PODCAST: Silly scorelines and survival

We’re safe, thanks to a 5-5 draw! Dumbfounded but grateful, we are back with another podcast as the season’s end draws nearer. Talking about…

*A bonkers occasion in Bristol
*A euphoric occasion in Burton
*An exotic possibility in Nairobi
*The day when automatic promotion was lost in 07/08


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  1. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Cardiff – Adkins reverts to type – 67% possession and not a single shot on target! Utter dross.
    He says it’s mission accomplished but we were only 1 point off Millwall and 3 off Fulham when he took over.
    No Hernandez so is that the last we’ve seen of our only genuine striker?
    The membership Vote which closed a week last Thursday and the result of which, would have been know instantly and yet NOTHING from the club.
    How can anyone continue paying for a morally bankrupt membership scheme, when we have no idea what we would be paying next season, what the terms of the scheme would be, what squad we would have and what our ambitions might be.
    Absolutely incredulous!
    My memberships are cancelled for the reasons stated above,
    I hope to return when we get owners who listen to the supporters, who communicate a clear and positive strategy, who view the supporters as part of the club and who understand basic economics.

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