Things We Think We Think #307


1. After a midweek pummelling in the League Cup, losing “only” 2-1 in the League match that immediately followed almost felt like a moral victory. And it wasn’t bad, at least not by the hugely reduced standards that now apply to this ravaged squad. After the pitiful non-performance against Blackburn that garnered a crop of boos at full-time, the defeated Tigers were at least applauded from the field this time. Straw-clutching maybe, but everything more valuable than a straw has been sold, so we’ll take what we can.

2. City started the game well against Derby, so to concede yet another absurdly cheap goal was maddening. From the off, we looked a yard sharper than at almost any time this season, and we were just beginning to wonder if a rare home win might be ours when Jordy de Wijs continued his rotten start to life in England with another witless episode. Hanging out a leg with no imminent danger is just ridiculous, and he absolutely must sharpen up if he’s to remain in the side.

3. It wasn’t an enormous surprise that City wilted afterwards, with a flurry of shots raining down on the (once again very good) David Marshall. Had we gone 0-2 down it could’ve got as ugly as last Tuesday. As it was, the equaliser was a surprise, but also the result of an elegant and sweeping piece of play.

4. What a pity it couldn’t be held onto. Derby’s winner hadn’t really looked like coming, but City are always a side capable of coughing up a cheap concession, and this was yet another example. It’s impossible to imagine any team that defends as ineptly as ours staying up. If you need a couple of goals every week just to get a point, no way are you surviving.

5. We’re largely unmoved by the arrival of two last minute loanees on Friday. Those who did arrive are actually better than we expected, and they’ll bolster the side and the squad. But it’s too little, and as usual, too late. That the latest summer transfer window would be a calamity carries the same surprise as the sun rising in the east. It’s a faithful implementation of club policy as directed by the Allam family, and while the annual ritual of managers publicly railing against it illustrates its folly, it hasn’t changed this year, and we can expect this to continue until a change of owners occurs.

6. Are City now equipped for this relegation battle? Maybe. We’ll need a bit of luck with availability, because the chastening 4-0 ragging by Derby in the League Cup illustrates that however commendable our young Tigers are, they’re best off accompanying established players rather than replacing them. A biting injury crisis and/or a rash of suspensions will make the long hard winter that looms even harder. Add to that the sale of anyone good in January, and we could be done for. But we aren’t gone yet, and we have to just hope that enough breaks for us between now and May to ensure it’s a second tier club the Allams pretend to sell.

7. Following the bizarre breakdown of his proposed move to Bursaspor, Kamil Grosicki must now put up with us until the New Year; and we must put up with him. A player with abundant talent but cursed with a foul attitude, it’s hard to see him being an asset between now and the next transfer window. No-one is happy with his continuing employment at City – and while it’s plainly daft to say he’s City worst ever player (there are scores of strong candidates for this non-accolade) there can’t be many whose natural ability and actual achievements are so far apart.

8.  Is it fair to say that Adkins doesn’t fancy David Milinković much?

9. We now have an international break. On our return, and it’s faintly ludicrous to say this, we have a game against bottom side Ipswich at the Circle on September 15th that actually has a six-pointer feel to it. Yep, ludicrous.

10. We certainly daren’t lose any more home games. City have lost their last six matches at the Circle, a dreadful record that isn’t greatly alleviated by being split over two seasons. Being easybeats in your home matches is a good way to ensure relegation before May, and while we sympathise with the manager and players for having to play in a three-fifths empty stadium in front of balefully unhappy fans, that’s the fault of the Allams, not us, and they’re somehow going to have to get used to it and start getting some points at home.

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  1. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Spot on as usual, we sit in the south stand & city’s equaliser was a great effort.
    Then from the south stand their winning goal seemed to elude all the city defenders then stop at their player for him to react first.
    I personally don’t think the Allams want to sell now, because it is their main income source. After their marine sales have suffered ( no wonder if Ehaw is also running that side of the company.)
    I’ve said it before…. How many times the father builds the company up, then along comes sonny who fxxxs it up!!

  2. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    I now use a blue badge for parking due to a recent knee op.
    It gives me great pleasure to drive to Walton Street, at the entrance to disabled parking, flash my badge and get the free parking concession!!
    Because the evil son has took every other concession away!! Txxt

  3. haltemprice tiger
    haltemprice tiger says:

    Once the last parachute payment has been received (October I believe), and we get Grosicki off the books in January (or leave him rotting on the bench which will probably mean we get next to nothing for him), apart from possibly selling Bowen, the Allams will have no major income sources left

  4. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    haltemprice tiger: that may be true if you don’t factor in their ability to write off profits at Allam Marine against losses at City to avoid paying tax.

    Old Man Allam is an accountant and he’ll know how to “massage” the books to minimize tax across all their businesses. This may result in them holding onto City far longer while simultaneously exacting revenge on Hull City Council and City fans by running the club into non league status.

    This is I believe the very worst case scenario. If the Allams go this route they will need “persuading” not to take it.

  5. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    What amazes me is the ineptitude of Darnborough who is supposedly in charge of recruitment. The Allams are accused of asset stripping and that claim certainly has merit but at the same time some of the buying and selling has been incompetent and amateurish. Kevin Stewart was bought from Liverpool for a reported 4 million pounds with 3.5 million in “add ons” while Andy Robertson went the other way for 8 million plus 2 in add ons. Stewart looks as if he would struggle in the County League and Robertson is now being hailed as the best full back in the Premier league and must now be worth 30/40 million while Stewart sits on the bench and gets an occasional few minutes on the pitch. Nouha Dicko was bought from Wolves for 3.5 million and never starts a game, the hopeless Will Keane who has scored 5 goals in his seven year career is apparently higher in the pecking order than Dicko. Harry Maguire was sold for 12 million with 5 in add ons when it was very clear that he would play for England and was worth far more, ok there is apparently a sell on clause in the deal with Leicester but why would the Allams insert such a possible future clause if they are really open to selling the club?

  6. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    I seem to recall other clubs’ fans knocking Darnborough as well.

    Our recruitment policy is strange to say the least.

    It will be interesting to see what happens after he last parachute payment. How long will the Allams stick around for…. and what can they get for City, are they content to take the interest payments.

  7. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    “I don’t think they understand it at all,” he added. “It’s frustrating sometimes, because we think we are doing a good job about what’s going to make a club attractive to a buyer but their measure of success is only what they see on the pitch: the league position. But that isn’t my measure of success. Are Aston Villa getting stronger? Are Derby getting stronger?

    “We must be one of the most attractive clubs in the Championship, because we have been so well managed.”

    So now we know just how delusional Ehab Allam really is! His idea of a successful club is one with record low attendance, a league position one place above the relegation zone and losing four out of four home games and five out of seven in league and cup!

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