PODCAST: Villa and Wolves, booing Snodgrass, Ehab’s poll, Watford in 08…

We’re back, after what feels like forever away, nattering about a rather satisfying Easter holiday. Hear us being positively lyrical in our waxing on the draws with Villa and Wolves, and the generally buoyant outlook for the remainder of the season.

We also talk about why Snodgrass gets booed and Ehab’s ridiculous poll on concessions. Our anniversary flashback to the to 07/08 takes us to a straightforward win over Watford at home.

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  1. geoff thomas
    geoff thomas says:

    Excellent Easter like City of old! Shit against the crap teams! Top class against the good sides. I’m sorry to say it but I can remember City playing a Hungarian team (Vasas) and playing them off the pitch to win 3 nil. There had been calls for the authorities to stop the match cos the Hungarians had beaten everyone till they met City. It was amid week game on the following Saturday they went to Vetch Field to play Swansea and got stuffed 5 2. That’s always the way City seem to have been. That match was played in the 1950’s. City were relegated that year!!!

  2. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Why can we never have a positive statement for next season?
    This vindicates my tough decision to cancel my two memberships for next season.
    After 42 years of supporting City home and away it is going to be tough but I simply cannot our up with any more of this crap. Being constantly moved (stands) to accommodate new pricing structures/ away fans.
    This article states the clubs failure to bounce straight back!!
    Seriously? After being hobbled (Kathy Bates style) by Ehab again.
    Ehab is creating a vicious circle by alienating supporters yet further. With even lower crowds, he’ll spout, through his Propoganda Minister (Adkins) that the club has to cut its cloth accordingly.
    How different it all could have been, had he listened to Steve Bruce 2 years ago!!!

  3. Steve Lee
    Steve Lee says:

    Bill, I think it’s fairly obvious now that Ehab’s plan is to bail out once the parachute payments have been pocketed and leave the shell of a club, meanwhile spending as little as possible. Also, by making it as difficult as possible for kids to attend, attempting to kill off the future of Hull City.

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