Things We Think We Think #305



1.  The only surprise about the final day of the summer transfer window is that some people were surprised by Hull City’s lack of activity. It should be obvious to everyone by now that beyond merely ensuring that there are enough flesh units to fulfill fixtures, the owners don’t care about the quality of  the squad, because doing so would impact how much money can be taken out of the club.

2. Nigel Adkins may be one of the surprised ones though… his quotes about signings went from reiterating the need to do more business (“We are not as strong as we need to be” and “We’re trying to make permanent signings if we can”), to being sanguine about failing to bring relatively inexpensive players in such as  Brighton’s Oliver Norwood who had a £1.5m valuation (“They have a fee they don’t want to move on, there’s not a big gulf”), to convincing himself that the loan market might save us and that’s just fine (“We talk about the transfer window finishing, the permanent one, but the loan window is still open for the rest of the month”). Perhaps we should feel for him, but it’s hard to believe he didn’t know what he was letting himself in for.

3. Some people may have groaned when Nigel Adkins said Jordy de Wijs and David Marshall, poor on opening night against Aston Villa, would start at Hillsborough, but there is little value in throwing a new signing adapting to his surroundings and our most experienced goalkeeper under the bus. The votes of confidence paid off too, as both played well at Sheffield Wednesday.

4. City themselves did, well, alright at Hillsborough. When it came, the lead felt meritted, and there were opportunities to extend it. There were good spells against Villa too – only one point may have been taken so far, but in general play we haven’t disgraced ourselves. Now, playing well outside both penalty areas only gets you so far, but in these desperate times, it’s a straw to clutch at.

5. Alas, the lead wasn’t capitalised upon with a second goal. Carrying on from last season’s comical capacity for conceding penalties was maddening (and it was a penalty), and as soon as we coughed up an equaliser then – as per Aston Villa seven days ago – it felt as though there was only one side likely to win it.

6. We just don’t feel as though we’re going to keep many clean sheets this season. That was the case last season, though City’s leakiness was matched with uncommonly effective goalscoring. It’s hard to imagine us scoring enough to combat an equally poor goals-against column this season, so if we don’t tighten up, we’re in trouble. But that takes us to the Allams’ refusal to assemble a proper squad…

7. Sheffield United in the League Cup tomorrow night; there is little imagination in such a draw, but we do have a history (and quite a long one) of some fair old ding-dongs at Bramall Lane. In this more sanitised age, it’s nice to think a match so far back in the chain of importance will still produce an atmosphere and a fine game of football.

8. And we follow that with a home game in the Championship against Blackburn Rovers, who are starting to respect themselves again after a few difficult years, and have a proven manager at this level in Tony Mowbray. A first league win should be more than doable against a side who were in League One last term and have started this campaign with a brace of draws, but there’s only one team evidently on the up in that fixture, and it ain’t us.

9. It’s hard to know if the Head of Marketing and Communication was being hopelessly naive or was wilfully antagonising supporters when they boldly proclaimed the business side of the Club had been ‘Hull City Tigers’ since 2001 on Twitter. We’re hoping it’s the former.

10.  They have overseen the reversal of the pointless ‘Hull Tigers Academy’ rebranding on Social Media after all, so hurrah for that.

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  1. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Nos 4 & 5 the key points. Looks like the plug’s been pulled on any more players coming in. Perhaps if our Polish “star” goes out on loan….? Annoying to miss Norwood for so little…
    Would like to see a goal scorer and defensive midfielder in. The whole season will depend on tightening the defense…stop giving up soft goals…and scoring enough goals, PLUS keeping players like Evandro fit! There’s a few like Stewart need to step up a notch or two too! The Cup game may show us what we’ve got in reserve…
    On paper we have some good players…better than many…but it’s a long hard season. Aim must be to pick up decent points through to the Jan transfer window, when….?

  2. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    When what gjhdurham? It’s obvious that there’ll be no money spent on players in January and no signings apart from maybe a couple of loaners. It will only take a lengthy injury list and the team will be running on fumes like a car running out of petrol. Most of the players available on loan are young and inexperienced and we saw how well that worked last season, Harry Wilson excepted. Attendance is dropping and will keep on dropping if we spend another season in the bottom half of the table, even the fans that still attend are disillusioned. If Skalak and Norwood had been signed plus a decent striker we could have been challenging for the top six and attendances would have risen accordingly, their transfer fees would have been mostly covered by the extra gate money. Sadly I agree with point 6.

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