PODCAST: One point from six, Slutsky’s future, meeting the Allams, attendance discrepancies…

The latest award-nominated edition of your podcast is here! Jocular it rarely is, as we have to dissect how City lost on Saturday from a 2-0 lead. That takes a while, and conclusive it struggles to be.

We discuss Slutsky’s position and also muse on the first meeting in four years between Allams and fans, while talking about the attendance discrepancies that recently came into our mitts.

We did discuss two games from ten years ago, as we’ve done all season, but the recording software broke down and our outstanding reminiscences on 0-0 v Bristol City and 2-2 v Cardiff City were lost forever.

Not sure when we’ll do next week’s, as the awards are on Monday night and we’ll be there


PODCAST: Ipswich, fan consultation, pretending to be from Scunthorpe – and the Queen!

Lots to discuss after the return of City to action at the weekend, with the many questions left unanswered after the draw with Ipswich, the games ahead against Millwall and Bristol City, and the meeting between handpicked fans and the Allams due to take place this week. Plus we remember pretending to be from Scunthorpe a decade ago, while one of our number has a new blue-blooded buddy…


PODCAST: Two different home displays, Action For Change, games against ex-gaffers…

The latest podcast, then. We lump the Preston horror show and the Birmingham cakewalk together and ask why we were just so different in the second game compared to the first.

There were important events on Saturday for both the future and the history of Hull City AFC. We were at both and talk about what occurred. Plus we look back to this week in our promotion season of ten years ago and remember our skipper arguing with his ex-boss, and another ex-boss getting the boot…

All yours. Next one in a fortnight thanks to the international break.