May 28, 2008

PHOTO SPECIAL – Wembley Play Off Final, Hull City 1-0 Bristol City


Saturday 24th May 2008

Quite simply, the greatest and most momentous day in Hull City’s history. The Tigers made their long overdue Wembley debut in the Championship Play Off Final and after a tense 90 minutes found themselves a Premier League club after Dean Windass’ 39th minute strike saw off Bristol City. This is the day as recorded by several Tiger Nationals.

The calm before the storm: The national stadium awaits the Tiger Nation.

At the end of Wembley Way, fans are filtered to their end of the ground.

Banners for the six play off finalists, with City above Leeds. As it should be.

Through the turnstiles, Tiger Nationals congregate on the vast concourses.

The first look at the arena. Can it be? Are Hull City really playing here?

Yes. Yes they are, and here they are for the warm up.

A truly amazing sight, as an estimated 40,000 City fans take their seats.

Inflatable sausages display the crests of the two finalists.

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! Flames flank the emerging teams.

The boom of fireworks was no match for the roar of delirious City fans.

City wore unfathomably cool track tops for the line up and national anthem.

Who’d have thought his Amber Nectar sponsored kit would grace Wembley?

And so it begins. City kick off with Tigers fans quite literally behind them.

The big screen confirms it! City take the lead with an awesome Deano volley.

Second half, Sam Ricketts restarts play under Phil Brown’s watchful eye.

A subbed Deano looms large on the big screen as the lads defend the lead.

Late in the game, Bryan Hughes whips in a free kick. It remains 1-0.

Deano’s exquisite volley earns him a solid silver bottle of Powerade.

The lads climb the steps to the Royal Box to receive the Play Off trophy.

Press photographers clamour to snap the newly promoted Tigers.

The lads drench each other in, no, not Coca Cola, but champagne.

Amber ticker tape rockets skywards, falling beautifully to the Wembley turf.

Tickertapecam: Here’s one angle of the amber streamers…

…and here’s how it looks from the orbiting International Space Station.

The immensity of leading City to three promotions overwhelms Ian Ashbee

Wayne Brown enjoys his moment as media darling.

Deano shows off the trophy and his Powerade man of the match award.

Bristol City fans nick off and City’s players parade the Play Off trophy to…


…an exultant Tiger Nation who can barely believe we’re in the Premiership.

Heh! The chairman shows motorists the trophy on the way back to Hull.


Thanks to…James Corbin, Lincolnshire Tiger, Adam Meyerhoff, Steve Cobby, Hull Jimi, Jack Miehoff, Manic Tiger, James Richardson, Jonny Come Lately, Trev Holmes, Noggin the Nog, Brid Tiger, Lisa Webster & Matty Holmes.

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October 24, 2007

PHOTO SPECIAL – City 3-0 Barnsley

Monday 22nd October 2007

The Tigers played host to Yorkshire neighbours Barnsley on a Monday night, and recorded a convincing victory despite the presence of the Sky Sports cameras. The result put the Tigers into 13th in the Championship as their good start to the season continued.

Pictures by Dan Westwell.


Not yet match fit following injury, Jay Jay watches from the stands.

Live on Sky Sports, City compete for viewers with Celebrity Scissorhands.

Early on, Bo Myhill tips over Jamal Campbell-Ryce’s cross/shot.

Our first line of defence, Deano puts in a somewhat approximate challenge.

Man. United loanee Fraizer Campbell has a dream debut, after 7 minutes…

…he scores and celebrates by pointing to his favourite City website’s URL…

…and leaping with unbridled joy. You see that photographer?

That’s one of two on Amber Nectar image capture duty. Here’s one angle…

…and here’s another, as Campbell somehow carries the burden of Deano.

With Ashbee suspended, Wayne Brown wears the captain’s armband well.

18 minutes in, Campbell grabs a 2nd. After making a hoon out of Souza…

…he shrugs off Nyatanga and fires in an improbable shot that beats…

…keeper Heinz Muller, who sold his naming rights to beans & yoghurt makers.

It’ll be a free bottle of Sky Sports champagne for Campbell, who celebrates.

Bryan Hughes causes mayhem in Barnsley’s box.

Sam Rickett’s may need rhinoplasty, but he’d no doubt prefer BUPA  treatment to Barnsley thuggery.

Deano is on the receiving end too, and shows ref Andy D’Urso his shiner.

Physio Simon Maltby sure earned his corn in this game.

Deano is replaced by Stephen McPhee. Not quite a like for like change.

Michael Turner employs a not entirely legal approach to stop Odejayi.

Aussie fop Richard Garcia claims for a free kick. He doesn’t get it.

Fraizer Campbell gets a standing ovation and some Brown loving after the  boss brings him off. Arf.

Marney adds a third goal at the death to really rub the Tykes nose in it.

DuffMan and Horton applaud the 3-0 win and ignore the axis of toss that is  Howard Wilkinson,
Russ Wilcox and Brian ‘Pissedpants’ Laws.

