OPINION – Turner sale could hugely change perception of DuffMan


City fans are currently crossing their fingers, legs and hearts as well as offering prayers to the god of transfers, in the hope that City’s prized asset  Michael Turner will not be sold on deadline day, Tuesday.

Manager Phil Brown, rather than categorically stating Turner is not for sale as he should have, has said the club would listen to ‘mammoth’ bids for the frankly superb centre-back, hinting that chairman Paul Duffen is quite open to the idea of flogging the finest player in the club’s history. Such statements invite bids from other clubs, and though we’ve said no to Liverpool, Sunderland now look poised to break the Tiger Nation’s collective heart by taking Turner, a player unanimously loved, to the Stadium of Light.

That we would even consider selling Turner raises many questions, first of Phil Brown, but mostly of chairman Paul Duffen…   Read more

OPINION – I still like Ricketts, I love him

rickettsIn the third game of last season, Sam Ricketts sliced a tame Wigan Athletic corner into his own net and opened the floodgates, with the Latics ultimately winning 5-0 at the KC and every predictable, boneidle, shit-thick journalist claiming we had been welcomed into the real world.

In the third game of this season, Ricketts is playing for the opposition, Bolton Wanderers. And, having sold him for a decent sum but with no replacement in situ, it looks currently like one of the more hasty and politically-motivated sales that Hull City has endorsed.

Let’s be honest, we’ve not had our own right back as good as Ricketts for ages, possibly ever. Andy Davidson in the 50s and 60s, Peter Daniel in the 70s, Charlie Palmer in the 80s and Mike Edwards in the 90s can hold their heads high as good right backs for the level of football they played. After Edwards left the club in 2002, we had some real dullards in the role, more so as we climbed the divisions, until Ricketts pitched up in 2006. And yes, Ricketts did have faults, but they were workable faults and his plusses as an attacking full back far outweighed any positional or aggressional indisciplines he may have had. And right now, we are in a situation where we’ve gone from our having our finest right back to having no specialist right back at all.  Read more

OPINION – Pundits fall short in the final analysis

punditsCity fans have plenty of reasons to  have a contemptuous view of football pundits, after all they’ve written us off two seasons in a row before a ball has been kicked,  in many cases without making any insightful remarks whatsoever.

Furthermore they insist, even now, that last season’s second half collapse was all because of Phil Brown’s on-pitch half time team talk at Manchester City, even though we’d conceded a hatful of goals in the preceding 45 minutes and had lost 4-1 to Sunderland in the previous game. Even though our performance against Villa days after ‘Eastlandsgate’ was excellent and we were mugged by the Brummie’s late on.

Even though we lost two key players during the transfer window, McShane because Sunderland wanted to put a spoke in our wheels and recalled him, and Marlon King because he behaved like a tosser, they fail to remark on those losses when they assess our form in the second half of the season.

They do this out of sheer laziness, they can’t be bothered to pay full attention to our games, to know our squad and injury issues, they’d rather fawn over the top four and talk about who’s got the most money as if they are stock market commentators.  Read more

OPINION – 2009/10, Premiergeddon Part 2?

Pundits everywhere will be surprising nobody with their choices to finish the season as Premier League Champions next season, with one from the usual three being touted as their certainties for success. I am no different of course, the Premier League Champions will be one of Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool. Arsenal are too far behind to challenge and Manchester City will need time to build a side capable of challenging for the top spot.  Read more

OPINION: Nasty Nick spouts yet more drivel

City’s former Chairman and full time arsehole Nick Buchanan has been quoted as saying he plans to return to Hull City at some stage. Having been spotted in the crowd at Saltergate on Saturday, he had been linked with the vacant position at Chesterfield following Darren Brown’s resignation as chairman of the club currently being investigated by both the FA and Fraud Squad (sounds familiar, what is it with Sheffield businessmen?).

“I just went to see a match, there was nothing in it.” bleated Buchanan, who presided over the financial mess that saw City placed into administration and the old company liquidated. He added “The only football club I’m interested in and got a passion for is Hull City. Once I’ve got one or two bits of problems sorted out, who knows what will happen? We’ve got to play it by ear. I brought Brian Little in and I want to see Hull flourish.”

Of course you do Nick, just like we flourished during the last eighteen months you was in charge. Do play it by ear Mr. Buchanan, you’re sure to hear the Tiger Nation crying “fuck off” in unison.