Things We Think We Think #304



1) Farewell then, David Meyler. It’s been on the cards for a while, ever since the player himself disclosed that no new contract would be forthcoming. It’s still immensely sad to see him go. He was a mainstay of so many of the good things, and he leaves a sizeable hole not just in the midfield, but in the character of the City squad. An engaging personality on Twitter, a courageous player on the pitch and a (belated) cult hero in the stands, he’s left to join another former fans’ favourite at Reading. Best wishes, David. And thanks for everything.

2) Abel Hernández signing a new contract with City never felt remotely likely, and so it proved. An accomplished goalscorer in the Championship, Premier League and at international level, who cost £10m, leaves on a free transfer. Such colossal ineptitude is par for the course, and we’re largely immune to it now. Again, we must just offer best wishes to a player who often surprised us with his workrate even in unglamorous surroundings. Even if we were going to try to replace him, it’d be difficult and costly. However, we aren’t going to.

3) Also departing is our club captain Michael Dawson. We also won’t be trying to replace him, not when there are plenty of mediocre, parachute-payment-non-disrupting loanees out there. On the field, he might not actually be impossible to replace, for it’s impossible not to have seen his decline this season. If their scouts have seen what we’ve seen, Nottingham Forest cannot possibly hope to still be fielding him in their first team towards the end of his two year contract. Still, it’s a nice story for him to return to his boyhood club in the late-autumn of his career, and who could blame him for wanting to leave us anyway? He’s clearly a model professional, evidenced by the fact that his best football of a decidedly patchy season came after he was declined permission to leave in January. So many players would have sulked; he resolved to improve. We’ll miss his leadership, which was understated but effective, and he leaves us with thanks.

4) On and on the exodus goes. Allan McGregor has rejoined Rangers, where he started his career 20 years ago. A big earner who had a big season, the presumed negatives of the former were always going to outrank the latter with the price-of-everything-value-of-nothing cretins who are befouling our club. And he too leaves with nothing to prove, having amassed a fine body of work while at City. Pointing to his occasional errors is a fool’s errand; all keepers make them. A combative attitude coupled with a capacity for remarkable shot-stopping make him a legitmate contender for City’s finest post-war keeper. We’ll miss him.

4a) It leaves City in need of a keeper, too. At the end of 2016/17 we had three: McGregor, Marshall and Jakupović. The last of these opted to become Leicester’s third choice after an insulting contract offer, while it hasn’t remotely worked out for Marshall here. However, yachts aren’t cheap, so we’ll have to assume that we’re just going to have to make the best of it with Marshall, presumably with a yoof on the bench – and, in the event of injury/suspension, in the first team too.

5) Overall then, summer has gone largely as expected. No attempt has been made to retain senior players, and obviously replacements haven’t arrived. Not only do we presently have a squad a long way from being able to stay up next season, we’re not likely to either. Little wonder City’s odds of relegation have halved in the past few weeks.

6) It won’t get any better, obviously. Grosicki will probably be next, while anyone else with the acute misfortune to have Ehab Allam as their employer must be instructing their representatives to explore other options. It may be cricket and World Cup weather, but a chill wind assails the Tiger Nation. Already, the good times that were bookended by Peter Taylor and Steve Bruce are fading in the memory, like teenage romance a dozen summers ago.

7) Still, City have probably made football history this summer. With the announcement that prices for next season will not be confirmed until October, they have surely become the first club ever to wait until AFTER a season has begun before confirming the cost of going. We’re not laughing, and we’re not crying. We’re just numb.

8) Given the toxic miasma that envelops Hull City, it should come as no surprise when almost everything that is associated with the club is regarded with cynicism and disdain. However, the launch of the 2018/19 primary kit by Umbro was pleasingly free of negativity: it was executed well, the club’s name was used prominently in marketing (even if it is ludicrously absent from the kit itself) and as for the new shirt, shorts and socks, they appear to be widely admired.

9) No wonder. Umbro have delivered another doozy of a kit. Stripes have been retained, but given a modern and fresh look. There’s enough of a field of amber to prevent black raglan sleeves, used in concert with black stripes, from making the shirt and kit overall look dark.

9a) Consider us big fans. Sure, we don’t like what the 1 904 crest represents, and TIGERS on the back of the neck shows that the club are so inept at marketing that they break the branding guidelines they claim to work to. Neither of these things can be laid at the feet of Umbro though, the brand with the double-diamond are doing an exceptional job of making Hull City look good in an aesthetic sense, even if everything appears to be falling apart.

