That’s it, we are no more. Have this final podcast on us, about everything that has happened since Amber Nectar began in 1998. We’ve had a good ride, and on this final occasion a good reminisce, and now we’re closing the door for the final time.

Thank you to all who appeared on the podcast, all who listened/viewed and all who responded to what we said, week on week, season on season. And we’ve been taken by surprise at the number of extremely charitable comments that have come our way via numerous sources since we announced our decision to bring this to an end. We’re extremely touched and indescribably grateful.

We’ll see you at City. We’ll always see you at City.

Allam Out.

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  1. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    Thanks for all your efforts fellas. Sorry to see you go and the forum dwindle away, it’s been brilliant. Allam Out.

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