Things We Think We Think #295


1. Tuesday night’s draw with Barnsley illustrated perfectly why City are in serious relegation trouble, and why there’s no guarantee we’ll survive. Just as we followed up an impressive win at Nottingham Forest with a dismal no-show at Middlesbrough, so the encouraging victory over Sheffield United was conspicuously not built upon with a decidedly crummy draw against Barnsley. At no stage this season have City ever threatened to create any momentum or put together a string of good results. It’s precisely what teams who get relegated do.

2. That Barnsley are a poor side was obvious enough when we laboured to victory at Oakwell. They haven’t noticeably improved since, but neither have we. Perhaps it wasn’t a great surprise that the two sides who put together such a dire game in October should do it again – but even so, it was truly dreadful.

3. Granted, it’s a relief that City spawned a point in the end, even if we have little intention of “respecting” a disappointing outcome so disappointingly arrived at. It did at least prevent the blow of City slipping behind Barnsley in the table. But really, it’s hard not to look back at the entire evening wondering quite why City were so utterly sub-par. No intensity, no urgency, inadequate organisation – the whole thing was just utterly bab.

4. There weren’t many positives. Larsson played tolerably well, though it was his least effective match for a while – and he’s been one of the most impressive figures in 2018, so we missed his influence. Irvine looked cold and subdued, while Diomande in particular spent a thoroughly unproductive evening emboldening only his detractors. Meanwhile, if you hadn’t spotted Toral by the time he was hooked in the 53rd minute (of the first half), you may not have been alone – he was almost wilfully anonymous.

5. We enjoyed the claim that 14,000 were in attendance though. It’s so far from the truth as to be comical.

6. With Ipswich falling victim to the weather, we’re now halfway through four successive home games, rather freakishly following on from four successive away games. Next up are Millwall and Norwich, both treading water in the impossibly distant glory-soaked promised land of midtable. City are still labouring at under a point a game, which won’t often be enough for survival. Setting points targets from a brace of games in March is a little artificial, but if City haven’t moved to more than a point per game by 5pm on Saturday, that would be very bad news indeed.

7. David Meyler said a while ago on Twitter that his future at City beyond this season was in doubt, but now he has willingly and wilfully let the cat out of the bag. He’s off this summer, with the club choosing not to take up their option on a further year, and he’s evidently not happy about it. Neither are we. Yes he has limitations and bad games, and he is called out for them when they occur. He also has experience, an apparent affection for the club, a natural affinity with how supporters feel and unquestionably a sensible awareness of his own contribution over the years, and it’s quite obvious that personality issues have prompted his exit beyond any footballing decision. And isn’t it remarkable how the club can decide in ample time to not take up a further year on a player’s expiring contract, but leave it far too late when they decide to offer a player a fresh deal? Meyler did well out of City and we hope he leaves with more sweet memories than pangs of bitterness.

8. The Allam family state, in absentia, at the rearranged Supporters’ Committee meeting following the one they stroppily cancelled while issuing false claims about the Supporters’ Trust making threats, that things may be about to change. Hull City will start calling themselves Hull City again, while concessions and a proper club crest will be consulted upon. Now, we’ll believe this when we see it. Anyone familiar with the Allam family knows to judge actions, not words. It’s good news if so, but them selling the club “for a pound”, “within 24 hours”, “consulting fans before changing the name” was also good news, so forgive us for not celebrating just yet.

8a. And isn’t it pathetic that they didn’t dare face up to the Supporters’ Committee in person with this? They left others to issue what they probably regard as a humiliating climbdown for them.

9. If you disagreed with the protests on the grounds of their effectiveness, events have not validated your argument. Protests against Nottingham Forest last year brought the Allams to the table, and the prospect of them continuing and escalating achieved these promises. That’s a vindication for those who took a stand during matches. And what else could have been done? They won’t listen, so there’s no point in politely speaking. And they’re unreasonable, so what’s the point in using reason? Well done to anyone who’s raised their voice against the Allams during games.

10. Even if they do implement everything they’ve promised, we’re still Allam Out.

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  1. Ray
    Ray says:

    Sorry to tell you, but it appears you’ve lost the argument. Everyone I have spoken to, including people who were once Allam Out supporters are heartily sick of the protests. They just want to get on with the football. One chap I spoke to on Saturday, who was once fairly vocal in his support for your miserable campaign, complained, “I don’t pay good money to see idiots throwing things on the pitch.” Personally, I sincerely hope the Allams don’t abandon dialogue with some form of supporters committee, hopefully one more interested in positively supporting the club. Don’t be surprised however if the Allams have noticed the change in supporter attitudes and just go about their business as usual. Come on you Tigers!

  2. Jim jam
    Jim jam says:

    Ray once again superb post most fans agree with you,if the Allams had offered name change etc before they purchased the club (Not Concessions) where would these idiots be now,I look forward to your next post.

  3. Je Suis Ehab
    Je Suis Ehab says:

    Can we do this on the forum, please? I don’t get updates on the comments.

    Ray’s giving me the most fun I’ve had since Trencin away.

