Things We Think We Think #302


1. Thank God it’s almost over. A season of wretchedness on the field and malice off it had a fitting finale on Saturday, as City crumpled to a characteristically scruffy 2-0 defeat to a dour but organised and motivated side. It had everything that’s made 2017/18 an ordeal: flickers of promise, a pathetically cheap goal conceded and a pitiful response thereafter. City were crap, and got exactly what they deserved from the game.

2. A dead rubber at Brentford aside for those of an especially masochistic bent, the ghastliness is at a close. We’ve hated this season, and while a summer without City is usually a cause for sadness, we’re frankly glad we don’t have to put up with them for a few blessed months.

3. The class of 2017/18 has been deeply uninspiring, and even if its major deficiency has been quality rather than application, it’s been hard to warm to them. That’s part of the problem with mediocre loanees signed in a panic at the end of the transfer window – apart from not being especially good, their transient nature makes the fan-player bond harder to establish. And sure, there are exceptions, but generally speaking a player who’s only here for a short, defined period can’t create the same supporter relationship as one whose service spans years rather than months.

4. That didn’t make the “lap of honour” any less tragic. Barely 3,000 can have stayed to witness the limpest of mutual appreciations, and on one level we feel a bit for the players – it must have been quite embarrassing for them, and goodness knows they aren’t the real reason the club is a total mess. Players like David Meyler, Abel Hernández, Allan McGregor and Michael Dawson, sturdy servants of the club, probably deserved a heartier send-off than this.

5. But how can anyone blame City fans? After a dismal defeat at the end of a rotten season, why on earth stick around to insincerely acclaim those who are, in part, responsible? We’d like to think that the near-empty stadium for the post-match trudge would worry those in charge. But we know they aren’t listening, and don’t care anyway, so to them and the despicable handful of remaining apologists it’ll just be our fault anyway.

6. Which leads us nicely onto the latest sham ballot. It’s causing considerable consternation inside the club, with no-one knowing what on earth to do about it. Needless to say, turnout was reduced from the previous vote, with City fans rightly boycotting a poll when the previous one had been disregarded on account of an inconvenient result. That Ehab is completely clueless about how to proceed will surprise no-one, but his subordinates are suffering equal paralysis and the mood is not good.

7. It means that at the time of writing, City aren’t especially close to even announcing whatever the result of the second ballot is, and don’t expect them to announce the turnout either (or at least truthfully announce it – though there’ve been enough complaints raised to the Supporters’ Trust to render the whole enterprise highly suspicious anyway). Which means that on the final day of April, no-one has a clue what a 2018/19 season ticket/membership will cost or whether concessions will be reintroduced. The rest of the Championship is eagerly imploring its fans to sign up; City can’t even tell their fans the basics about next season’s costs. It’s a joke, and those responsible should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

8. Brentford next. It means nothing, to both clubs. Let’s just stand on a terrace (which worked out alright last time, and, Sports Minister, no-one got hurt), drink some beer and try to remember that while the club is presently stricken with a particularly vicious disease, it won’t last forever.

9. Sunderland, of League One and also very much of the north, have just been taken over. It’s almost as though the notion that non-Premier League clubs who aren’t near Heathrow Airport don’t attract buyers is a total fucking lie, isn’t it?

10. City are off to Kenya, which is all very exciting. But with a familiar tin ear for the requirements of fans, a match that would require a significant outlay, very short notice travel to the southern hemisphere, time off work and so on hasn’t even seen City confirm whether tickets are going to be made available. Come on City, this sort of thing really isn’t difficult.

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  1. Evie
    Evie says:

    Undoubtedly it’s been a thoroughly disappointing season for you this one and I feel for all of you. I had to relinquish my season ticket 2 seasons ago but City have a special place in my heart since moving here over 20 years ago and seeing my first game v Cardiff at Boothferry Park, one of the matches that could have taken you down & out of the football league. You survived then and who knew what glorious times were to come? Hang in there, just as happened to my first team back in the 70’s, when we won Division 1 and then the new owners asset stripped the club, it didn’t last forever. New owners will eventually come in and things will get better. You’re still in the Championship, still got some decent players and still got passion, never give up! 😁

  2. Kemptontiger
    Kemptontiger says:

    Agree 100% our owners should hang their heads in shame with all that’s gone on for a few seasons now . But we all know they won’t they just don’t care yet they still have some support and that’s all the excuse they need to keep on doing what they do . #Allamout #fuckoffnow

  3. HempholmeTigers
    HempholmeTigers says:

    And with that last pathetic performance on the pitch and the even more pathetic performance from the current owners – we’re off. Today with deep regret, I inform the club we’re cancelling our (Premier Club) memberships. With the comment to them that if and when there is an ownership showing commitment to the club, we’ll happily return – but until then, not a penny more of our hard-earned money is going to line the pockets of the hateful Allams. What a legacy eh Mr Allam – hope you and your idiot son are pleased with yourselves.

