Things We Think We Think #310


1. Wigan first, if only because a timid and deserved defeat at a newly promoted side was the stand-out highlight of the week. This was a messy and cheap defeat. City started well, failed to capitalise and capitulated when falling behind, being fortunate not to find the game irretrievably lost. Then, when a goal that halved the deficit arrived to stun everyone, our attempts to wrest a point back to East Yorkshire were quite pitiful.

2. Everything about this game worried us. We aren’t going to enjoy many periods of relative dominance this season, and it’s vital we score when they do arrive. However, for all that City started brightly, and for all that Nouha Dicko is a tireless forward runner, neither looked particularly likely to score – and so a strong beginning was wasted.

3. If that was annoying, what followed was disastrous. When Wigan gained the lead, City’s reaction was frankly contemptible. The Tigers’ conspicuously non-leading captain Markus Henriksen bemoaned the stressful nature of this, but any distress the players felt was nothing compared to the ghastliness of watching. Wigan – a good side playing well – were given total freedom to run the game how they saw fit, with no-one in black in amber looking remotely willing or capable of altering anything. It was a dismal response, and it was a miracle we didn’t end up 4-0 down at half-time. Not that it mattered, because when City did pull it back and make the game (theoretically) a contest, Wigan were hardly troubled in a woefully lifeless second half.

4. Questions about Nigel Adkins’ team selections rightly featured in the post-mortem. Five changes from the side that beat Ipswich to give us a degree of hope raised eyebrows. Sure, the Championship’s Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday grind requires squad rotation. But we don’t have a squad, and while that’s the fault of the owners (and we are most definitely not forgetting them today), acting as though we do have one when we don’t isn’t wise.

5. And that, remember, was the highlight of the week. Because if Wigan was poor, the 3-0 kicking at Reading was disgusting. A revoltingly soft goal from a set-piece was gift-wrapped for the Royals – previously pointless at home, remember – and from then on the direction of the match was set. Tackles were routinely shirked, blue shirts were ignored and accommodatingly stood off from, passes were misplaced, runs were half-hearted – it was a gutless offering in the first half.

6. AND IT GOT WORSE. A farcical second half saw City defend like a Hull Sunday League side rueing their midnight decision to go to Piper instead of getting cheesy chips and at least a few hours of sleep. It was a wholesale surrender, the sort of loathsome and deliberate dereliction of duty that costs careers, and deserves to.

7. There’s loads of blame to dole out, and few deserve to escape it. The players may not be good enough for anything but a grim scramble to 21st, but this week still hasn’t been remotely good enough from them. We look an incoherent, disinterested mess, and a huge improvement in their collective endeavour is urgently needed.

8. The manager is probably not good enough either, and though he got us to safety last season, that increasingly looks more down to Harry Wilson and Abel Hernández than his managerial acumen. In the aftermath of the Reading debacle, his future is being questioned too. Deservedly so; we didn’t expect a great deal this season, but the manner of the defeats is as worrying as the increasing frequency of them.

9. But really, what would sacking him accomplish? With the Allams openly running the club into the ground, the idea that they’d pay the necessary severance fee and then spend enough money to secure a suitable replacement is nonsense. Let us never, ever forget: THEY are the reason this club is in a death spiral, not the players or the manager. The Allams are murdering the club, they are the ones responsible for all of this.

10. It isn’t likely to get any better. Upcoming fixtures against Middlesbrough (2nd), Leeds (1st) and Sheff Utd (4th) don’t have a points-laden feel to them. If we lose all three, we’d be on seven points from 12 games. Avoiding relegation after such a start would be a tall order. At the moment, it’d be a surprise if we aren’t in the Checkatrade Trophy next season.

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  1. David Ellerton
    David Ellerton says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with every word.
    I think they will be gone within a year having milked every last penny out of us, leaving us in division1 if we are lucky, and all because the owners cannot abide losing face. How childish.

  2. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    It all looks as if the owners are exacting revenge for the supporters failure to get on board with the idiotic name change fiasco, their (our) booing and jeering at the contemptible Ehab when he lifted the Championship trophy at Wembley, the mean spirited scrapping of concession prices and the relentless calls and chanting for their exit and the relentless selling off of our best players. They’ll go but only when the club is deeper in the mire than before they arrived and scratching about in League 2. Support is now in single figures and will continue to drop unless we start to win games, which is not looking very likely going by Saturday’s display. Adkins is a grinning idiot who seems to have little idea when it comes to picking his best team and making constructive substitutions. He let David Meyler go on a free instead of giving him another contract and making him team captain, instead, that honour went to Markus Henriksen who can’t inspire himself let alone the rest of the team. Our best (and only) midfield scrapper is Daniel Batty with only a handful of games at senior level. I though that Tommy Elphick would stiffen and improve our statuesque defence but even he seems to have caught the mannequin pose virus. Four points from the games against Middlesboro and Leeds are now an urgent requirement if we are to avoid the bottom three place that is too close for comfort.

  3. Eddie lambrick
    Eddie lambrick says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to get some passion back?
    Kick the 2 clowns out and get Ashlee,barmby and windass in.
    People who feel something for the club.

  4. Dave
    Dave says:

    I’m starting to believe anything but relegation would be a miracle now. There’s problems all over the park, and it says everything when we’ve had to make Henriksen captain – if the lad was in charge of a dingy at a swimming pool, he’d find a way to sink it. We need a leader with some passion for the club, and to be honest that could be said with the rest of the team also. Consider Marshall, no way was he the guilty party for all 3 goals, but he doesn’t help himself – If he thinks he’s beaten he just stands there. Just needs to dive, at least go the right direction, never know, might even just get a finger to it, won’t know unless he tries. The seasons only going to get worse IMO, we’ve got 3 big teams coming up, which normally I’d relish the chance to watch, but this really could be a season ender, if they get beaten well in all 3 – which I fear we might.

    I think many of the fans don’t mind losing, don’t overly mind being in a relegation battle – but we take issue with manner of the defeats, losing 2-1 forgivable, but having 3 or 4 smashed past you week on week out, is just taking the…

    My gut feeling is League One, another player clearance and then fighting for our lives in league one next year. I don’t see anyone buying the club as there is still 60 million of debt, I see it far more likely the Allams hold on until they have every penny out in terms of assets and we’re scrabbling around league 2 – I wouldn’t be surprised if the Allams bankrupted the club, as with no parachute payments and no top level income & with a massive debt, something has to give.

  5. Phil Rudderforth
    Phil Rudderforth says:

    Its as you say, the club is only going one way, has been for some years now. Here’s a controversial statement, but I continue to find it true: having worked for some years in the middle east, I found to my cost that if an Arab feels that he has been crossed (ie. didn’t get his own way – eg. name change, stadium, protests, etc, etc.), then they consider their “honour” has been besmirched, and they cut up rough. I experienced it directly whilst working in Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar. What the Allams are doing is textbook. Unfortunately they hold all the levers of power here, so it will only change when they have reduced the club to a pile of ashes and they decide to go. And if you think that’s racist, call the police.

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