PODCAST: Preston now and Blackpool then, managerial irritation, absentee captain…

The “hatecast”, this time. And there is a lot of swearing, and not just in a semi-jovial manner either. Some of the expletives are harsh, loud and not the faint of hearing. It’s the sweariest we’ve been for years. And it’s merited.

Making us issue profanities, some improvised (with the return of a few old favourites…)

* The defeat at Preston
* Nigel Adkins and his clichés
* Protests and new owners
* Ehab talks at the Yorkshire Post
* Dawson’s dash to Nottingham
* Blackpool at home, ten years ago

All here. Enjoy, if possible, but be aware of any minors in earshot.


PODCAST: The transfer window “miserycast”…

A January 31st “special”! You lucky people. Allow us to depress you further with…

* Dourness against Leeds
* Bottom three by Friday night (possibly)
* FA Cup win (hooray) and subsequent match-up with Chelsea (boo)
* Transfer window nonsense
* Protests
* Moved fixtures
* Two 1-0 wins in 07/08 as the slow climb to glory begins

It’s right here. Enjoy the new ending too.



PODCAST: Sunderland, managers present and past, FA Cup preview, unlikely promotion push of 2008…

It isn’t easy to keep our award-winning podcast upbeat right now, but all power to City for being so abject and comical that we have absolutely bloody loads to talk about. This week is no exception.

On this (slightly longer) edition…

* Sunderland defeat
* The Adkins effect
* Lack of new signings and lack of intention
* FA Cup tie at Forest
* Marco Silva and Phil Brown leave their jobs
* Ten years ago and an unlikely promotion push

Here you go…



PODCAST: Reading dirge, more January nonsense, branding guidelines, Chelmsford City…

A podcast that we worried wouldn’t contain much after the listless match at the weekend, but fortunately the branding guidelines gave us plenty to mull over. As did the spectacle of City making a second offer for a player that was identical to the first. You do start to wonder if Ehab Allam is actually a parody.

From ten years ago, we talk about a trip to Chelmsford. Find out why by clicking the link below…


PODCAST: FA Cup fun and games, transfer window, big occasion against the Baggies…

We could have spent 45 minutes whining about not getting Newport in the FA Cup fourth round draw. However, we resisted and instead talked about…

* The home tie against Nottingham Forest that did come out
* The win at Blackburn
* Football that was “exquisite”, apparently
* Reading’s visit this weekend
* Bogus takeover talk
* Defeat to West Brom a decade ago in a pulsating game

All yours…


PODCAST: City sinking fast, transfer window, FA Cup R3 past and present…

Happy new year, sort of. The first podcast of 2018 has little cause for jollity or positivity normally befitting of the change in calendar, but that’s what City have given us, to wit:-

* the concession of a two-goal lead against Fulham
* losing to, and going below, Bolton Wanderers
* Adkins admitting it’s a relegation fight
* transfer window requirements, and what’s actually likely to happen
* FA Cup third round of this weekend, and of ten seasons ago

Here you go…


PODCAST: The festive programme so far – and that of ten seasons ago…

In our super deluxe award-winning podcast to wrap up 2017, you’ll find…

* reactions to defeat at Leeds and a draw with Derby

* our favourite and least favourite things about football in the last 12 months

* a look back at the seven from nine over the holiday period gleaned by Phil Brown’s side ten years ago

We’ll be back in 2018, reviewing the Fulham and Bolton matches and looking ahead to the FA Cup tie at Blackburn. Happy new year and thank you for all the support in the last 12 months.


PODCAST: Cardiff, meeting the Allams, 15 years of the Circle, red card for Mills…

With special guest Geoff Bielby, chairman of the Hull City Supporters Trust, our (slightly longer) podcast this week has plenty to occupy you…

* City’s defeat and performance at Cardiff
* the forthcoming transfer window
* the latest meeting between supporters and the Allams
* 15 years of our stadium
* ten years ago, and a draw at Charlton famous for a sending off

Here you go, hope you enjoy it. There will be a podcast after Boxing Day but we’re not sure exactly when just yet.