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April 7, 2007

PHOTO SPECIAL – Hull City 1-2 Norwich

Friday 6th April 2007

Desperate for a win in the fight to avoid relegation, City played host to midtable Norwich. However, despite Andy Dawson’s fantastic free-kick, the Tigers fell to a Good Friday defeat that left us in trouble at the bottom.

Pictures by Dan Westwell.


Phil Brown greets the Tiger Nation, hoping to still be City boss next year.

Reliable left back Andy Dawson beats Dion Dublin to the ball.

Deano curls in a cross from the left, City fans hoped to see lots of this.

However we saw much more of this, Deano haranguing the official.

Premiership heavyweights once, Parlour and Dublin were off key today.

Huckerby bundles both ball and keeper into the net for Norwich’s first…

…to the disgust of Bo, who talked himself into a booking crying foul.

Deano just can’t resist an opportunity to remonstrate with the ref.

Just who is entertained by this guff at half time? Retards? Paedos?

Similarly, who thinks a fat, hexagonal headed Canary milling around is good?

Forsaken by the Lord, Stu’s 2nd half shot missed & he was instantly subbed.

His replacement Barmby watches as Etuhu makes it 2-0 to the visitors.

Proper Bo acrobatically stops Norwich increasing their lead.

Sub Vaz Te strikes the ball and an odd pose to show off his odd socks.

Andy Dawson gives City hope with a perfectly struck free kick…

…that flies over the head of Fulham reject Tony Warner and in.

Warner earns a Cock-Kick nomination after mugging Barmby.

Deano’s commitment to the City cause cannot be questioned…

…but it wasn’t enough today and he leaves the field a dejected figure.


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December 24, 2006

PHOTO SPECIAL – Leeds United 0-0 Hull City

Saturday 23rd December 2006

The Tigers travelled to Elland Road for a Yorkshire derby with the threat of relegation hanging over both sides. Despite having the better of the game, the Tigers were held by the White Shite for a point that kept both sides in the bottom three.

Pictures by Dan Westwell.


Moments from kick off, the lads psyche themselves up for battle…

…watched by caretaker boss Phil Brown, who wants the job full time.

Impressive against Cardiff, Stephen McPhee starts again…

…and causes problems for Ugo Ehiogu, who wears gloves. The heem.

In the absence of Ian Ashbee, Danny Coles wears the captain’s armband.

City impress in the first half, here Bridges causes bother in Leeds’ box.

The impish Craig Fagan is a constant nuisance for the White Shite.

The boyish Jonathan Howson can’t stop Sam Ricketts clearing the ball.

At the back our defence is resolute, here Michael Turner foils Westlake.

Cheating bast Tresor Kandol thinks Turner’s head is a bowling ball.

In the 2nd half, Ryan France executes a perfect slide tackle to stop Lewis.

Ex Leeds man Michael Bridges was applauded by both sets of fans.

Despite his boyish charms, Howson can’t find a way past Andy Dawson.

Sam Rickett’s causes Ian Westlake pain. Excellent.

Outraged at further Kandol cheatery, Delaney is filled with righteous zeal…

…and is unperturbed by the Barnet loanee’s freakish bulging eye.

Leeds boss and renowned shortarse Dennis Wise admits Kandol is a meff.

Fagan’s performance and mockery of Warner makes him our MOTM.

‘Brownie’ reflects on the result, which gives the chairman plenty to ponder.

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July 30, 2006

PHOTO SPECIAL – City 1-1 AS Nancy

Saturday 29th July 2006

The Tigers took on French UEFA Cup entrants AS Nancy at the Circle as the final part of their preparations for the 2006/7 campaign. This was new boss Phil Parkinson’s last chance to see his side in action before the new Championship season got underway…

Pictures by Dan Westwell.


New boss Phil Parkinson looks over his new charges

Left-back Andy Dawson wears the captain’s armband

Nancy’s Rachid Handani is congratulated after scoring the opener on 7 mins

Bo Myhill claims innocence as we trail 0-1

Dean Marney’s free-kick inspires freestyle dancing from the French

Duffy’s grimacing face was as ugly as this wasteful shot on goal

The captain passes, ignoring the French Minister of Silly Walks

New signing Michael Turner challenges for the ball

Craig Fagan rises to head the equalising goal on 58 minutes…

…and wheels away in delight…

…before getting some love from former Tottenham man Dean Marney

Our new two-sponsored jersey looks sober next to Nancy’s multi-branded monstrosity

Second half subs Nick Barmby and John Welsh test Nancy’s defence

Ben Burgess causes mayhem in the Nancy boys’ box

Barmby is outnumbered in the Anglo-French gurning contest

The scores stays this way for the rest of the game

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April 11, 2005

PHOTO SPECIAL – Bradford 0-2 City

Sunday 10th April 2005

Although it wouldn’t be mathematically certain for another six days, victory at Valley Parade would effectively promote the Tigers for a second successive season. There’s always an extra dimension to games against Bastard City, in seasons past we have nailed shut the relegation coffin for Bradford and they’ve done it to us, and let’s not forget the 1996 riot at Boothferry Park in response to Bradford fans being given the South Stand. Indeed, there is always something more to these games between these sides than the 3 points at stake.

