The Soul of Hull City – Part 2
August 2009
The second instalment in our round up of what makes Hull City unique.

Cousin Should Stay – For Now
September 2009
Daniel Cousin appears to have irreparably fallen out with manager Phil Brown, nonetheless Matt Rudd feels we’d be ill advised to jettison the  pinheaded Gabonese striker at this time.

Turner Sale Could Hugely Change Perception Of DuffMan
September 2009
On the eve of the 2009 transfer window closure, the sale of prize asset Michael Turner looked increasingly inevitable.  Les Motherby pondered  if the sale would mean an end to the honeymoon period enjoyed by Chairman Paul Duffen.

Pundits Fall Short In Final Analysis
August 2009
Les Motherby holds those paid to deliver insightful football analysis on TV to account.

Asia Trophy Diary – The Tigers in China
August 2009
If you think Plymouth is a long way to travel for an away game, marvel at the hardy bunch of Tiger Nationals who took a slow, err, plane to China to watch City play in the Barclays Asia Trophy.

The Soul of Hull City – Part 1
August 2009
What makes Hull City unique? What are the 100 things that make up the soul of our football club? Here’s the first ten.

2008-2009 in Tiger Attire
April 2009
From Phil Brown’s telesales headset to Jimmy Bullard’s oversized scarf. We look at the accessories and accoutrements used by Tigers personnel in 2008-2009.

No Punditry Intended
March 2009
Summarising a City game for live TV… How hard could that be? Amber Nectar’s Richard Gardham found out when asked to be mic’d up and give views for Setanta Sports.

Beastly Behaviour
August 2007
As Jon Parkin left the Circle for Stoke, Hugh Cornwell looks back at his time with the Tigers and consider the legacy of The Beast…

Brian the Blessed is back
June 2007
As Brian Horton came back to the Tigers nineteen years after leaving Boothferry Park, DMT considers the implications for City of his surprise return…

Survey 2007
March 2007
Amber Nectar undertook a survey of forum members to gather opinions and recollections of yesteryear – here are the results…

World Cup diary
June 2006
Amber Nectar headed to the land of weissbier, bratwurst, drei streifen turnschuh for the group stages of World Cup 2006. Here’s our day by day account of what we saw, who we met and what we ate…

Boothferry Park – A Sad Reminder of Troubled Times
August 2004
Driving past our former home on his way to the KC Stadium, Rich Burdett finds himself not in the least bit nostalgic for the Ark…

Saluting the Sarge INTERVIEW
July 2003

In the run-up to the 2003/4 season, Great Escape hero and iconic defender Justin Whittle invited Amber Nectar into his house to discuss Army life, oversized internal organs and the merits of Japanese football boots…

Hope Springs Eternal
March 2003
“I can endure my own despair, but not another’s hope” wrote William Walsh. Lugubrious CityChat forum regular Bristol Jim agrees, arguing that any hope of Tiger World Domination is misplaced and that ‘doing a Wimbledon’ is now beyond the reach of most, if not all Football League clubs.

The Thoughts of Charman PeoINTERVIEW
Amber Nectar Issue #15 – February 2003

As he entered the third year of his reign as Tiger’s supremo, Adam Pearson talked to us about the speculation that surrounded Peter Taylor’s future, the spat with the Hull Daily Mail and problem solving at the new KC Stadium.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like AshbeeINTERVIEW
Amber Nectar Issue #15 – February 2003

Are City’s totemic, all action midfielder and occasional captain talked to Amber Nectar mid 2002/2003 season about that goal at Torquay, his partnership with Dean Keates and the aalure of Icelandic women!

Five Years On – A Different Kettle of FishINTERVIEW
September 2002

A lot of water has flowed under the Humber Bridge since Martin Fish’s long involvement with the club ended. Here, the affable accountant talks about the difficulties that beset his tenure as Tigers supremo.

