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Things We Think We Think #22

1. Forest on Saturday was just about the textbook away performance. Soak up some early pressure, frustrate the home side, ruthlessly capitalise on an opportunity to score and close the game out. It wasn’t as pretty as some of the stuff City have played lately, but you don’t gets points for artistic merit in the […]

Things We Think We Think #21

1. City played better against Brighton than Watford, yet drew the former and won the latter. Four points from the two games is probably therefore fair. 2. Pinching a last-minute winner bodes well for the future. City’s young team will remember that moment for the rest of the season and will always feel itself capable […]

Things We Think We Think #20

1. The draw at Brighton was, seemingly by common consent, the best 0-0 draw we’ve seen in recent years. At full-time the players came over almost sheepishly at failing to win the game; hopefully the hearty roars of approval they were greeted with will remind them that all is currently very well between team and […]

Things We Think We Think #19

1. Given the usual post award slump, Nigel Pearson not being declared manager of the month is a good thing, especially if you’re of a superstitious bent. Still, it is good to see our manager’s efforts recognised with a nomination, and it is a shame that some of our own supporters don’t see his worth, […]

Things We Think We Think #18

1. City can win this division. Absolutely no question. 2. One feels slightly unclean at the prospect of singing a song for Adriano Basso that should be the exclusive property of the iconic Boaz Myhill, and therefore has yet to join in. Still, it’s nice to see our new keeper being well appreciated. 3. The […]

Things We Think We Think #17

1. The Bristol City draw was a point gained overall, but it’s the first time we’ve been punished for not scoring a second goal and putting the game away. 2. That said, there’s a growing air of confidence about the side, and sooner or later someone is going to get absolutely destroyed by City. 3. […]

Things We Think We Think #16

1. At first glance the Brighton game being put back 2½ hours may seem a consequence-free extra two hours in bed — except that you can’t get back from Brighton on the train with this later kick-off. Given that Brighton’s excuse for the rearrangement is staggeringly weak (“university open day” — for crying out loud…) […]

Things We Think We Think #15

1. The Hull Daily Mail‘s sad little piece on Joe Corrigan’s departure on Saturday answered few questions and dropped some interesting little hints about the Tigers’ hierarchy. Resolute in his admiration for Pearson (N) but enigmatically unsure about those above him — should we be at all worried? Hopefully not… 2. We got more footage […]

Things We Think We Think #14

1.  Sir Adam’s decision to restore Sunday eggchasing for Mr Allam’s rugby tenants is probably good news for City — wherever you stand on who causes most damage to the pitch, having first dibs on the Circle turf during a weekend when both City and the egg franchise are at home will suit the Tigers. […]

Transfer Deadline Day – Rolling blog

Ah, transfer deadline day — a day when managers with haunted expressions spend money their clubs don’t have, when grasping agents’ wallets fatten, and when you get the dirty feeling for staying up until midnight watching Sky Sports News when normal people are doing normal-person things. Chances are it’ll be a fairly quiet day for […]