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MATCH REPORT – Barnsley 1 City 3

The Championship — Tuesday 15th April 2008   Phil Brown strode from the pitch at full-time. His hair was sodden, his lovely shoes were a little grimy, but his grin lit the night sky, and he was jabbing his finger skyward. He thinks we’re going up. Sure, he may couch that in the anodyne language […]

Beastly Behaviour

Finding truly villainous individuals associated with Hull City is quite easy, provided you look in the right places. The boardroom, for example. Or the dugout. But the pitch? Hmmm, that’s harder. The territory one needs to occupy in order to blast even the most defective ex-Tiger becomes quite dangerous. Footballers are, after all, just footballers. […]

HERO – Andy Payton

“My God, that lad can score goals. No matter how he gets the ball, you just know he’ll put it in the net. He doesn’t miss.” — the dead-on opinion offered by one bloke at Boothferry Park in 1990. I’ve never forgotten this, possibly as much for the fact that I was standing in the […]

Brian The Blessed Is Back

Brian Horton’s return after 19 years and more than 1,000 matches to the club where he started his managerial career has been generally been warmly welcomed by fans of Hull City, even though there couldn’t be more contrasts with the club he left and the one he rejoined. DMT mulls over an intriguing return… The […]

Amber Nectar survey – March 2007

Here are the results of the short Amber Nectar survey, sent out to more than 80 Amber Nectar forum members in February 2007, and completed by more than half of the recipients. Some comments made by you have been inserted in brackets where appropriate, although all comments about the players nominated for question 2 have […]

MATCH REPORT: Luton 1-2 City

Whenever I drive into Luton, I always find myself whistling In The Ghetto by Elvis Presley, such is the inhospitality of the place. I can well believe that this town is absolutely chocka with runny nosed lads learning how to steal and learning how to fight. The football ground is the worst in our division […]


Oh, the euphoria! A dazzling Hull City performance brought to book a dreadfully cynical, unsporting QPR team and their deeply unlikeable manager, with the lateness of City’s ascent into three-point heaven making the occasion all the more sweet. If you’re going to break the heart of someone you despise, best smash it to smithereens. One […]

REPORT: City 2-3 Barnsley

Despite a commanding start and two early goals from Jon Parkin, the Tigers never looked comfortable against play-off winners Barnsley, and the meltdown of the second half was horrifying as the Tykes fought back to win. At this level, even extremities like losing a match from 2-0 up can be forgiven if the opposition have […]

MATCH REPORT: City 1-0 Leeds

Frankly, the scoreline tells the story. Almost two decades of waiting, seething, champing at the bit, over. Redemption. Utter and complete joy. A cancerous polyps on football’s anus well and truly lanced. So much had built us into a frenzied swathe of anticipation and belief prior to the midday kick off. The heavier than normal […]

REPORT: Stoke 0-3 City

Have you got any grandchildren? If not, then you’ll miss out on so much. The joys of watching them maintain your family names and traditions long after you’ve gone. The delight on their faces when they open their Christmas presents. And the swell of pride you’ll feel when you tell them you saw City become […]