  4. hovetiger
    hovetiger says:

    Personally, Ray, I’m getting a bit bored of watching idiots masquerading as footballers on the pitch. The protests and the protesters are about the only things providing any form of entertainment or passion or atmosphere….they have also, let it be noted, at least broadened awareness of what is going on at Hull City and forced the Allams to at least pay lip service to some form of fan engagement. Typical of certain elements of the Ull psyche that we sit and mumble about the only people willing to do something whilst the club around them is slowly, and quite deliberately, brought back to its knees

  5. GlasshalfHull
    GlasshalfHull says:

    Ray epitomises the Allam’s legacy of fan division; either that or he’s a troll/WUM intent on his fun at the expense of City fans.

    Another good write up of the current state of play, with which i wholly agree. I am a little surprised at no mention being made of the cool conditions in which the Barnsley game was placed. It was bloody freezing in the stands, under several warm layers, so i can’t imagine how it felt to block the ball against a free kick etc. Was it Clark who played in short sleeves without gloves?

  6. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    I think all arguments – Brexit, Beatles/Rolling Stones, when it is acceptable to use Comic Sans, pizza on pineapples – should be decided solely on the what the people who ‘Ray’ speaks to say. I love it when a man is so arrogant he thinks that his own bubble – a bubble presumably including people who are tolerant of a man whose attitude towards a lack of concessions for children and the disabled is essentially ‘fuck them’ – is all that is needed to truly represent a fan base that consists of thousands upon thousands of people.

  7. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Brilliant Officer Crabtree :)
    Points 3 & 4 – Boring, Boring Adkins. We’ve gone from being mediocre but free scoring under Slutsky to boring, tedious and crap under Adkins! Is this actually possible?
    Point 7 – David Meyler a man in touch with the supporters and one who we cling to for memories of past glories.
    I’d rather have Meyler as Head Coach than Adkins!
    Points 8-10 – seemingly positive news on concessions but the devil is in the detail, of which we have none.
    I fully expect the Allams to increase Adult tickets by the amount they reduce concessions. When, given the sorry state we are in both on and off the field, they should be offering cheaper tickets all round. £20 per month adults, £10 OAPS and youth 18-24 £5 U-18’s.
    More than enough to pay to watch a shadow of the team we had last season, playing dull tedious football under a grinning idiot!
    When are the club going to right the wrongs they inflicted on us all?
    Probably too late to stop another 2,000 memberships being cancelled!!!

  8. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Officer Crabtree: at the current rate of attrition, City’s attending fan base will only consist of Ray and his “..chap he spoke to on Saturday.”

    We may see the exit of the Allams after the last parachute payment is hived off and the sales of Bowen and Grosicki are done.

    What date is the last parachute payment due anyone? Soon I hope!

    Hope springs eternal.

  9. Cumbrian Tiger
    Cumbrian Tiger says:

    Protests have highlighted the trouble at Hull City to the rest of the football world.
    The biggest protest is the display of empty seats as fans stay away. Watching the game on Sky (cos Hull is a long way from Cumbria in winter} and seeing more empty seats in East Stand than seats with bums on was sad.

    On David Meyler – he has at times been a liability but on many more occasions he has come on as sub and stirred the rest of the team. He will be a loss to the squad but I can see his point of view too and wish him well.

    I am constantly amazed at Nigel Adkin’s optimism – he has to be the most hopeful person talking about Hull City – and I know it’s his job – but realistically there is little, if any, progress.

    And there was I thinking that a drop to League 1 would at least mean more Hull City games closer to home for me. BUT Blackburn and Wigan could go up and Fleetwood, Bury and Rochdale could go down to League 2.

  10. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    Ray is obviously a Google spectator.

    He’s searched for “City” and up pops the blue half of Manchester as the No. 1 result; thus City = Man City.


  11. adamhull
    adamhull says:

    Ray’s failure to spot the direct correlation between protests, and positive signs of reaction from the ownership to listen to the supporters, reaches almost Nigel-Pearson-press-conference levels of ostrich behaviour.

  12. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    And on one of Cumbrian Tiger’s points, there has been absolutely no progress under Adkins, in fact we’ve probably gone backwards. I’m sure he’s a very nice chap but about as inspiring as a wind up cuckoo clock. It’s a good job that he is in a job that is measured by win, lose or draw results, if not it would be difficult to spot him as he just melts into the background.

  13. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Am I seeing things or do paragraphs 8 and 8a directly contradict each other? The protests brought the Allams to the table but in keeping with earlier promises not kept we’ll believe (concessions and using Hull City) promises when we see them? So what did the yellow ball protest actually achieve? Probably sweet fuck all says Amber Nectar in so many words and I agree. My abiding memory of Meyler will be watching from the City end at Wembley as he smashed the ball into the net against Sheffield United for the fifth goal, happy days!

  14. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Paragraph 8: “The Allam family state,…………. that things may be about to change. Hull City will start calling themselves Hull City again, while concessions and a proper club crest will be consulted upon.

    Paragraph 8a: “They [Allams] left others to issue what they probably regard as a humiliating climbdown [Hull City naming etc.] for them”.

    Blackadder: no contradiction I can see; just some history based skepticism in the “Believe it when you see it” comment.

