PODCAST: Top of the form

Happy new year! Here’s a cheerful podcast for a quite phenomenal run of form. It’s our festive round up, so expect a long one…

* Swansea and Preston, Leeds and Bolton

* Dizzy heights, new ambitions

* “Mauled by the Tigers”

* January transfer window

* FA Cup third round tie preview

* Two defeats a decade ago


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  1. Steve Lee
    Steve Lee says:

    Nice one again chaps. Re the Villa penalty incident, we watched the match live on Sky that night and the fourth official, having seen the TV replay at pitch-side, told the referee that it wasn’t handball – an obviously blatant contravention of the rules. The ref was obviously put in a hopelessly no-win situation and, as it was little old Hull City, he bottled it. Oh and the Barmby goal that was chalked off was a fair challenge with their keeper who completely mis-timed his jump. It was this match, more than any other, that convinced me of the big-team bias that existed in the PL.

  2. DickieMint
    DickieMint says:

    Certainly agree about the Barmby goal against Villa. I was right behind the goal that night and, after the ball had gone in the net, the Villa goalie (Brad Friedel?) punched the ground in frustration – so he clearly thought it was a goal. I imagine he couldn’t believe his luck when the ref disallowed it. IIRC it was quite early on too, so could have been a real game changer.

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