Things We Think We Think #294


1. Friday was quite the night – on and off the field. Which is rather how things have gone at City for quite some time, with talking points split roughly between that which occurs on the greensward and that which does not. Whether off-pitch activities were positive or not depends upon your point of view, but at least there is no doubt about what occured on the playing surface. City won, vitally and (mostly) deservedly, and our hopes of avoiding relegation are the highest they’ve been for a while, and also showed up as a lie the notion that protest automatically hinders the team.

2. It had appeared that the flicker of optimism that victory at Forest brought had been extinguished by a hopeless display at Middlesbrough. That rotten evening ended up with City being level on points with 22nd once more, and emphatically back to square one. Well, a win over Sheffield United has advanced us a square or two.

3. The first half was a pretty dismal affair. It’s an oft-heard refrain that the Championship is particularly poor this season – well, if Sheffield United are notionally hunting a play-off place, then this really isn’t a good division. City, we expect to be poor. But their conspicuous mediocrity hints at a division that’s basically Wolves and Sunderland, with 22 sides of that differ only in the extent of their averageness in between.

4. But hey! One side elevated themselves from poor to approaching-alright in the second half, and that was City. Evidently encouraged by gaining half-time parity, the Tigers improved briskly and were on top when Dicko smartly finished Irvine’s cute little pass. And from that point we didn’t really look like surrendering the lead, which is perhaps the most impressive part of the whole victory given our porousness this season. A game that won’t have quickened the pulse of Sky Sports viewers, but by the end we were worth it.

5. Results elsewhere kept City two points ahead of peril, which is probably three given our freakishly superior goal difference. That places huge importance on tonight’s fixture against fellow strugglers Barnsley. It’s our game in hand, and gives us a chance to place a hefty five points between ourselves and ailing Birmingham in third bottom. The incentive is a big one: win, and we could become legitimately confident of lining up in the 2018/19 Championship. But so often this season we’ve followed up something positive with something foul, so we shan’t depend upon avoiding whatever the Auto Windscreens Shield is called these days just yet.

6. Off the pitch. Well, if you don’t like protest against people who routinely insult the supporters both by word and by deed, who routinely mislead, who price out children, the elderly and disabled in a calculated and unprecedented act of malice, who ejected Upper West Stand patrons, who brought you the Airco fiasco, the driving out of Steve Bruce, Hull fucking Tigers, then Amber Nectar probably isn’t for you, so you probably aren’t reading anyway.

7. The efficacy of the whistle and stress ball elements of protests are up for debate, but one thing that really hit the spot was the two lads who managed to get the sight of a large Allam Out banner beamed into homes and pubs across the land and perhaps beyond. To many fans of other clubs, the Allams are synonymous with the silly name change attempt and nothing more, but there is still work to be done getting the removal of concessions and much more into the nation’s footballing consciousness.

8. It was interesting to hear Nigel Adkins state that City lost the Nottingham Forest game on the back of a stress ball protest, given that he likely wanted City to lose that game. After all he wasn’t head coach back then, instead he was in the stands, hovering above Leonid Slutsky like a vulture.

9. While Ehab claims he can’t offer concessions on account of alleged supporter fraud, Nottingham Forest have no such qualms and are offering season passes for under 11 year olds costing just £10. Contrast that with the experience of a Sheffield United fan who paid £24 for a ticket for a 4 year old. So much for your claims about the club’s ticket prices being affordable

10. It seems Abel Hernández could be ready to return this week. Adkins said in his post-match interview on Friday that he considered putting the Uruguayan on the bench but decided against it. We’ve missed having a reliable, regular, proven goalscorer, more so during a insufferably fallow period in front of goal.

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  1. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    Well said Lads.

    Be interesting to Hernandez and Dicko up front.

    Curious to see the minutes from last night’s meeting with the Allams.

  2. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    I’m going to take a stab at a summary of last night’s meeting with the Allams. Much meaningless talk followed by zero meaningful changes on any of the issues that matter.

    Everything remains the same and Ehab Allam can continue the charade of “consulting” the fans while changing nothing at all.

  3. Phil Rudderforth
    Phil Rudderforth says:

    Or in other words, a meeting with middle eastern gentlemen. Been there, done that. One day however, they will be a distant memory.

    Hanging on in there.

