Things We Think We Think #306


1. A weekend horror show can often render an earlier midweek fixture oddly distant in the memory. The Blackburn débâcle means that the penalty shoot-out victory at Sheffield United just six ago feels an event a month behind us. But it happened, and though we won’t be wasting energy on straw clutching any more, when viewed in isolation it wasn’t a bad night. A very young side acquitted itself well, and kept its nerve during the (admittedly low-pressure) series of spot-kicks at full time. A successful evening.

2. Not that Derby at home is a just reward for it. But that fixture itself ties into the calamity against Blackburn. Just what sort of attendance can we expect for that?

3. We’ll take Oliver Norwood’s comments about signing for Sheffield United with a pinch of salt. He’s hardly going to express sadness at having signed for his new employers, and anyway, if he wasn’t keen on joining a club that didn’t value him highly enough to meet his valuation and that’s notorious in professional football for being a complete basket case…who can blame him?

4. Not that his decisive penalty miss didn’t elicit a small chuckle, however. Though it does raise the probability of him scoring the winner in a League game this season to something approaching 99%…

5. Blackburn. Oh dear, Blackburn. A pitiful non-performance from a side that isn’t good enough to survive at this level, managed by a man who knows that and has realised (too late) that desperately-needed support will not be forthcoming.

6. City were abject. The goal was another comically soft concession from a defence that no more looks like keeping a clean sheet than a 14 year old boy who’s just prised open the parental lock on the domestic wi-fi. Even more alarming was the response, which was hopeless. And yes, we know this side isn’t good enough, and that the bench offers little, but even taking all of those allowances into account, it still wasn’t acceptable. Not by a distance.

7. To have Nigel Adkins starting to ponder his own future before August is even through is quite something. A man of garrulous optimism whose cathartine rubbernecking of Leonid Slutsky’s ill-fated spell will always grate now wonders if it was all worth it. He’ll almost certainly be back to normal very soon, posting on social media about wholesome breakfasts, but frustration at the owners’ negligence is breaking through more often.

8. We have around a dozen days to perform emergency surgery on this squad. It probably depends on finding someone willing to spend lots of money on Kamil Grosicki, and even in the present day market there’s no guarantee anyone’s going to be that unwise. And even then the manager may not see any meaningful assistance. We’ll probably cobble together a loan or two from Premier League sides for players they haven’t yet managed to offload – but as usual, it’s all too little, all too late.

9. The club no longer has the guts to announce its inflated attendances during the game, but it emerged after the match that it was officially 12,233. We know they are usually around 20% fewer people there than claimed, which gives us 10,200; and a rumour that it was 10,002 has been widely spread. Both of these figures feel about right. It’s only a matter of time before the first sub-10,000 actual attendance, and we wouldn’t rule out the club having to announce one even with the 20% addition. Three-fifths of the stadium lie empty, and the club refuses to change the despicable policies that are ensuring that. It’s a disgrace, and a tragedy.

9a. Facilitating contactless payment at stadium food and drink kiosks would be a low level plus point at a normal club, but while City persist with a concession free membership scheme (that if a Tweet this weekend is to be believed, sees the deceased threatened with legal action) and a policy of weakening the squad one transfer window at a time, it’s all a bit ‘polishing the brass on the Titanic’.

9b. Oh and it didn’t work.

10. So let us be absolutely clear: this club is in severe difficulty, but it isn’t dying, it’s being killed. Assem and Ehab Allam are the killers, and they have brought shame upon their family name. They probably don’t give a toss – for too long we’ve believed the old man’s pious claims to regard his legacy as important, but we don’t believe that any more. The only – ONLY – explanation for any of this is revenge. Pure, callous revenge. And we despise them for it.

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  1. David Ellerton
    David Ellerton says:

    As I have been rabbiting on for a long time, the Allams’ behaviour is a product of the Arab mentality. They cannot take loss of face and have to take action which must be seen to punish those who have caused the loss of face. This is not a racist comment as anyone who has worked in Arab countries will readily acknowledge. I believe they want to leave the club where they found it.

    PAUL KING says:

    As always an excellent summary of the shambolic state of affairs at Hull City Football Club for this week. Like many long suffering fans I expect even worse by the end of August when we don’t have any loan additions to the squad – although to be honest whoever comes into this mad house needs his head examining! The manner in which the spiteful Allam family have killed the club is heart breaking and how they can still show their faces in the world of local business is beyond me. I notice that Mr Buckingham of the HDM has finally grown a pair at long last and written an article suggesting the demise of Hull City is the fault of the Allam’s! It’s an article he has done everything to avoid writing and is at least two years too late. If he and the self appointed “man of the people” David Burns of Radio Humberside had been more vociferous over the past 2-3 years instead of skirting around the issues and in some cases supporting the Allam’s’ actions then fans would have more respect for them both. There have been awful regimes in charge of Hull City in the past and they have gone and the Allam’s will leave as well at some point. When that happens there’ll be a full house again at the next home match and we shall have our club back. Keep the faith UTT.