  4. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    I have listened to Nigel Adkins on radio Humberside after most games as we travel home, always positive and bubbly, but oh dear Saturday he described the game as tedious ( spot on ) and on recruitment I presume he had been talking to Rehab, he sounded really down. I expect to see departures before any incoming players, next season is looking like a struggle already with our owners on past form only bringing in new players at the last minute. The constant flashing images telling us WE ARE HULL CITY on Saturday, yes I know we are but don’t tell us that , tell the rest of the world you halfwits that are supposed to be running the club.

  5. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Spot on!
    For the reasons stated above I have, with deep regret cancelled mine and my sons memberships.
    The fact that I have no idea on what I will be paying and what I will be watching means enough is enough.
    I’ve supported City home and away for 42 years and despite all the past troubles and mainly lower league football,I’ve always looked forward to a new season.
    Not so this season, as you rightly point out, this is a season to forget, brought about solely by the repeated ineptitude of one man!
    What is the plan for next year?
    Where does the club see itself!
    Recruitment plan?
    Membership scheme rates?
    Communication with the supporters?
    All sadly missing!!!
    Where is the EFL to look into this?
    I’ll be there at Brentford to give a send off to the players and then who knows when I’ll next watch a game at the Circle?
    So sad and so easy to remedy,

  6. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    I agree a pathetic match, ending a pathetic season.Also a pathetic ref.
    Lack of response from the owners, re taking responsibility for the club.
    It’s only because we enjoy going to the home matches & meeting up for a drink, that we haven’t cancelled our membership. But if we had been relegated, 3 of us would have cancelled!
    Can’t say I’m looking forward to next season’s late loans again, all last minute panic.

  7. Richard pearson
    Richard pearson says:

    I’ll be there next season. Why? I wonder myself after watching City since I saw Carter in 1952 and now the mess we’re have. But older followers will recall a good few depths into which we have fallen. So I live in hope that sooner or later the Allams will tire of rhe flak they deserve and sell. I just cannot understand the attitude where a very promising set up is slowly allowed to run down. Frankly I would trade a season in League One if it was certain we were rid of the owners we have. Better the devil we don’t know in our case. Can we petition Adam Pearson to have another go?

  8. Tom
    Tom says:

    Years of preparation and Sunderland show Ehab how it is done. We all know what recruitment to expect on the last 10 days before kick-off. Travelling all the way to Brentford but not to a hom£ game£. To think dad and Bruce created a golden goose in Yorkshire currently bereft of Premier League football, the numpties. #allamsout

  9. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    It seems to be an opinion held by many that the Allams will or could walk away after the last parachute payment has been pocketed but Sunderland were in a similar position only rather worse, their debt in 2016 was about 159 million pounds. Ellis Short couldn’t sell the club and said it could be had for free but nobody took him up on his offer. It has now been taken over by a consortium headed by Stewart Donald and Ellis Short has paid off the bank debt and other money owed by the club to him. I don’t think that the Allams can just “walk away” leaving the club in considerable debt and unless they either pay off the debt themselves (The parachute payments would just about have cleared it) or find someone who will, we appear to be stuck with them. It will be interesting to see how much is owed by the club when the financial report is published in May, they have not renewed any contracts that were due to expire in the summer, one or two might have been offered reduced terms but most will walk. It’s been hinted by Adkins that there will be very little money available for players and I’ll be surprised if we don’t follow Sunderland into League 1 next season with a squad mostly lacking the few decent players we had and filled with more loanees, Bosmans and a couple drafted in from the Academy.

  10. Bond
    Bond says:

    Allegedly.. Ehab has had to make threats to the players, to avoid them disappearing off on holiday and skip going to Africa!!?

  11. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    What a joke! A second membership ballot abandoned!
    The club is a laughing stock.
    I cancelled on the back of the 2nd lose / lose proposal.
    I’ve posted many times a solution which everyone would embrace.
    £25 Adults per month, £15 OAP and 16-24
    £7 U-16
    No restrictions, no caveats, simple!

  12. Phil H
    Phil H says:

    The Allams saw ££££….. Their eyes lit up and they thought it would be easy…. Instead they’ve come to realise that they’re in a shit state and not gonna change- not unless they do….

    They want £100M for the club…. Never gonna happen…. As it’s going it will end up £1M at the most!!

    Before the Allams came forward I brought out the idea of a fans consortium buying into the club… 10,000 fans each with £1,000 would give £10,000,000 as a start…. Wonder how that would stand up as a start…..

  13. selby tiger
    selby tiger says:

    Cant fault your maths Phil H, eleven plus stuff if anyone can remember what that is.
    However considering there are perhaps, just perhaps ten thousand fans attending home matches, and the fact that hull is not the most prosperous city, where do you think they are all going to find one thousand pounds each.

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