Things We Think We Think #329

TWTWT1. There’s much speculation about Nigel Adkins being made to wait for a new contract from the characteristically inept Allams. But isn’t there a possibility that even if he is eventually offered one, he opts against staying? His public utterances thus far indicate a willingness to stay, but frustration is clearly mounting. He must know he’ll have a reduced budget to work with and a squad once again stripped of everyone saleable. The Allams set City up for a relegation battle this season, and it’s only because of the efforts of the manager and his players that we thrillingly pulled clear of it. But for a long time, that looked unlikely.

2. Next season will be worse. Bowen will be off to the Premier League, while Grosicki will once again want to leave. Fraizer Campbell is making dissatisfied noises about the club’s lack of interest in his retention, while David Marshall is out of contract. It’s clear that anyone of quality who may have the temerity to earn a wage commensurate with that ability is going. So we ask again: the Allams aren’t busting a gut to keep Adkins, or retain any of the tools he’ll need. Why would he even want to stay?

3. Let’s continue our thought experiment and suppose that Adkins does opt against staying. What then? There’s always, ALWAYS someone who’ll want the job, no matter how wretched the owners are and how unpromising the circumstances may be. But that isn’t a prospectus for attracting the brightest and the best. Adkins has proven us wrong when we thought he was something of a bargain basement appointment, and we hold our hands up to that. But next time we go manager shopping, it’s hard to imagine us getting anything close to his quality. It’ll be League two cast-offs, in charge of League one players. And that isn’t how you avoid bottom place. It’s almost as if the Allams’ primary concern is with driving the club into the ground, isn’t it?

4. Markus Henriksen sounds very much like a man weighing up his future options, doesn’t he? Let’s face it, Ligue 1 Bordeaux or preparing-for-a-relegation-battle-to-the-third-tier Hull City? It isn’t an impossibly tough choice to make, and the fact that City opted to extend his contract suggests the club know which way the captain is leaning. We’d certainly miss him if he went.

5. Ipswich at the weekend. They’ve won three times all season, lie an impossibly distant 13 points from safety and will be in League One next season. Even overhauling a stricken Bolton to finish in the top 23 looks a tall order for the Championship’s longest serving occupants. Do we need to brace ourselves for some world-class TypicalCity, or are we finally about to reverse this patch of poor form away from home? Hmm.

6. That leads us into two extremely winnable home matches, Reading then Wigan – 21st and 19th as we speak. They’ll both have plenty to play for, with the final relegation place still open to quite a few teams. At least it’s none of our concern any more.

7. The accounts are out! And they reveal that Allamhouse – City’s parent company owned by the Allams – has seen its profits fall markedly. That’s interesting, but not wholly unexpected. There were no major player sales, parachute payments are coming to an end and club policy is to deter supporters from attending games, so it isn’t a surprise that City’s contribution has fallen. It’ll only get worse. It was interesting to see the engineering division showing reduced turnover, however. Wonder what’s happening at Allam Marine?

8. Tomorrow is the first fans’ meeting with the club of the year, and the first in quite a long time. As usual, plenty of those with the ability to represent fans have been excluded, most notably the Hull City Supporters’ Trust. The club’s infantile approach towards the largest fans’ group is absolutely pathetic, and their attempts to spin this as somehow not their fault last week were pitiful. Until the club invites supporters and supporters’ groups who can genuinely collate concerns and feed back to the fanbase, everyone will rightly conclude that this is a pointless box-ticking exercise.

9. One side City seem certain to finish ahead of is Birmingham. They were deducted nine points last week for breaching new sustainability guidelines, which has taken from the fringes of the play-offs to the fringes of the relegation places – though in truth, they’ll probably do what they were always going to do, and stay in the division. There are also no future penalties – no transfer embargo, or fines, so they’ll start next season with a clean slate. So is that enough? Nine points sounds a lot, and many Championship clubs would suffer their loss considerably. But if you’re stuck in midtable with the season approaching its end, losing them is no big deal. It isn’t clear quite how Birmingham have been punished here.

10. No City at the weekend, so no podcast this evening. Back next Monday to review the Ipswich game.

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  1. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    With another exodus of the club’s best players certain and another influx of dross probable before next season starts it’s certain that gates will plummet once more, almost certainly to depths not seen for a long time. It doesn’t appear that the Allams want to sell the club, they’ve had their chances and some of them came when City were still in the Premier League with a much greater sale value than at present. Maybe they were reluctant to forego eighty odd million pounds in parachute payments, I don’t understand their rationale but it’s a fact that there won’t be a great deal of cash flooding in from now on. Perhaps they’ll be content to write off the 50 million pounds debt or whatever it is in exchange for another relegation and the loss of most of the clubs fans, thus getting revenge for past slights and insults. It’s true that the Allams have been infantile in their approach to supporters groups but there has been some infantile behaviour from the other side as well. Stopping games with balls thrown on the pitch and handing over Allam out scarves was fucking stupid in my opinion and is a sign that you are being dragged down to the other side’s childish level.

  2. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Wasn’t surprisedat the QPR result has that feeling. This after watching 2/3 highlights of the last games. Didn’t seem as though some players were 100% committed to tackles, which was needed for a play off push, and still spaces left in our half and box. Just not tight on the opposition or clearing the ball at all costs attitude. Attacking a different story and that’s the area that will probably suffer this summer. Not a happy thought. It would be nice to get Elphick back, sign Pugh and resign Campbell…but can we keep Adkins? He has made some strange sub, and tactical decisions, but had we signed Norwood and Elphick on full transfer then we’d be in a playoff place probably…in spite of rotten luck losing most CDs And DMs in one period after Elphick went back. I’d have packed MF personally but hey… Need to put this season down to “what If” it looks like. Time to bring in Sheaf and any other U23 with a chance now? Looks like we might need them next season. We could put a team out …but only just if we follow the same owner “inspired” route. How many points escaped this season while the newly assembled players gelled? What if…. Shred and repeat?

  3. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    If City had won just 2 out of the 10 or so away games lost this season they’d be in the top six, this in spite of the Allams’s shitty ownership and Adkin’s insistence on sometimes playing Martin instead of Stewart. I have to give credit to Adkins though, he must be doing something right or we’d still in the bottom three and I like that he’s not afraid to give young players a chance.

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