An Unexpected Transfer-mation?
Amber Nectar Issue #12
Are the EU right to insist upon changes to the feudal transfer system? Steve Weatherill thinks so…

Till Death Us Do Part
Amber Nectar Issue #12
What if, when City went into administration, the club had actually been wound up? Just what would you do to satisfy your craving for a football fix? James McVie surveys the grim alternatives…

A Walk in the Park for Pearson?
Amber Nectar Issue #12
After the events of the last few years, it’s no wonder City fans greet any new faces in the boardroom with cynicism, Danny Lodge however, reckons we can leave cynicism behind this time round…

Another Plan Down the Pan
Amber Nectar Issue #12
Nick Buchanan’s five year plan went the same way as David Lloyd’s, it fell apart two years in. Ed Bacon wonders just how much thought goes into these plans…

I don’t like cricket…
March 2002
Writing for cricket fanzine The Corridor of Uncertainty, Les Motherby explains why he’s only got room in his life for one round-ball game…

Shocking Scientific Discovery For Scunts
Amber Nectar Issue #11 – September 2001
Geneticists have identified the gene responsible for the unpleasant traits by fans of Scunthorpe United. Les Motherby reports…

Power, Corruption and Chinese Food
Amber Nectar Issue #11 – September 2001
He’s not the first, and he won’t be the last, but Andy Downie is the latest to wonder if the HDM are doing a propaganda job for the ‘Sheffield Stealers’…

Vorsprung Durch Tactics
Amber Nectar Issue #11 – September 2001
Andy Dalton implores Brian Little to ditch the wingback system in favour of a more traditional formation…

Laws Unto Himself
Amber Nectar Issue #11 – September 2001
Is Scunthorpe boss Brian Laws the biggest tosser in English football? James McVie thinks so…

Conference Calling
Amber Nectar Issue #11 – September 2001
It’s long been said that the Conference is on a par with, if not better than, the Football League’s basement division. Andy Dalton, always one to go against popular opinion, begs to differ…

Hit & Myth
Amber Nectar Issue #10
Do you remember when 25,000 people would attend City’s reserve games? And when 15,000 would line the streets to witness Viggo Jensen pop to his local corner shop for a tin of Spam and a loaf of bread? James McVie, grand debunker of myths, doesn’t either…

Don’t Take the High Road
Amber Nectar Issue #10
The Scots, as a rule, hate the English. But why do our Celtic cousins hold particular disdain for Hull City? Richard Gardham investigates.

City in Not Much Happening Shocker!
Amber Nectar Issue #10
Although he’s not much of a football reporter, Mark Gretton reckons ‘big hearted’ John Feildhouse might make a good TV critic…

Buchanan – A Man with a Plan?
Amber Nectar Issue #10
Two years in, Danny Lodge wondered how Nick Buchanan’s five year plan was progressing…

The Mail – A Right to Reply
Amber Nectar Issue #10
Andy Dalton’s article about the Hull Daily Mail in issue 9 raised a few hackles at Blundell’s Corner. The HDM editor John Meehan, throwing toys out of prams with careless abandon, hits back…

Green with Envy
Amber Nectar Issue #10
The sight of 50,000 Dutch fans all wearing orange garb at Holland international games is undeniably impressive, and you would admire the attempts of any league club’s fans to emulate the sheer spectacle of the ‘Oranje legion’ wouldn’t you? Perhaps not, if that league club is Scunthorpe…

The Mail – Failing to Deliver
Amber Nectar Issue #9
Evictions, embargoes and fraud squad investigations. It was an eventful summer, not that you’d know if you only read the Hull Daily Mail. Andy Dalton wonders if our local rag is worth felling trees for…

Where Did It All Go Wrong?
Amber Nectar Issue #9
When asked about where our present decline started, most City fans will point to the sacking of Brian Horton. Richard Gardham casts his mind back to his appointment in 1984…

Amber Nectar Issue #9
For City fans, pre season is usually the happiest time of the year, when everyone believes it’s going to be ‘our year’. Close season 2000 wasn’t like that, Mark Gretton recalls the gloom that enveloped the onset of the new campaign…

The Crest is History
Amber Nectar Issue #8
After a year of pondering, Les Motherby still cannot decide whether the tiger on the new club crest more resembles a goatee bearded owl or a crab…

We’re Not Singing Any More
Amber Nectar Issue #8
A bit like the Moon, Boothferry Park has lacked atmosphere on occasion. Adam Reid sings his heart out for the lads…

Can’t Live With ‘Em…
Amber Nectar Issue #8
Picking up where he left off in Issue 7, Mark Gretton analyses the torso of the Tiger’s 1999/2000 season…

Men in Black
Amber Nectar Issue #7
Fatherless, compulsive masturbators, they are footballs equivalent to traffic wardens, only less popular. Danny Lodge blows the whistle on referees…

