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REPORT: City 2-0 Birmingham

O, this was good. Unexpectedly, borderline astonishingly so. But good, really good. Birmingham arrived with a Spring-tinged sniff of the Play Offs in their nostrils, and left chastened. Harried to perdition, outperformed all over the park, beaten and subdued. At the end of November, 19 games into this wildly uneven season, we sat morosely marooned […]

NEWS: Former City midfielder Bobby Doyle dies

Bobby Doyle, who played for City in the mid-1980s briefly but memorably, has died at the age of 65. We extend our sympathies to his family. Here, we look back at his life and, within a very successful career, his time with the Tigers. A craggy Scotsman in his early thirties joins your club after […]

REPORT: City 2 Millwall 1

There were some big decisions to be made at the KCOM tonight. Mainly would the unseasonably warm weather give way to a bitingly cold evening meaning should one or two socks be worn. Adkins also had some decisions to make after been mauled at Brentford. Namely in finding some decent form from an increasingly crocked […]

Things We Think We Think #326

1. That really is that. Let’s not mention the play-offs again this season, and pretend that we never did in the first place. 2. Brentford was chastening. An early lead collapsing into a 5-1 defeat was redolent of the autumn’s dark days, not the bright promise of midwinter. Sad to say, City were awful, and […]

REPORT: Brentford 5 City 1

It’s impossible not to enjoy Brentford. That’s the theory. The actual, proper terracing, the low roof over the terraces, the largely amiable opposition fans, the plethora of pubs within the vicinity, the happy memories of Bob Dewhurst’s thunderbolt, the match of the 90s in which the Great Escape became a reality, the wonderful 2-0 win […]

Things We Think We Think #325

1. If you were inclined to believe that City had a chance of the play-offs, well done on your indefatigable optimism. But it’s surely gone now; the draw at home to Rotherham – both the result itself and its nature – must have quelled all hope. Teams with authentic top six aspirations don’t really fail […]

REPORT: City 2 Rotherham 2

It’s been a titled a make or break couple of weeks for City in terms of their playoff ambitions, which began with a more ‘break’ outlook after defeat at FLD last Saturday. But the next couple of home fixtures would surely see a return to winning ways and the tickling of the top six’s bums […]

REPORT: Derby 2 City 0

When you come to think of it, this season could have been a lot worse. Despite the ritual lack of pre-season investment, the alarmingly dreadful first three months or so of the campaign which resulted and our owner in one of his rare media interviews giving what some might describe as a most passable impression […]