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FAMOUS FIVE: City players and sustenance

Fat goalkeepers eating pies appear to be newsworthy these days so, while not underestimating the bigger picture over betting’s crazy hold on football, we felt obliged to write something about sustenance connected with City players and staff, while dodging the Needlers sweets being chucked into the crowd… 1: Pie Yes, we have a pie story […]

FAMOUS FIVE: Players for City and Arsenal

Arsenal v City this weekend. We’ve had a few players in common down the years, and we’ve picked an interesting quintet out for you… 1: Jay Simpson Stocky striker of the “sticks his bum out” type so loathed by defenders, who was close to proper progression from the ranks at Arsenal — two goals in […]

FAMOUS FIVE: Managerial debuts

We have a new manager and so far he has done quite well. Three games, three competitions, two wins, one proud defeat. The players seem to like him, he has fresh ideas, he cuts a dash with his stubble and open-necked shirt and has had inarticulate pundits making wild assumptions about his ability and language […]

FAMOUS FIVE: Goalscoring teenagers

Josh Tymon’s goal at the weekend at the age of 17 got us thinking about the teenage scorers of City’s past. There have been quite a lot, thanks to City having a propensity to blood very young players because they were either very talented or they were all that was left. Unlike Tymon, these are […]

REPORT: West Bromwich Albion 3 City 1

“The Lord’s my shepherd, I’ll not want; He makes me down to lie In pastures green; he leadeth me The quiet waters by.” The first verse of Psalm 23, emblazoned across one side of The Hawthorns. They’ve been singing it there for more than 40 years since a power cut during a Sunday game prompted […]

FAMOUS FIVE: City on New Years Day

There is no New Years Day game for City this season for the first time since 2012, although they are less common than you may think. The calendar — both the footballing one and the Gregorian one — has much say on this, as does the weather at a more instant level, but generally City […]


It really was ten years ago this week that Phil Brown took charge of Hull City for the first time. This was simply an opportunity we could not turn down to review and reassess a phenomenal period for the club, for both good and bad reasons. Fitting the brief, we’ve told his whole association with […]