donate by Paypal' button,so those who wish to can donate some pennies, nickels, øre or whatever currency you use to us.

There is no obligation to do so though, and for as long as we are able, we shall maintain a free to read site. We're not looking to profit from the running of Amber Nectar, and any surplus will go towards kit sponsorship or making badges like the highly sought after *PALC badges that we gave away for free.

Many thanks

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