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Things We Think We Think #315

1. Well! Haven’t things changed? Two successive 1-0 wins, and all of a sudden this grotty season has been lent a faint but unmistakeable (and not misplaced) sense of hope. The single goal victory at Bolton was decent, but beating a West Brom side with automatic promotion hopes was authentically impressive. And not just for […]

PODCAST: Concede late, score early

Here we are again. A quite upbeat podcast by usual standards… * Promise at Bristol * A result at Bolton * League table analysis * Trust barred from supporters’ meeting * Déjà-vu at Ferriby * Chelsea and Manchester United win a decade ago

Things We Think We Think #314

1. A week that began with City in the bottom three ended with City still in the bottom three — yet, courtesy of the victory at Bolton, feels a little less hopeless than before. What a pity our brace of away fixtures began with defeat at Bristol City, with a second successive 93rd minute concession […]

REPORT: Bolton 0 City 1

Even while you’re lying in the gutter, cast your eyes upwards, yearn for the stars. Sound advice, if slightly touchy-feely American kitsch. What would be in those stars for the optimistic Hull City fan, if any such creature exists as the clocks go back in October 2018? The disappearance of the Allams from our club […]

PODCAST: But really, those substitutions…

On a bright and breezy, positive and sanguine podcast, we have:- * None of the above characteristics * A chat about the Preston game * Those substitutions * Away games at Bristol and Bolton * Wins over Wests Ham United and Bromwich Albion in 08/09 Here y’are…

Things We Think We Think #313

1. City are back after the blissful hiatus for an international break (remember when we used to curse these?), and nothing much has really changed. The draw against Preston just wasn’t a good enough result for a side in our desperate predicament, and showed quite perfectly why we look like a side heading for relegation. […]

Things We Think We Think #312

1. It’s been a week of contrasting emotions. The glimmer of hope presented by a doughty draw with Middlesbrough was extinguished in defeat to Leeds, a match that started well but ended pretty pathetically, with City completely unable to lay a glove on their opponents despite trailing only by one. 2. Nigel Adkins’ view of […]

PODCAST: We’re still not bottom!

On this week’s belated podcast… * Boro, Leeds, Sheffield United * Marshall, Stewart, Grosicki * Bruce sacked by Villa * Takeover talk * Return of Duffen? * Spurs 0 City 1, 2008/09 https://soundcloud.com/amber_nectar/podcast-189-were-still-not-bottom

NOSTALGIA: City 1 Leeds 0, 2005-06

In readiness for tonight’s game, we look back at City’s first victory over Leeds United in 18 years, which took place on April Fool’s Day, 2006. It’s an apposite example of the fixture to remember, as a) City won; and b) the scorer of the winning goal was Jon Parkin, who is currently flogging a […]

Things We Think We Think #311

1. A point against Middlesbrough on Saturday was very welcome, and means that City have already exceeded our low expectations for the horrible trio of games that we’re one-third of the way through. We’d have remained outside the bottom three even with a loss, but with an ever-worsening points-per-game ratio, and it really was tough […]