  3. Martin
    Martin says:

    Question. I don’t understand this
    Why are the gates exaggerated?
    If they declare and record 20% over then what is the benefit.
    Do they then declare an exaggerated gate receipt and pay HMRC., Or is just to inflate their ego and pretend things aren’t that bad.

  4. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    When pass holders or “members” cancel they have a two month window before said cancellation is final, so they pay the monthly debit until that date. It’s possible that some who’ve cancelled are not attending even though the two months hasn’t expired. I can’t see that being 20% of the stated attendance though.

  5. Phil H
    Phil H says:

    He’s Egyptian… Of course it’s about revenge…..

    They are renowned for being just like that…

  6. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re 5: IMO we have the players to survive at this level, although needing injury luck perhaps. However, when you appoint the wrong captain then that can poison a squad. I also think that some players we have need telling some home truths…Toral…Stewart. Maybe some of the youngsters, who did well at Sheffield, need to show them what effort is? Stewart was far too smart arsed with his penalty!
    Never thought I’d wish to see Cattermole at the KC, but…
    The Adkins situation is interesting, if not rather frightening.
    We’re still in the Championship, and seen worse at the bottom of Div 2. It’s depressing but let’s not get ahead of ourselves… We didn’t go down 7-1 at the weekend.

  7. Cheshire Tiger
    Cheshire Tiger says:

    Another article I 100% agree with.

    But more to the point, where are those Allam lovers now?
    The ones who told us to have faith in the pair of clowns?
    The ones who said “it’s his club he can do what he wants”
    The ones who devided the club?

    Where are they now!!!

  8. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    @Ambertigerfan as far as i know the parachute payment is awarded at the beginning of the season so it should already be residing in the Bank Of Allam! Last time we were relegated there were complaints made about the Allams by the Premier League re their failure to use the money as it was intended, ie. to benefit the relegated club with paying player’s wages, transfer fees etc. It was not intended to be used to purchase Lamborghinis and other sundry items unconnected with football. Unfortunately nothing further seems to have been done to ensure the money is used as intended by the recipients. Re the team I’m still baffled why the club would spend 4 million pounds on Kevin Stewart and keep him on the bench. He can’t still be injured after a year has passed so it must be the fact that he’s fucking useless and another piece of idiocy by Lee Darnborough. Jordy de Wijs is an accident waiting to happen at centre back and once a few injuries set in due to the long hard Championship season I’m afraid Hull City will be stuck fast in the bottom three. I hope that some decent loan players are brought in but I won’t hold my breath.

  9. haltemprice tiger
    haltemprice tiger says:

    Blackadder – regardless of the transfer fee paid for Stewart, he does not seem to be getting a fair crack of the whip to me. He cannot do any worse than Henriksen and should at least be given a run of games to show whether he can perform at the level required.

  10. Andy
    Andy says:

    Ambertigerfan – change is coming! Very soon…

    (to our Slutsky picture, that is – City remain irrecovably fucked….)

  11. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Haltemprice tiger: The very few times I saw Stewart he looked very poor and Adkins obviously has no confidence in him. Paying 4 million for him and refusing to pay 1.5 million for Norwood is typical of the incompetence of the Allams. However I agree with you about Henriksen, why Adkins would make him captain I will never understand, he can’t tackle, doesn’t score or make chances and is a waste of a shirt. As you say, Stewart might as well be given enough games to see if he can cut the mustard, if he can’t we’ll soon know and he can’t be worse than the Norwegian, can he?

  12. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Thanks Blackadder and Andy. So if the last parachute payment is made, then we may reasonably hope the club will be sold as there is little left to milk financially.

    Unless for Oyston’s of Blackpool, now read Allams of Hull City.

    Or, would there be benefit to the Allams in keeping City to offset their marine company profits? Any accountants out there?

    Whatever happened to the Supporter’s Trust negotiations with the Allams?

  13. Ozzie
    Ozzie says:

    Dave Ellerton….you have echoed my assessment of their attitude which I have written about on a number of occasions. It is not racist to state these assessments…….their actions are a result of their culture which is deeply ingrained actually you could argue its now genetic. They lost face and are now exacting revenge pure and simple, sadly we are doomed!!

  14. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    Ambertigerfan – I’m pretty sure the last parachute installment payment is paid next January – 20m I believe……making a total of 38m for this season, the last season of parachute money.

  15. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Thanks Cayman Tiger, that’s later than Blackadder reported.

    If it is January 2019, then we can’t expect the Allams to consider selling until after that date.

    I hope the Allams perceive the value sucked out of City once the last parachute payment is pocketed. Maybe a quick Bowen sale in January, but there’s not much else left of value.

    Hopefully we can all move on with new/ better ownership, or even a fan based cooperative effort. All options should be on the table to move City onward and upward from the quagmire of Allam hell ownership.

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