    You keep insisting that protests achieve nothing. One thing for sure is that doing nothing achieves nothing. This is advocating for a negative. Th

    Doing something via protests appears to have brought about the meetings and now a possible climbdown. I applaud the “can do” mentality of the protesters. Naysayers that do nothing have no grounds to criticize those that do something. Every effort has to be made to hasten the exit of the Allams. They clearly don’t like the discomfort of the televised protests.

  15. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Ambertigerfan you may not see a contradiction but I do. And I have never insisted that protests achieve nothing, in an earlier post I quoted the protests against the Poll Tax that succeeded in having it scrapped and replaced. But when it comes to fans protesting against Football League club’s owners there is a spectacular record of failure. The Allams might pay lip service to the protesters demands but that’s all it will be, we all want the Allams out but they will go when it suits them, and that will be when every drop of juice has been squeezed out of the club. And the protests at the Sheffield United game were pathetic and ineffective and silly but I respect the protesters right to do it. Still it’s a fact that the owners hold the whip hand and they will continue to do so as long as there is money to be made.

  16. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Blackadder: so let’s get to the date about when the Allams will go.

    When is the last parachute payment made? Anyone know this?

    When will Bowen and Grosicki be sold: probably this summer.

    These dates will dictate the earliest that the Allams will leave. Later than this will reflect the Allam’s rotten nature and their true “gift to the community”.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if there were more bricks thrown through their windows if they carry on blatantly destroying Hull City in front of everyone’s eyes.

  17. HempholmeTigers
    HempholmeTigers says:

    Does anyone seriously believe there is a ‘climbdown’ of any kind by the Allams? They do not do climbdowns or losing face in any shape or form. Their weasel words are an attempt to make it look as if they’re being magnanimous but it’s all sham – wait and see if they actually deliver. And even if they did by some miracle deliver – it all pales into insignificance against the much greater sin of running down the club by the firesale of players, letting them depart on free’s till all we’re left with are the recent much heralded junior signings. Utter disgrace. With a really heavy heart, and total contempt for the Allams, we won’t be renewing our season membership – and that hurts. We’ll come back when the Allams have finally gone.

  18. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    The Allams will receive one more parachute payment for the 2018/2019 season of around £35 million I don’t know the actual payment date. It’s obvious that the squad will be hacked down to the bare minimum to reduce wages and maximise Allam profits along with the sale of Bowen, Grosicki and anyone else worth a few bob. Next season will not be pretty whichever league we are in, we can agree on that at least Ambertigerfan.

  19. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    There’s the answer Blackadder: sometime before June 2019 the Allams will have their money.

    Earliest we can see the back of them will be June 2019.

  20. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    The club still owes a big chunk of change to Allamhouse and if the Allams pocket the last parachute payment and then call in their loan I would hope that the FA gets involved and asks some hard questions of the Allams financial dealings, I won’t hold my breath however.

  21. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    After the loss to Millwall…how often have we won without Dawson v with. Likewise Henricksen…who seems to me to be the albatross in the squad.
    Think McDonald’s already found out what Davies did… On which topic clearly team buck up talks are for the manager only, not players like Davies or Meyler. Feel sad for Meyler, who clearly wanted to stay.
    Grot should be left out and see if he realises he might miss the World Cup!
    Surely now would be a good time to give away 5000 tickets to local schools…
    Things look bleak as surely a team or two at the bottom will pick up as usual…so we need to!

  22. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    GjhDurham – some good points but I strongly disagree on giving 5,000 tickets to local schools. Not because I am mean spirited but because that would gloss over the fact that the KCom is emptying faster a female film set which Harvey Weinstein is visiting.
    We will soon have the lowest ever attendance at the new stadium.
    I am more than happy for schools to receive free tickets but first concessions MUST be brought back for long suffering fans.
    If I was negotiating with the club I would also demand a rebate for those OAP’s and children that have had to pay adult prices this season.
    The withdrawal of concessions, the sale of our best players, Adkins brand of crap football and the general malaise around the club, stemming from the top is why we will see the clubs lowest ever attendance this season.

  23. haltemprice tiger
    haltemprice tiger says:

    Bill – I would guess this season that we have already seen the clubs lowest ever attendance at the KC for a league fixture. As the club counts all members in the official attendance figure regardless as to whether they are in attendance or not, I would estimate that there were no more than 11,000 present at last night’s game.

  24. James Coleman
    James Coleman says:

    Sorry, I disagree massively in regards to the protests. Watching on the television was an embarrassment. You yourself have said in that piece that the Allam’s should be judged on their actions, so what is the point in getting them ’round-the-table’ again, only for them to tell lies and not take any affirmative action?
    Throwing balls on the pitch? Whistling? Please, come on! Starve the beast, don’t feed it!

    The best protest is just to not turn up! Which is what the majority are doing now! I started back in 2016 and haven’t been since, and I refuse to until the Allam’s go, the deadwood goes and some of the backroom go!

    The club and community will always be there, the owners wont, so it’s best to show your disapproval by simply not feeding the regime and staying away.

    Please stop giving credibility (or lack of) to these protests which have achieved very little over the years.

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