  4. Ray
    Ray says:

    Once again, another wonderfully pompous and overblown description of a football match, but it has its charm, which is why I read “What we think we think.” Then, as often over the past months, you lower your standards by supporting the anti-Allam numpties.
    The protest was a failure, simple as. One report I saw compared the whistles to a noisy night in Europe, whilst others were just pissed off with the irritating noise. Certainly I’ve seen or heard no sign of support from anyone for it so far. The ball throwing lasted a minute or two and probably took up less time than a player injury if we’re honest. It was gratifying to see at least one numpty carted out of the stadium. Personally, I would have preferred the whole stand to be closed for the game, but then that would mean the idiots would be mixing with true supporters and who wants them anywhere near them, other than other complainers.
    The so called protest campaign by people like Complain Til I Die or Hull City Action of Change shows an appalling lack of respect for the club’s history and it’s fans. I mean, Hull City AFC? WTF!!! Catchy eh? I bet our potential sponsors can’t wait to have that splashed across their products. As far as I aware, and I stand to be corrected, Hull City have never been branded as Hull City AFC. It has either been Hull City or Tigers. Seems like Action for Change only want a name change when it suits them. What next, shall we include their companies house registration or email address? Nonsense. The club has always been known as the Tigers, which is why changing the name would have made us more easily recognised. Talk to people about City, and they think you are talking about Man City, unless you mention Hull or Tigers. Why do the numpties, think we have Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, or previous ones, Eye of the Tiger or Tiger Rag played before the players come out. You rarely saw the word “City” included in league tables or football results. It was usually just Hull. The word “City” is irrelevant in terms of branding.
    What’s worse is that it obviously does have an effect on the players, like it or not. It was interesting hearing protesters defend themselves after the first ball throwing incident. On the night it was noticeable how many of them were subdued or had left later in that match, basically because they realised their actions had interrupted the team’s momentum. The season has never really been the same since. Leonid Slutsky didn’t seem to be able to handle the situation, so indirectly that may have impacted on him leaving the club in the long run. Pity, a good man and potentially good manager for the club.
    It is gratifying to see the backlash against the protesters in the HDM. Ideally, if they could all leave and go and support a club with no ambition, that would be fantastic. I would rather have lower attendances than have this lot bring the club into disrepute.

  5. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    Pompous, just like many of the HDM correspondents claiming they know what the majority want or think, I would rather it was talked to conclusion but don’t believe it will be. The many HDM correspondents claim we lose if there are protests, not mentioning it now we won against Sheff Utd. I don’t protest at games, but I have no issues with them that do as long as it is done in a non violent way. I was ejected from the upper west stand but I am glad as now I get a much closer view of proceedings in the east stand, so that one backfired Rehab.

  6. Smudger
    Smudger says:

    What an appalling resume of AN’s excellent report plus last Fiday’s protests from Ray. Ray, you come across as one of the “I’m alright jack” brigade with little if no empathy for your fellow supporters.

  7. Tiger Cola
    Tiger Cola says:

    Ray’s ramblings have become a highlight of TWTWT. He’s becoming the Trump of Amber Nectar with his false statements and siding with the clueless minority.

    I’m not happy with the current situation and like many I am boycotting home games and merchandise from the club. Long may the protests continue and they should get louder but remain peaceful.

    The next step in the protest would be to stay away from our next TV fixture against Aston Villa. Ehad has threatened to play fixtures behind closed doors, so why not make it look like that. The home attendance is already embarrassingly low. To have a combined effort in a very peaceful protest might attract more attention. With a sensible explanation from HCST circulated to Sky Sports, BBC, HDM as to why the stadium is almost empty we should attract a bit more attention to the damage the Allam family are doing to the club. Being a televised game no supporters need to miss the action (I know it’s not the same as going to the match, and I prefer to watch it live than on TV).

  8. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    So last night’s meeting, the owners didn’t even turn up!.
    Left to staff to concede the name change, concessions, crest!
    New Head of Marketing & communication! Another one!
    I would love to see figures for staff turnover in the years of the Allams!
    There is no truth in the rumour Elmo applied for that post H & C

  9. Steve Lee
    Steve Lee says:

    I agree with Ray. Why oh why can’t people accept that if it wasn’t for the Hallams we would never have been in the first division and without his billions would never have signed Wiggo and Chilly. In fact we would probably still be in the Conference where they found us. I’m sure if the Moaners Til I Die just stopped making such a racket I would be able to hear my wife talking and I’ve been reliably informed that it also probably puts the players off their ability to kick more goals.

    I for one won’t be signing any petitions so don’t bother asking.

