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Things We Think We Think #288

1. Where on earth to start with Saturday’s appalling spectacle? City and Reading served up about us dismally tepid a fixture as you could ever want not to see. If we’ve seen a worse game of football in the past decade, then mercifully our minds have erased it. It was truly, almost memorably awful. 2. […]

REPORT: City 0 Reading 0

January brings greyness. The sun is lost, forgotten behind a forbidding blanket of low damp cloud, the air chill, the rainspots intrusive. The fields and hedgerows want for colour, grey and brown, listless and sullen. The land is dead. January deserved this match. This match deserved January. It was probably the dullest game played at […]

Things We Think We Think #277

1. A weekend of positives! Sure, the magnitude of those positives depends upon the value you assign to the ailing FA Cup, and the significance of beating lower league opposition. But even the churls among us would struggle to pinpoint a bad side to the weekend — and how often have we been able to […]

REPORT: Blackburn 0 City 1

Apparently the gate yesterday was 6,777. The presence of a feisty 858 City fans notwithstanding, the expansive tracts of empty blue seating at Ewood Park suggest that the doctrine of Allamonomics is alive and kicking not just in Hull. But whatever the accuracy of the crowd reporting, the paucity of spectators does make you think […]