Things We Think We Think #297


1. Just when you think City are turning the corner, they actually execute a startling U-turn and head back towards the shitheap they’d deftly extricated themselves from with back to back wins. Gah!

2. As a season unfolds, individual games become part of the wider, campaign long context. What to make of the Norwich and Ipswich wins after the abominable snow-game at Birmingham? A week ago we’d been willing to consider that Adkins was finally having some impact, but when he admits after Saturday’s game that he didn’t see it coming and isn’t sure what happened, it’s harder to leave the credit for the wins with him. Could it simply be that the enthusiasm of Abel Hernandez and Harry Wilson, two men just desperate to play some football, positively infected the rest of the side in the games won, rather than it being down to Adkins words and tactics?

3. When he leaves Hull City, the Michael Dawson we’ll remember is the inspirational captain of the 2015/16 side, exultant and holding aloft the Championship play-offs trophy at Wembley. What we are currently witnessing is a pastiche of that man. It’s understandable that the 2018 version of Michael Dawson won’t have the athleticism of the 2016 edition, but what is unfathomable is risible decision making that sees him charging out of position, missing challenges completely and leaving a forward with a largely unhindered route to goal.

4. Not that he was alone in this on Saturday. His partner at the centre of defence, Ondrej Mazuch, was guilty of giving away free kick after free kick at Birmingham. Our centre-backs do not have the pace or technique to attempt playing a high line. The head coach needs to knock this unhelpful trait out of them.

5. While those two were unimpressive, that cannot be said about Allan McGregor, whose performance between the sticks kept the scoreline moderately respectable, and not an aggregate draw after our six goal haul against Birmingham earlier in the season. Not having McGregor already tied down with a new deal is wanton stupidity, but or front office has form in that regard.

6. It felt like a really up-and-down week, as you may expect with a three-nil that goes your way and one that goes against. A gap of six points became nine points, only to revert to six. That’s probably just the nature of a relegation battle. Six points remains a healthy lead, and there aren’t many games left now. Our position is one that a few sides would certainly envy.

7. The problem lies in the nature of the next two fixtures. Easter Eve sees Aston Villa visit the Circle for what’s likely to be a fraught evening. Steve Bruce returns, and the contrast between the unique achievements of arguably our best ever manager and our present predicament is a stark one indeed. Meanwhile, throw in the fact that if results go against us earlier in the day the pressure will really be on, plus the possibility of further protests for the Sky cameras if the club haven’t kept their promises, and a tense affair is easy to foresee.

8. It’ll be interesting to see what reaction Steve Bruce gets. The fans are sure to deliver deserved acclaim, but will City themselves be big enough to offer a warm welcome to the man driven out by Ehab’s incompetence?

9. Then it’s Wolves away. Ew. Even the optimists may struggle to see our six point cushion surviving a very difficult Easter.

10. We just want this season over now. There’ve been flashes of fun, chiefly in Slutsky’s earlier days and occasionally under Adkins. But for the most part it’s been a real chore, with poor football inflicted upon dwindling, disinterested crowds. Let’s just stay up, fuck the Allams off and begin the long process of repairing the fractured soul of this club, in the hope that 2018/19 can offer some enjoyment.

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  1. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    No. 5: McGregor, even with relegation wage reduction will still be one of our higher earners. Hence no new contract and get him off the payroll. Its their MO unfortunately. Same with Dawson even if your comments indicate he’s probably only good for the glue factory now. Meyler, Hernandez, Groshitski and probably others. They can probably knock a pretty hefty percentage off the wage bill for next season by this method.

  2. Bond
    Bond says:

    McGreggor and any others will have to negotiate a different deal now they are out of contract, those not offered the extra 1 year option may still be offered a contract but on lower wages.

  3. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    “a warm welcome to the man driven out by Ehab’s incompetence?”

    Surely you mean “driven out by Ehab’s petty jealousy, his inability to create a sensible working relationship, his silly need to stamp his feet and impress his father, his failure to appreciate the importance of the club’s most important football employee and his utter lack of managerial expertise”?

  4. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    With some tough games coming up we’ll probably have to rely on results going our way or that six point lead could disappear like March snow. Knowing Hull City though they’re quite capable of beating Villa but I see no such chink of light at Wolves. I think we’ll avoid the drop but next season promises more of the same Allam driven bullshit and I shudder to think what next season’s squad will be like.

  5. Dave
    Dave says:

    I’d love to agree with the last point about having some enjoyment next season… regardless of what happens this season, there’s worse to come next season…

    Stay up, and next season we maybe getting use to cricket scores against us.

    Go Down, and I can see us struggling in league one.

    Sorry to be Mr Negitive, but this ain’t over, it’s not over until the Allams leave the club.

  6. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    L£45 per month for adults and the fans groups claim they’re making progress!
    Very timely though, just as The Messiah, Steve Bruce Returns!
    Just as the Sky cameras return!

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