  10. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Great read as always.
    Interesting to hear Adkins post match praising the protests for creating an atmosphere. This after previously branding anyone who protested as criminals.
    I want to see real action, especially on ticket prices. For a 4 year old to be charged £24 is terrible,
    I hope the two lads who displayed their flag to millions have faced no retribution.

  11. Ray
    Ray says:

    Baby Chaos, You must be one of the more educated ones. Steve Lee, at least try and be funny if you’re going to attempt humour.
    Smudger, I do have empathy with the real supporters. Not some half-brained Bielby inspired lunatics who won’t be happy until the club are in Division Two. I bet the Allams looked at the support they have been receiving in the local paper and thought “Fuck ’em” where the meeting is concerned. Bielby and co do not represent anybody but themselves.

  12. Les
    Les says:

    Hoho, Ray has gone there with ‘true supporters’. Because what true supporters do is cheerlead the wilful harm of the club by its owners.

    What a feckless cunt.

  13. Rich
    Rich says:

    And also Ray where do stand on the fact that the work Geoff Beilby has done has today resulted in a commitment from the club to revert to “Hull City”, re-introduce concessions and redesign the club crest?

  14. PAT M
    PAT M says:

    How condescending and self-opinionating you are.
    The purpose of the ‘ball-throwing. and whistling’ was not to stop or delay the game but to highlight the problems we have at the club. The demonstrations were spoken about on National television, the radio and in both local and national press. I have spoken to many people who agreed with the demonstrations so the objective was achieved and as for people leaving early due to the first incident I was at the game (East stand, centre) and that is a load of rubbish as is the suggestion that it took the momentum from the team. It didn’t seem to affect them on Friday and that was with the whistling!!
    As for people thinking, we are talking about Manchester City when we refer to ‘City’. If we were in Manchester then yes but in HULL?? You must mix with some people who have a very limited knowledge of football as it would appear you have!
    We are ‘HULL CITY AFC. with the nickname ‘The TIGERS’ and it shows only respect for the club’s fans, both past and present, as well as the clubs history to retain that identity
    I am not a member of any of the protest groups but have followed Hull City AFC both home and away for over 40yrs. I am a true fan. as are a lot of other people, so at least show some respect before you refer to us as ‘numpties’ I could go on but your comments are sufficient to show your naivety and lack of understanding and knowledge!

  15. Ray
    Ray says:

    Rich, Why re-design what is probably the best and most memorable club crest we’ve had for years? There was no need to change anything. Most of us called the club Hull City or Tigers anyway, but when it comes to branding you want something that stands out. Are you honestly telling me that Hull City AFC is a better approach to uniquely branding the club than just the Tigers or Hull Tigers? Why would you even want to include the AFC on anything. Do Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd stick FC on the end of everything? It’s just the sort of backwater thinking that has held the club back for years. No ambition whatsoever. As far as the concessions go, what is likely to happen is that the majority will suffer in order to counter the effect of lowering the prices for people who are probably better off than most anyway. There appears to be a reasonable turn out of young kids at most matches, which probably would be more if people weren’t bothered by the thuggish behaviour that goes on with the vocal minority
    Pat M. You really need to travel more. If you talk to fans in the rest of the country, you usually have to explain which “City” you are talking about. The word “City” is redundant. As for the ball throwing incident in the first game, I think you must have switched off. To say it didn’t affect the team on that occasion is nonsense. It really is appalling that this sad group of people can demean the club with childish protests over non important issues. The Needlers would probably be appalled by the undignified way these so called supporters have dragged the club’s reputation as a solid (if underachieving) local club into the gutter. Shameful.
    Let’s see what Bielby and co propose. The spotlight is on them to show the rest of us that all the rubbish we’ve had to put up with for the last few years was worth it. Given what we have seen so far, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  16. Rich
    Rich says:

    Ray which crest are you talking about? The current one came about purely down to the Allams arrogance around the name change – hence why it has no name on it. Branding genius!
    The one before was just perfect. We should go with that.
    I, and everybody I go to City with (me since 1970) call us errr well as you can see, City. You’re just falling for the Premier League bollocks around United and City. Go to Manchester in that case. What do think Norwich, Swansea, Cardiff call their team?
    There’s no ambition in Hull Tigers. as there was clearly no ambition in Cardiff playing in red. Just silly rich men’s misplaced arrogance. The only people who believed in either don’t understand how football works.
    Your argument re concessions? Is inexplicable! They are currently pricing out children. How can fixing that mean that the majority will suffer while these rich kids benefit? You really don’t think things through do you? The current pricing model is predominantly there because Ehab is paranoid about adults using kids passes. How does every other team in football deal with that? Not by getting rid of concessions for kids, is the answer.