It’s a Goooaaalll!
Amber Nectar Issue #7
They’ve been few and far between in recent years, but their appeal remains undiminished. Kevin Sargeson describes the unforgettable experience of a City goal…

How Was It For You?
Amber Nectar Issue #7
Following the ‘Great Escape’, surely the last campaign of the second millennium would herald the dawn of Tiger world domination? Or maybe not. Mark Gretton analysed City’s start to the 1999/2000 season…

Egg-chasing Returns
Amber Nectar Issue #6
It is sick, subversive and live on Sky. Once a year the child corrupting game of egg chasing, better known as Rugby League, returns to the horror of sane people everywhere. Craig Ellyard crosses enemy lines to report on the actions of those who follow ‘Ulleffsee’…

Don’t Look Down
Amber Nectar Issue #6
As 1998 drew to a close, things were looking decidedly dodgy for City. Six points adrift at the foot of the entire league, the prospect of relegation into the Conference was a very real prospect. Just one question occupied the minds of the Tiger Nation at this time: Where the fuck is Forest Green? We asked someone who knew, Unk from the Halifax fanzine Shayven Haven, what the Conference was like…

Villa – What The Papers Said
Amber Nectar Issue #5
City’s FA Cup third round clash with Aston Villa not only generated wads of cash, but it also thrust the club into the national spotlight. The possibility of the League’s worst team toppling the Premiership leaders ensured that the national press were well represented at Villa Park. Craig Ellyard reads all about it…

Radio Gaga
Amber Nectar Issue #5
If video killed the radio star, then someone should send David Gibbins a pack of VHS Cassettes every day. During his tenure as Radio Humberside’s Head of Sport, he riled fans no end with his South Bank bias and inflammatory remarks about our club. The Platted Muff tunes in…

The Needlers – A Sweet Aftertaste?
Amber Nectar Issue #5
Ever wondered why we are so shit? Craig Ellyard thinks he knows why, and he points an accusing finger at the Needler family, and the legacy they left behind…

Warren Joyce – Hobson’s Choice?
Amber Nectar Issue #4
Mark Hateley’s reign as player-manager was an unmitigated desaster. We were six points adrift at the foot of the league when he received his P45. The fans were expecting an experienced man to replace Atilla, so the appointment of captain Warren Joyce raised a few eyebrows. Craig Ellyard gave his gut-reaction to the decision…

A Few Good Men
Amber Nectar Issue #4
Mark Hateley’s reign as player-manager was an unmitigated desaster. We were six points adrift at the foot of the league when he received his P45. The fans were expecting an experienced man to replace Atilla, so the appointment of captain Warren Joyce raised a few eyebrows. Craig Ellyard gave his gut-reaction to the decision…

Amber Nectar Issue #3
It was 1990 when Peter Swan last rampaged across Boothferry Park’s lush turf, so we met up with Swanny to discuss his time at Hull, money wasting managers and Dani Behr’s breasts…

Watney ‘ells that?
Amber Nectar Issue #3
On the 5th August 1970, footballing history was made when the Tigers and Manchester United contested the world’s first penalty shoot-out. Despite not being born at the time, Les Motherby recalls City’s first foray into the Watney Mann Invitation Cup…

Who Is Tom Belton?INTERVIEW
Amber Nectar Issue #3

When David Lloyd’s ‘three year plan’ fell apart just one year in, City fans once again found themselves praying for a new saviour. We interviewed Tom Belton in July 1998, six months before he became chairman, to ask him his intentions…

Fatty Flagstaff
Amber Nectar Issue #2
We broke into the Hull Daily Mail’s safe and stole an unused draft of City legend Fatty Flagstaff’s Sportsmail Column…

Annual General Bleating
Amber Nectar Issue #2
Four months late, Hull City’s 1997 AGM finally took place on Friday 27th March, 1998. Geoff Bradley, our man at the Grange Park Hotel, attempted to make sense of the goings on…

Annual General Bleating II
Amber Nectar Issue #2
Just when you thought it was safe to enter the Grange Hotel, the Hull Sharks go and hold their AGM on the same day as ours. AMBER NECTAR infiltrated enemy lines to investigate:

Aye Aye SkipperINTERVIEW
Amber Nectar Issue #1 – February 1998

For our inaugural issue we sent Ian Farrow to interview ex-Tiger turned publican, Pete Skipper. “Just don’t mention his dodgy knee”, we told him. Did he listen? Did he hell!