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Introducing the ‘Ulltras…

It’s long been a frustration of ours that home game are muted affairs, particularly given the excellent showing the Tiger Nation offers on the road every week. We endorse any attempt to rouse more passionate and vocal support  at the Circle, and are very happy to publicise the following… ‘ULLTRAS STATEMENT ‘Fellow City Fans: In […]

Things We Think We Think #9

1. Tom Cairney’s return to prominence is a welcome one — his talent is unquestioned and it was a shame to see him go backwards last season, however he has the potential to be one of the division’s best players 2. With two goalkeepers on the books at last, it’s notable that one is a bright young thing […]

Things We Think We Think #8

1. Now that the only man at the club with experience of properly running one also owns Hull FC, things could become very int-er-es-ting at Hull City, and not in a good way. The Allams have said in their own words that football isn’t their game, their knowledge of how the football side of the […]

Things We Think We Think #7

1. The club have taken a ‘novel’ approach to marketing the new away shirt, asking fans to hunt around the city centre for someone wearing it in order to post blurry phone camera pictures on Facebook. We don’t appear to be using adidas to market this shirt, which is an odd decision given that they […]

Things We Think We Think #6

1. With a company that exchanges stolen goods for smack-money and East Yorkshire’s foremost ambulance-chaser on board, when can we expect Mark Maguire to announce that News International are to sponsor the manager’s programme notes? 2. City fans had better bloody not “do the Poznan” next season  — not because it’s not a decent spectacle, […]

Things We Think We Think #5

1. Once upon a time, playing Liverpool in a friendly would have been something to genuinely look forward to; this time it feels a bit “meh”. 2. Dele Adebola won’t score many but his potential to assist others in doing so could prove invaluable. 3. City should clarify the Richard Garcia situation immediately now that […]

Things We Think We Think #4

1. A re-acquisition of Boaz Myhill would genuinely be more about being sensible than sentimental, and his return would be a no-lose situation for absolutely everybody involved with the club. Club legend adored by supporters — tick. Not needed where he is — tick. Never wanted to leave in the first place — tick. Club […]

Debunking the myth of City’s white 1904/05 ‘home’ shirts

There is a school of thought that says Hull City played their first game in plain white shirts rather than the black and amber stripes which gave rise to their Tigers nickname. Prominent in this commonly held belief is a photograph of two teams, one wearing white shirts and the other in Notts County-like black […]