  17. Rich
    Rich says:

    Also Ray, if the term City is redundant then why do Manchester City fans refer to their team as City? Is it because they are top of the Premier League and therefore the most well known City in football or did they maybe still call themselves that when they were in the 3rd tier? And if the latter, why didn’t they change it to something else in a fit of branding genius to raise their profile and get them back up the divisions? Which do you think?

  18. PAT M
    PAT M says:

    Are you unable to think before you speak?? Of course, you have to explain which CITY / UNITED/ TOWN you are talking about when you are in other parts of the Country (and abroad) … I don’t think you get it, take some time out and just think about what you are saying! I mean the protests are over a number of issues including the name change, loss of concessions, pricing, lack of investment, lack of ambition the list goes on …and you describe these as ‘non-important issues’? Just what planet are you on??
    (Please don’t go on about saving the club because they have recouped their money)
    There is nothing wrong in peaceful, non-violent demonstrations and as for the ball throwing affecting the team can you give me an excuse for some of the other identical poor performances this season? Wake up and smell the coffee !!
    I agree with your comments but there are some people who seem to be incapable of considered opinion No doubt he wears rose coloured specs !!

  19. Rich
    Rich says:

    Ray clearly thinks it should be one suffix per club as us simple football fans are always getting our Newcastle mixed up with Peterborough, and Wigan mixed up with Charlton. I mean it happens all the time, doesn’t it?!
    I mean, getting to 16th in the Premier League, an FA Cup final, and Europe as confusing old Hull City AFC. What were we thinking?!

  20. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    From Ray: “Talk to people about City, and they think you are talking about Man City,…….. “.

    Now this tells me Ray is probably twelve years old. Whenever I’ve communicated about City, it’s always Hull City. Man City have only turned up 5 minutes ago in the scheme of things and are irrelevant to Hull City fans.

  21. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    From the HDM report on the fans consultation meeting. This sort of barely comprehensible marketing mumbo-jumbo speaks volumes about the chasm between club and supporters.

    “VB stated that obviously it is a key part of the brand which she is working on and it is part of understanding what is most suitable for different properties of the brand. There are numerous channels in the Club estate,”

  22. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    “As far as the concessions go, what is likely to happen is that the majority will suffer in order to counter the effect of lowering the prices for people who are probably better off than most anyway.”

    And with that sentence, Ray shows himself up for the odious individual he actually is. Not that it comes as a surprise. Still, it’s nice seeing his arguments systematically destroyed on a weekly basis. I do hope he doesn’t get bored soon.

  23. HempholmeTigers
    HempholmeTigers says:

    ..and as for the statement from the meeting that the name / branding would be used on “key” channels – well call me cynical but if they’d said “all” channels I might have shared the general approbation which seemed to welcome said statement. So they’ll tell us which channels they regard as ‘”key” no doubt and as for the rest …
    it was supposed to be such a significant, watershed even, meeting – and the Allams didn’t attend. Says it all really.

  24. Ben
    Ben says:

    I do agree with Rays point about the use of “AFC”. This has no relevance at all yet some do constantly witter on about the use of Hull City AFC.
    I have no issues with the current badge and once all the Hull Tigers nonsense is finally put to bed and everyone calms down a bit I don’t see why we cant retain it. I don’t understand why the name has to be on the badge. I forsee the next argument being about the use of AFC though – surely we aren’t all going to fall out over that!?

  25. Les
    Les says:

    “When I say Hull City, I mean the football club, not the Council”

    Said Assem Allam, who thought the two things confusable, and who wanted rid of the AFC suffix that actively distinguishes them.

    I like the attempts to reason with Ray with logic, but I doubt he will respond favourably, he’s either too fucking stupid or too stubborn to see reality. I agree with Officer Crabtree in that Ray has shown his true colours… A membership is now affordable for him, so fuck anyone with children who can’t afford to buy them a membership that costs the same as an adult card, and fuck any seniors on a fixed income who can no longer afford to come every week. “I’m alright, Ray”. What a cunt.

  26. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    I know it’s impossible, but I’d love to see a poll of all City fans (none from Manchester, Ray) to see how representative Ray’s opinion is.

    Is there really a significant number that think like him? It’s a disturbing thought!