Earlier in 2004-2005, Bradford had visited the KC for a live Sky game and brought only their away kit, black with amber piping, leaving us to wear our away kit. At home. So to beat them at their place to all but guarantee promotion was especially sweet, and Bradford’s decision to house City’s 5,000 strong travelling support in a home stand added to the glee, and then of course there’s Dean Windass. Hull born, a City fan and former Tiger, now playing for the Chickens and forever being linked with a move back to Hull. Yep, this game had an edge, and a delicious outcome.

Pictures by Dan Westwell.


A fiercely contested Yorkshire derby begins with some dirty dancing.

Praise the lord! Elliott scores and celebrates in trademark fashion…

…before being mobbed by jubilant team mates.

Is that a City wristband on Deano’s arm?

Andy Dawson thinks not, and crunches the old timer.

The superb Damian Delaney ends a Bradford move.

A bird? A Plane? Nah, just some diving Bradford meff.

Halftime, and we’re treated to the sight of jailbait totty.

The action recommences, sub Marc Joseph puts in a challenge.

68 minutes in, Barmby doubles the lead and seeks adulation…

…from anyone but gangly hoon Junior Lewis.

The Tiger Nation go apoplectic with glee.

Despite his great height, Junior Lewis is great at limbo dancing…

…but alas not at football. Deano tells him he’s not fit to wear a City shirt.

Amber Nectar’s man of the match Craig Fagan strikes a celebratory pose.

Asked by the Tiger Nation, Deano tells us the score.

The scoreboard confirms it, and City are pretty much promoted.

The man responsible for back to back promotions salutes the Tiger Nation.

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December 19, 2002

PHOTO SPECIAL – First game at the Circle

Wednesday 18th December 2002

Hull City kick off life at their new stadium with a bit of a bash. Bagpipes, novelty oversize keys, that Pippa bint, a hoarse Gift, Land of Hope and Glory, Sarah Whatmore executing Cruyff turns to show each stand her arse, and a musical firework display that played football chants with explosions! There was a game of football in there too, City pulling off a 1-0 against the Mackems to claim the Raich Carter trophy, presented by the Silver Maestro’s son. Right, so now we’ve got the fans, the chairman, the stadium, the manager, all we need now is a winning team and Tiger World Domination is ready to roll. Watch out Russia and USA, Peo is gonna snaffle your submarines.

Pictures by Dan Westwell.


Look at those curves! The KC Stadium is sex in concrete and steel

Roland apologises to Jonny again as early punters witness live cannibalism

What do you need to wear skirts and squeeze sacs? A big puff

A young lass demonstrates City’s new fitness routine…

…err, that’s not quite right lads.

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire as the teams emerge.

The lads and local dignitaries line up for a photo op.

Gary Alexander can’t believe he’s missed from close range.

Get in son! Melton rounds the keeper to score…

Steve looks bemused as a BP nostalgic joyfully swings a Kwik Save carrier.

The rest of the lads just celebrate

Ruddy cheeked Irishman Damien Delaney foils Marcus Stewart

Fishlips busts a move to beat Emerson Thome to the ball.

John Anderson gives chase to nippy French forward David Bellion.

Half Time…Sarah Whatmore entertains those not having a fag/piss/pie

The Cruyff turning songstress shows off her best features.

Peo cops an eyeful and considers signing her up on a season long loan.

In a dull 2nd half, Tiger Nationals entertain themselves making paper planes.

Full time, and City make a winning start!

Elvis makes people leave the building.

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November 3, 2002

PHOTO SPECIAL – Boothferry Park’s last derby

Saturday 2nd November 2002

Peter Taylor’s first and Boothferry Park’s last Humber derby resulted in City contemptuously dismissing the Inbred Scunts to claim all three points. The Tigers left it late though, they may have dominated proceedings, but it wasn’t until the 85th minute that they went ahead, substitute Michael Branch blasting City in front before Gary Alexander wrapped things up in the last minute. Nonetheless, justice prevailed, and while City fans quaffed ale in Three Tuns, the travelling Scunts mulled over defeat, incarcerated in the North Stand while  rain fell upon their unsheltered heads. Hoho.

Pictures by Dan Westwell.


Tigers’ shortarse Ryan Williams amazes Martin Carruthers with deft control.

After a comical collision between keeper and defender, Evan’s thwarts Jevons

Justin ‘The Sarge’ Whittle causes mayhem in the Scunt box. He’s nails he is.

Gary Alexander plots another incursion of Scunny territory.

Second half, Jevons fires in a shot…

…Taylor and sub Branch watch transfixed.

Jevons puts in a cross despite the attentions of Andy Dawson.

Scunny’s cartwheeling carthorse Peter Beagrie shields the ball…

…but is promptly robbed of the ball by the Ash…

Branch comes off the bench to fire City in front…

…and races to the West Stand for some deserved adoration.

So excited to see City go two up, this chap sheds his clothes in delight…

…but fails to escape pursuing stewards, crashing into hoardings…

…while young fans laugh at his penis.

Meanwhile a fully clothed Gary Alexander…

…celebrates his strike with….

…a swan dive before an apoplectic Kempton.

the South Stand cheers the final whistle.

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