Things We Think We Think #298


1. City’s rather prolonged Easter is over, and as expected we have a much clearer idea of whether the season will end in the calamity of relegation. Less expected is that it’s gone quite well. Play-off certainties Aston Villa and champions-elect Wolves constituted a daunting pair of fixtures for a struggling City. We’d probably have taken a point. We’re delighted at two.

2. Villa first. After a dour opening 45, City were undoubtedly the likelier winners in the second half, pushing the visitors further and further back as the match wore on. It wasn’t a streaky point – indeed, but for some sharper finishing (a familiar refain) and/or some more observant officiating, we could have been toasting our first win of the season over top-six opposition.

3. As it was, there was a degree of contentment in the result, and the way it came about. Villa are a good team with (obviously) a superb manager, and it was very much a point gained. It was easy to let Birmingham’s win earlier in the day make it feel a little more disappointing, but we can’t do anything about them, and taken both in isolation and in the broader context of the relegation scrap, it was a good afternoon’s work – even if nil-nils at home aren’t what made you fall in love with football.

4. That took us to Wolves. Eventually, if you were unlucky enough to be caught up in the ghastly traffic en route. We’ve no idea what Nigel Adkins was thinking with his line-up, making six changes to a side that’d done well at the weekend. Only one thing really made less sense all night: the result.

5. Well, managers live and die by their results, so when they get them it’s disagreeably churlish to deny them a tip of the cap (even if we suspect Adkins is probably always going to grate slightly). It was an even more impressive point than Villa, showing the fortitude to recover from an early deficit at the league leaders to pinch a lead ourselves, and then hold out for a point at the end. You may justly wonder why a side that has come within an ace of defeating a member of the 2018/19 Premier League can still serve up horrors like the 0-3 at Birmingham. But just occasionally, this City side can impress.

6. So, 41 points are ours, seven more than anyone in the bottom three. Now eight points adrift, Sunderland and Burton look irretrievably doomed. Barnsley may have a game in hand but they’re five away from anyone. It’s ever so tempting to hope that the present bottom three may just be able to detect the stench of death about themselves.

7. Two extremely winnable games now present themselves: QPR at home and Burton away. We know what epic wusses QPR are capable of being, and with nothing to play for they’re precisely the sort of side you’d crave playing at this time of season. Meanwhile, Burton are palpably a class below most of the rest. A win from either will surely do it. This time next week…

8. Can anyone remember Hull City specifying a minimum vote threshhold for the recent poll on whether there should be concessions next season? Exactly. Because there wasn’t one. Until the vote – which, incidentally, went in favour of concessions by a very wide margin – was finally counted. At which point the Allams decided to have another vote, making the options even less attractive than before, while continuing to propogate the baseless untruth that it’s all because of widespread fraud by City fans (something that every other professional sporting club in the land somehow manages not to fall victim to).

9. We aren’t sure we can be arsed playing Ehab’s pathetic little games any more. The club lies that it wants to listen to fans, is delivered a clear message, lies again that it wants to listen and proceeds to do the exact opposite. So while it’s up to individual City fans, we probably wont bother this time around. The club, excoriated in the national media over the weekend for its repulsive pricing policy, already know what we and every other civilised football fan in the nation requires. And if the next vote has a lower turnout, what then? Another vote? Concessions, or retinal scanning by flourescent jacketed oafs wielding biometrics-discerning equipment? Concessions, or the mandatory slaughtering of all firstborns? Concessions, or spending thirty minutes locked in a room listening to Assem Allam talking?

10. In the meantime, on the current “options”: prices rise? Fuck off. The mere threat of no concessions? Fuck off. Photo ID? Fuck RIGHT off.

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  1. WSM
    WSM says:

    If I had the time I’d like to create an online calculator. You could enter an estimate of the total percentage of concessions fraud (ie. how many people gained entrance to the ground on a concession that didn’t apply to them). Then you’d enter an estimate of the total reduction in attendance by people who have despised the club’s stance. I think everyone knows that for any plausible figures the loss of gate revenue would massively outweigh any fraud savings. Ehab is like an uninterested GCSE business studies student – focuses on all the wrong things. Although that’s probably being unfair to most 16 years olds.

  2. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Back when Ehab wanted to bring fan’s representation to the table to discuss their grievances I rather cynically said that he was just paying lip service and that nothing would change. I wish I’d been wrong but once again we’re reminded that we are dealing with a shit head who hates the fans and is only interested in spending as little cash as possible and banking as much as possible. He moans about a few quid lost to gate fraud and collects eighty odd million in parachute payments that seems to disappear into a black hole. The Allams were criticized by the Premier League the last time we were relegated because they pocketed parachute money that was intended to strengthen the squad. The Premier League’s “big six” clubs also voiced concerns that some clubs were pocketing the cash instead of spending it on players, no prizes for guessing whom they were taking about! Lets face it, things will not improve at the club until we get owners who are genuinely interested in making Hull City successful again and are interested in getting the fans onboard once again.

  3. Woody
    Woody says:

    Oh jesus, the proposed ticket pricing…

    I’m entirely confused as to how a non-PAYG ticket (vs a PAYG) can be MORE expensive that just the adult ticket price? Morally this just feels wrong (but also doesn’t surprise me). If you wish to keep your identity out of the clubs pockets (BTW, who’d trust the club with a name and picture of themselves… got only know what Ehab would do with such a resource if he was wound up again!)… can it really be right that such an option required an additional fee of £3? It’s not like the ticket is printed and collected from the clubs ticket office, with obvious overheads… it would be printed at home, using my electricity, my paper and my ink. I struggle to see how being charged to effectively ‘opt-out’ of my data collection is justified. Whilst for many supporters this isn’t so much of an issue, it doesn’t encourage new supporters to join the club, it works on the basis of a loyal fanbase who’ll never leave… attendances show this isn’t a positive or strong strategy.

    If the ground was full, then the value of each ticket may matter more to help maximise the income, I’d understand the value in looking into how to avoid fraudulent activity… but the club can’t fill enough seats to justify opening the West Stand Upper, let alone filling all the seats for a game, the second biggest issue here (after concessions) is the price… it’s far TOO expensive to see the team play. Lower the prices, get closer to selling it out, create an improved atmosphere and build from there.

    But as us supporters are the issue to Ehab, it’s no wonder that any method to reduce our numbers is implemented.

    And thats before we even get into the rest of their proposal.

    You’re right… FUCK OFF!

  4. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Very well written piece, as always!
    Points 8-10 portray a regime akin to that of a despot.
    It is precisely for those reasons that after 42 years of watching The Tigers, Hull City, City, this season will be my last. At least until a new dawn welcomes all exiled City fans back.
    Point 10 – perfectly sums up the position we’re left in and the response.
    Not sure what I’ll do next season, even less do if I can’t at least listen on Radio Humberside. Gutted!!

  5. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    Totally agree with your points on the new pricing. Can’t be bothered to vote as they will do what they want to do in any case whilst being seen to have consulted with the fans.
    On a separate point I do feel that Adkins should be given more credit for the job he has done. You clearly aren’t keen and I agree his incessant positivity can be a tad annoying at times. He wouldn’t have been my choice but do feel he has done a good job of steadying the ship and gradually turning it round. He got his tactics spot on against Villa. Okay we were negative in the first half but second half we could easily have won it. We all loved Brucey but he did his usual, kept it solid got men behind the ball looking to counter and then threw loads of forwards on at the end to go for the 3 points.
    I think Adkins deserves praise when (which he will now) he keeps us up. God knows what he will have to work with next season though…….?

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