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#282744 by Bunkers Hill
Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:36 pm
Reading Halty's comments (in the Burton thread) about a couple of key decisions incorrectly going City's way got me thinking... You know those moments you get midway through a season when it seems there's a refereeing conspiracy against the club?
Three sendings off in a row, a string of poor linesmen's decisions or the denial of a hatful of stone-wall penalties. That sort of thing.

Then some pundit, rummaging through his cliche handbook, pipes up with the claim that "these things will even themselves out over the course of the season".

Well. Will they? I don't recall any particularly contentious decisions against Villa, so, by my reckoning we're presently two to the good; Burton having a fair goal chalked off & City having a unfair one allowed.

As it stands: City 2-0 The World.

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