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#283006 by Phil
Tue May 15, 2018 2:47 pm
Hi all...

A silent user of amber nectar for many years and regular listener of the podcast here.

Would really appreciate some help... I'm moving house and having a declutter before I leave and have amassed probably near on 1000 old city programmes (home and away). They're mostly from early 1990s onwards. Includes many of the 'big games'... last day at Boothferry, first at KC, first in Prem, FA cup run, Europe etc etc. you get the picture.

Plus there is some from the 60s given to me by a lovely old fella I used to sit next in the family stand at BP as a kid. On a side note, he was called Stan; wore a big sheepskin and smoked cigars - if anyone remembers him I'd love to hear from you (he sadly passed away when I was about 12 - 20ish years ago).

I realise they're mostly worthless but just wondered if anyone had any ideas about where I could direct them? I'd like them to go to someone who'll get as nostalgic as I do looking through them.

If any avid collectors are in need of the odd one, I'd be happy to have a look for you too.

Many thanks

dr phil

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