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PODCAST: Dizzy heights

Our podcast returns after the international break and the seldom felt experience of a home win. Under discussion:- * Beating Ipswich and climbing to 17th * Attendances unofficially drop to four figures * The newly-released club accounts * Jon Parkin’s memoir * Newcastle away, ten years ago this week It’s right here…

Things We Think We Think #309

1. A 2-0 home win. It’s such a satisfying scoreline, isn’t it? It speaks of a calm assertion of superiority, firm yet unflashy, understated and efficient. Well, it may be a stretch to apply those lofty terms to this incarnation of Hull City, but this was still a deserved win, however you wish to describe […]

Things We Think We Think #308

1. In a week uninterrupted by City playing, Ehab took it upon himself to provide the entertainment, with a comically self-pitying self-justifying soft-soap interview with The Guardian. We won’t waste much time on it; it was vacuous drivel for the most part from a man whose separation from reality is almost certainly irreversible. 2. The […]

PODCAST: Positive and porous

Here is the latest podcast. In it, we talk about… * Defeat to Derby * Loanees arriving on deadline day * Fixtures after the international break * Andy Robertson’s new role Hear it: https://soundcloud.com/amber_nectar/podcast-186-positive-and-porous See it (and hear it!): https://youtu.be/B4mMquK5eWU  

Things We Think We Think #307

1. After a midweek pummelling in the League Cup, losing “only” 2-1 in the League match that immediately followed almost felt like a moral victory. And it wasn’t bad, at least not by the hugely reduced standards that now apply to this ravaged squad. After the pitiful non-performance against Blackburn that garnered a crop of […]

REPORT: City 1 Derby 2

The sun shines beatifically out of an azure East Yorkshire sky. ‘Daddy, daddy, it’s Saturday, what shall we do today?’, ask Dean and Turgoose, clambering out of their pyjamas and bubbling with excitement and anticipation about the fun to be had on this late bloom of summer. ‘Well’, smiles the tots’ proud father, ‘what would […]


We’re amazed we could be arsed to turn up … but we’re glad we did. * Rotherham and shiny shorts * Stoke and tiny turnouts * League Cup exit to empty seats * Loan window * Communication stand-off between club and fans * Wigan thump us a decade ago

PODCAST: Blackburn present, Blackburn past

A quite profound podcast this week, as we contrast the aceness of our League Cup success at Sheffield United with the awfulness of the game against Blackburn in the Championship which followed it. Also: * Adkins’ despondency in interview * City charging a dead supporter for not giving notice on his membership * Ehab’s new […]

Things We Think We Think #306

1. A weekend horror show can often render an earlier midweek fixture oddly distant in the memory. The Blackburn débâcle means that the penalty shoot-out victory at Sheffield United just six ago feels an event a month behind us. But it happened, and though we won’t be wasting energy on straw clutching any more, when […]

MATCH REPORT: City 0-1 Blackburn

You’re probably expecting a “W passed to X, who laid it off to Y, who crossed for Z to head home “ kind of report. Well, although some of the more mundane stuff will be ticked off in due course, that’s not what you are going to get today, I fear. The reasons for that […]