10) Amid the stark contrast of City plumbing sub-subterranean depths and the growing excitement of seeing whether our attempts to navigate the World Cup betting odds were successful, there came an unexpected glimmer of good news. Sports Minister Tracey Crouch, widely criticised for ignoring the obvious appeal of safe standing earlier this year, now appears open to it. Well done to her for having the courage to admit her original stance may have been wrong, which is probably not a common trait among politicians, and of course to the tireless campaigning of the FSF.

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  1. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Abel Hernández signing a new contract with City never felt remotely likely, and so it proved. An accomplished goalscorer in the Championship, Premier League and at international level, who cost £10m,

    All true, but never an accomplished goalscorer in the Premier League: that’s where he hit the wall.

  2. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    The Allams failed at their attempt to see the club relegated this year but unless there is a sea change in their recruitment ethos they will surely succeed in 2019. Lee Darnborough brought in one decent loan player last January in the form of Harry Wilson and and the rest of them were donkeys. I await the usual parade of dross that he will find for next season with a mixture of dread and despair, and the renewed calls of Allam Out from the North Stand will beg the question: Who is going to buy the pig in a poke with massive debt that the Allams have turned Hull City into?

  3. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    From the BBC. The headlines tell a story of exodus of experience and talent. These headlines tell the story of the perception of playing for Hull City. Relegation is a certainty next season.

    Seb Larsson
    Larsson leaves Hull City for AIK Solna
    Hull City midfielder Seb Larsson joins Swedish side AIK Solna on a two-year deal.
    Read more on Larsson leaves Hull City for AIK Solna
    David Meyler
    Reading sign ex-Hull midfielder Meyler
    Reading sign Republic of Ireland midfielder David Meyler on a two-year deal following his release by Hull City.
    Read more on Reading sign ex-Hull midfielder Meyler
    Abel Hernandez
    Hull striker Hernandez to leave club
    Hull City striker Abel Hernandez will leave the club after turning down a new contract offer.
    Read more on Hull striker Hernandez to leave club
    Michael Dawson
    Hull centre-back Dawson rejoins Forest
    Nottingham Forest re-sign experienced central defender Michael Dawson from fellow Championship club Hull City.
    Read more on Hull centre-back Dawson rejoins Forest

    David Meyler
    Hull City release midfielder Meyler
    18 May
    Read more on Hull City release midfielder Meyler
    Allan McGregor is leaving Hull City under freedom of contract
    Goalkeeper McGregor returns to Rangers
    16 May
    Read more on Goalkeeper McGregor returns to Rangers

  4. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    It’s a very fluid situation at the moment, June 25th / 26th will be interesting. Of the players leaving Meylers comment “ it was all getting a little bit stale “ needs elaborating on , though getting to the truth is nigh on impossible for us fans looking in .

  5. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    A funereal but sadly accurate assessment of where we are.
    The club could argue that Dawson and McGregor would always return to their boyhood clubs and they may be right.
    However Meyler would have stayed and I’d have made him captain. Did we really offer Abel an exceptional contract? Really?
    Now we learn Moses has opted out!
    Max Clark may be next. You could argue that Stephen Kingsley will be our No.1 LB next year but then Max Clark is a midfielder by trade.
    Grosicki will be gone.
    Laarson has gone.
    So 8 senior players gone. 4 loanees gone.
    Who the hell are we even going to field for pre season?
    My memberships were cancelled in April.
    I am gutted but feel justified in cancelling a contract which expects me to continue paying hard earned money when I have no idea how much I’ll be paying in October, nor the fact that I’ll be paying to watch an inferior squad.
    The only glimmer of light is that this nightmare has to end sometime. Although look how long Fish & Dolan held out for and the damage they did.

  6. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    It’s obvious that little money will be spent on players, City were reported to be haggling over a 400,000 pound fee for Eric Lichaj from Notts Forest. The squad will be a collection of freebies and castoffs and if Adkins can weld it into a side challenging for promotion he will deserve the freedom of Hull! A bottom six struggle sounds more likely and having missed the boat last season in a very average Championship I’ll be surprised if relegation is not the outcome in 2019. Sunderland owner Ellis Short had to bite the bullet and pay off the clubs debt, (I think it was in excess of 100 million pounds) in order to get the club off his hands. City’s last reported debt was 80 million pounds but don’t expect the Allams to pay it off. This despite income of about 200 million pounds over the last two seasons less wages and running the KCOM Stadium.

  7. haltemprice tiger
    haltemprice tiger says:

    I wish the club would put as much effort into getting players for next season as they appear to be putting into the fucking redesign of the club crest.

    A bloody creative panel of 12 to redesign a crest that was perfectly acceptable until they took the club name off it and replaced it with 1904. FFS Allams get your bloody priorities right.

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