PODCAST: New season, old problems

We are back with our award-winning podcast for 2018/19. Enthusiasm for all things City generally seems to be in short supply but nevertheless we’ve had a good go at analysing the issues of the moment. So, expect forthrightness on…

* The defeat to Villa
* The players brought into the club
* The many departures
* The future as a whole under the Allams

We perk up later when talking about the World Cup and the prospect of Harry Maguire becoming the world’s most expensive defender. Also, this season we’ll have a weekly tenth anniversary look back at our first ever Premier League campaign.

Here you go…


PODCAST: Bryan Hughes on Wembley 2008, ten years on

Wembley10A decade ago today, we made our first ever visit to Wembley and promptly won promotion via the play-offs to the Premier League for the first time in our history.

We’ve been back three times since for varying reasons, but nothing quite matches that first occasion. It was unique, immortal, historic and acted as a springboard for the many good things that have happened under the banner of Hull City AFC since.

Our final podcast of 2017/18 looks back at that momentous, sweltering day in 2008 and, to add some priceless insight into how the club and the team went through the occasion, former City midfielder Bryan Hughes, who played 39 league games and all of the play-off campaign, joins us.

It’s a long, unashamedly nostalgic and truly uplifting way to end what hasn’t been a great season under any circumstances. We hope you enjoy it, and thank you for listening to our podcasts throughout the campaign. Happy Wembley Day!


PODCAST: The present and the glorious past…

Our penultimate podcast of 2017/18 reviews the season as a whole, eventfully turbulent and not one we’ll miss, nor look back on in a hurry, fondly or otherwise. Still, we end on a high note, as our anniversary retrospective of ten glorious years ago centres on the play-off semi final games against Watford.


PODCAST: Silly scorelines and survival

We’re safe, thanks to a 5-5 draw! Dumbfounded but grateful, we are back with another podcast as the season’s end draws nearer. Talking about…

*A bonkers occasion in Bristol
*A euphoric occasion in Burton
*An exotic possibility in Nairobi
*The day when automatic promotion was lost in 07/08



PODCAST: QPR, crediting the coach, ground tickery, a great night in Barnsley…

Upbeat! That’s what we are. Beating very much upwards.

In the podcast, we chat lucidly and affably about:-

* Winning comfortably against QPR
* The rise of Adkins’ reputation
* Nearly touching Championship safety
* Burton and terracing
* Win a pre-season trip to watch a threadbare squad (or don’t)
* QPR and Barnsley a decade ago




PODCAST: Villa and Wolves, booing Snodgrass, Ehab’s poll, Watford in 08…

We’re back, after what feels like forever away, nattering about a rather satisfying Easter holiday. Hear us being positively lyrical in our waxing on the draws with Villa and Wolves, and the generally buoyant outlook for the remainder of the season.

We also talk about why Snodgrass gets booed and Ehab’s ridiculous poll on concessions. Our anniversary flashback to the to 07/08 takes us to a straightforward win over Watford at home.


PODCAST: East Anglian glory, concessions poll, 07/08 trilogy…

A podcast that celebrates two straight wins! This feels like uncharted water for us, it’s certainly been a while since we can have sounded so content on a podcast. Still, other things still need discussing, so expect…

* the debacle against Millwall (briefly)
* penaltyfest against Norwich
* seeing Ipswich off in style
* Ehab’s concession towards, er, concessions
* three memorable matches in 07/08

It’s here. JR guests instead of Les, who still lent us his kitroom and makes a brief cameo later on.


PODCAST: Yorkshire derbies, protests, consultations, Meyler’s exit, trio from 2008…

Here’s the latest podcast, five days after we had to cancel the previous one thanks to a knackered clutch on a car less than three years old.

We eventually get to talk about:-

* The win over Sheffield United, and the protests
* The freezing draw with Barnsley
* David Meyler announcing his own exit
* The latest consultation between club and fans
* Three games from 07/08 as City enter the top six

It’s here. Quite long, but at 50 minutes considering all we have to discuss, we’re sure you’ll agree we’ve self-edited most competently. No, really.