Things We Think We Think #320


1. It wasn’t pretty to watch, and a -5 windchill rendered it a physically uncomfortable afternoon for the hardy souls in attendance, but there was a soul satisfyingly warm glow deep inside those fans filing away from the Circle after seeing City record a routine (for City anyway) victory that stretched the unbeaten run to four games and catapulted us to SEVENTEENTH in the Championship.

2. There wasn’t much finesse to Kamil Grosicki’s assist or to Fraizer Campbell’s bundled finish for the first goal, but the ball that precipitated those actions, an on the swivel, arcing pass into the path of the Polish winger by Markus ‘Superbus’ Henriksen, was a flash of loin-stirring sexball.

3. Fraizer Campbell was in the right place at the right time for his and City’s second goal too, slotting home after Brentford keeper Bentley could only parry Grosicki’s shot. With eight goals to his name this season, Campbell seems to have become a bonafide ‘fox in the box’.

4. It’s not unusual for a goalscorer to take the man of the match award, and Campbell netted twice, so we don’t begrudge him the block of vinyl or whatever it is that men of the matches get now, but Tommy Elphick’s performance was more deserving of recognition.

5. It is, at the moment, time to pause the praise-qualifiers on the job Nigel Adkins has done of late. City were very recently four points adrift of safety; we’re now five clear of the bottom three. That’s an incredible turnaround that we simply didn’t see happening. City are in a terrific run of form, one that’s transformed the season. We remain in obvious danger and there are sure to be bad spells later in the season that may imperil us, however recent weeks give us genuine cause to believe that it could be okay. Well done Nigel Adkins.

6. As City find some form, the gate figures are getting smaller. 10,530 represents the the lowest attendance for a league game at our current home, and we know that in reality the actual attendance was in four figures. The televised visit of Swansea offers the possibility of an even smaller number and it’s dispiriting stuff.

7. City have acknowledged the problem by announcing further discounts for match card holders, but the club still stubbornly refuse to re-introduce concessions despite criticism from the Premier League, the Independent Football Ombudsman, the Football Supporters Federation, and of course fans of Hull City. The membership scheme is an unmitigated failure and must follow the Allams into the dustbin of club history.

8. People have the right to lawfully express themselves how they like at a football match, and if people wished to boo Moses Odubajo on his return to Hull then so be it. Does he deserve it though? We’re not convinced. He wanted away? Well so did Kamil Grosicki on the last transfer deadline day, spending it in Turkey trying to secure a move, and yet some of those scolding Odubajo were in the next breath cheering Grosicki. Sure, we paid Odubajo’s wages while he was injured, but that’s merely fulfilling a contractual obligation, not doing someone who suffered an industrial injury a favour. Oh and if you’re going to shout the pejorative ‘greedy bastard’ at Odubajo, then it’s time to give up shouting the same thing at Fraizer Campbell in the pretence that it is hilariously ironic and somehow honorific.

9. All we want for Christmas is new owners, but it’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll still have the gruesome incumbents in place when the calendar says 2019. Ugh.

10. “Looking at alternative options” [to the Duffen fronted bid] was how the Hull Daily Mail described the Allams approach to leaving. One option that hasn’t been talked about much since it was first announced is the crypto-currency funded initiative backed by the Supporters Trust. Geoff Bielby of the HCST joins us on the broadcast-live Amber Nectar podcast this evening to tell us more about that approach and what unclassified information he has on the Duffen deal. We’re aiming for a 7pm start, you can watch live on Periscope via a Twitter link, or later on YouTube, with the audio only version available to download on Tuesday morning.

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  1. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    It was another priceless three points against a Brentford side who looked more like relegation candidates than we did in the first half, Fraizer Campbell is back to his old predatory self and if he can stay uninjured his goals can continue to make relegation fears a distant memory. Adkins apparently decided to park the bus in the second half and although it worked, helped by some poor finishing by Brentford it wasn’t very pretty. We spent the last 20 minutes hacking the ball straight back to the Bees who dominated possession but fortunately ran out of ideas inside the penalty area. I thought the booing of Odubajo was classless and a disgrace and I wonder just how many of those booing his every touch of the ball would have turned down a better paid job if their employer had slashed their wages? It was good to see him playing again and I wish him well for the rest of his career.

  2. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    Re the booing of Moses I didn’t like it, I was neutral didn’t boo or clap him when he came on , he was playing for the opponent and not very well thankfully. Nobody knows what deal he was offered, but it was obviously less than before so goodbye and good luck.

  3. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    I remember watching City away at Coventry, then of the first division, in the Cup ( ‘72 or ‘73? ) when Chillo was the subject of “City Reject” chants.

    There’s nothing new under the sun.

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