Things We Think We Think #301


1. What an utterly preposterous football club we support. Not for us the usual pattern of sublime-to-ridiculous that lesser claimants to ludicrosity may submit; in the last three games we’ve gone sublime-to-shit-to-ridiculous. 5-0, 0-1, 5-5. It’s the kind of scoring sequence you’d associate with pre-war Division Three (North), not the ultra-professional 21st century Championship.

2. Days after the biggest away win in a century, City served up utter dross against Sheffield Wednesday and followed that up by sharing ten goals in Bristol. Our first ever 5-5 draw; the first time both sides have scored more than 4 in a City game, and so on. It was a crazy afternoon of football.

3. It didn’t look as though that’d be the case until the end. 2-1 at half-time rarely begats 5-5, and for long spells of the game City looked set to offer up another dispiritingly slovenly defeat. Some of the defending – in fact, almost all of it – was farcical, genuine pub team stuff, and that was before the goals started raining in. If Nottingham Forest are still preparing to offer Michael Dawson a contract in the summer, he’d better hope their scouts were elsewhere on Saturday; while he was offered scant support as City were wide open in midfield, on the flanks and indeed practically everywhere. Given the way the first half ended, it wasn’t a massive surprise that City ended up shipping five goals.

4. It was far less predictable that we’d score another four, but with Harry Wilson and a point-to-prove Abel Hernández, we do have a goal or two in us. We have throughout this grim season in fact, with 69 and counting, something no side outside the top four is likely to match. However, those two are clearly far too good for this level, and it’s really shown in recent weeks.

5. Wilson in particular has raced through the grades of appreciation, from promising loanee to highly effective loanee, and he’s probably now entering the “just enjoy him while we have him” stage. He won’t be here next season, and that isn’t even necessarily a slight on City – if Liverpool decide he isn’t quite ready for their matchday squads then he clearly merits a season-long loan in the Premier League instead. He’s got two more games with us. Best to make the most of them, and spend the next decade telling anyone who’ll listen that his time with City is what made him what he’ll become – which is clearly outstanding.

6. Those two games are now dead rubbers, with safety mathematically assured by Saturday’s draw at Ashton Gate. Credit to Nigel Adkins: for a long time survival itself looked far from certain, so to have it officially determined with two matches to go (and, effectively, with four remaining) is more than we’d hoped for. He isn’t a stellar name, and he doesn’t inspire us, but his overall work with City has exceeded our modest expectations, and he’s sure to be here next season. So be it.

7. With survival now guaranteed, we now have the opportunity to knack things up a bit for clubs with loftier goals. We’d ordinarily applaud what Cardiff have done this season, but Colin is their manager and he’s every bit as detestable as ever, so while we wish the Bluebirds no particular harm it’d be fantastic to ruin things for him. It’d also be nice to beat a side in the top six this season, and end the home season with a decent performance and result – goodness knows we deserve it.

8. Then it’s Brentford, who could need a result to pinch sixth place, and the chance for another terrace – and then that’s it.

9. Thank God. Summer beckons, and exhaustion racks the Tiger Nation. The bitter feud with the rotten Allam family won’t end until their reign is over, while gates fall, membership votes are the subject of untruths and pathetic bribes, and the club remains as hopelessly fractured as ever.

10. There’s no point in hoping for anything but big talk about our close-season plans followed by a clear out and hasty loans in late August, all as a precursor to another season of struggle. The future is bleak for now, and there’s no point pretending otherwise. All we can do is enjoy a few more goals before the torrid 2017/18 finally ends, and we can look forward to the World Cup, an interesting Test series with India and the chance to half-forget what’s been done to our club.

R.I.P Edwin Huitson “Eddie” Blackburn, former City apprentice who made 75 appearances in goal for the Tigers between March 1975 and January 1980.

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  1. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Not expecting much from Hull City, till about one week before the season starts! Then Ehaw will remember he’s a club to run!
    Unless of course, the club’s sold..

  2. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    Adkins in keeping City up May have attracted interest from other clubs, good luck to him in having a full squad in place for June 25th ( hope Rehab knows he means this year ). Frazier Campbell please score against Colin’s Pit Bulls and celebrate in front of the Cardiff supporters , your sense of humour should work both ways.

  3. Iain McKinn
    Iain McKinn says:

    I doubt if Liverpool will want to loan Wilson to another premier league club next season. So if they don’t think he’s quite ready yet, maybe there’s still hope he could come back to City next season.

  4. haltemprice tiger
    haltemprice tiger says:

    I believe Liverpool will loan Wilson to another Premier League club next season. They will find out whether he is good enough to play in the Premier League on a regular basis and he will also not be allowed to play against his parent club. Whether clubs should be allowed to send players out on loan to teams in the same league is another issue.

  5. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Let’s face it, with one remaining parachute payment to come and attendance steadily falling (thanks to Ehab’s bullshit) next season doesn’t inspire confidence. The squad will be gutted as loaners and out of contract want away players are lost. Some, like Hector will not be missed but the squad’s next iteration won’t be very pretty, we’d all like to see Wilson back but it’s unlikely that Liverpool will let City have him again. This season was a lost opportunity because it was a weak Championship and with some sensible investment and a decent manager we could have been challenging for promotion once more. Getting Wilson was a stroke of genius, buying Kevin Stewart for four million smackers was lunacy and Liverpool must have felt a little guilty about selling us a dud and getting Robertson for peanuts! The owners are only interested in pocketing money and the recruitment policy is shambolic, I await next August with very little hope and a sinking feeling, we need an Adam Pearson to step up and buy the club but I’m not holding my breath.

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