  27. Rich
    Rich says:

    No it’s rare you have to pull out the old “why Hull Tigers was a shit idea” argument these days, as most of the idiots went anti Allam when they got hit in the pocket with no concessions.

  28. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Another piece of shite business from “Businessman Ehab” (From Redman TV):

    Have Liverpool finally found their left-back solution?
    by Production | Feb 28, 2018 | 0 Comments
    Signing in the summer from Hull City for a fee of £8 million, you look at it now and think what a bargain Andy Robertson has been for us.

    And what do City get? Stewart!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50% of Robertson and to rise from there. And Allam calls himself a business man. Business man my arse.

  29. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Ambertigerfan – Robertson was worth at least £20M especially when selling at a premium to a Top 6 club.
    Harry Maguire was worth £25M
    Josh Tyman should have been nailed down with a long term lucrative contract.
    If we were going to waste £4M+ on Stewart then surely that would have been better spent on retaining the services of Huddlestone and Davies?
    The Jak I would have kept and instead sold Marshall.
    Overall a truly shocking transfer window!

  30. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Meyler set to leave now!!!
    The depressing gift that keeps on giving!
    We are going to need a complete new squad next season and with Darnborough, Adkins and Ehab selecting them, we are doomed.
    Our greatest ever team dismantled and thrown on the scrap heap!

  31. Ben
    Ben says:

    Jesus are we really going to get upset about Meyler leaving? Been a great servant to the club and part of a great period in the clubs history but he is not the player he was and no doubt a high earner. Time comes for everyone to move on and can we really say he warrants a place in the team at the minute even though we are crap!?

  32. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Bill Carson: everything you posted is true about the transfers.

    It’s not just Meyler leaving, it’s the other TEN out of contract players! Hernandez walking for free is shocking.

    Ben: your missing the main idea, the competitive squad built by Bruce will be completely gone and replaced by………. Henriksen.

    I understand Ehab hasn’t even secured Max Clark yet. That says it all: incompetence.

  33. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Spot on Amber TigerFan!
    This is the final straw for me, I barely know the team we have now.
    Meyler, McShane, McGregor, Jak, Abel, Hudd, Curtis, Robbo, Harry, Daws, Grosicki, Josh Tyson, Clucas, have / will ALL be gone next season.
    What are we left with?
    In 42 years of watching Hull City, this is a real low point.
    We waited 104 years to reach the top flight and now the life has been drained from our club!

  34. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Ben – when Ehab / Darnborough / Adkins have finally purged the club of true legends, who achieved what no other City players have done,we’ll be left with a team looking like this come August 2018:
    Marshall, McDonald, Clark, Unknown C/B, Moses, Stewart, Henrikkson, Academy player, Toral, Dickho, Irvine.
    Stellar side!!!
    Campbell won’t be retained on his wages.
    Jarrod Bowen will be sold.
    Grosicki off.
    Dawson sold.
    McGregor free.
    Meyler free.
    Hector, Aina, Tomori all returned.
    Larsson sold.

  35. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Bill: Dawson is out of contract as is Larsson (part of the 11 out of contract players).

    Grosicki will be sold, he’s not interested anyway; he seems to have very little end product.

    Marshall, Stewart and Henriksen are awful players. Stewart is crap and Henriksen is light weight.

  36. haltemprice tiger
    haltemprice tiger says:

    The team photo from next season’s training camp in Portugal will be lucky if it has enough players on it to make up a five a side team

  37. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    06th March is 2 months before the end of the season, meaning Ican give notice of my Two memberships and not miss a game.
    Can anyone give me a reason why I should carry on with this unfair and immoral membership scheme after the 06th March?
    I will of course continue to support the team, even if we are a team of journeymen and academy players and even if we end up in League 2.
    Why should I continue to invest my money into a club that is being deliberately (or not) asset stripped?

  38. Les
    Les says:

    You know what makes me laugh most about Ray’s assertion that we won’t be happy until the club is in League 2? If that was so, we’d want the Allams to stay, as that’s where we are headed under them.

  39. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    If we go down this season, I really fear for the following season.
    Our only hope is survive this season and new owners.
    Even then it’s likely to take 12 months to recover from the mess Ehab has / is creating.

  40. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    I’ve been tempted to cancel my membership but I love Hull City and it would be tough to do, even though I know the money is going to the Allams. I’d like to see a consortium come in who were not just interested in making money but who wanted to make the club successful again, but if we go down this season I can’t see that happening and administration will be very likely. It’s quite obvious that Ehab couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery and once Assem is gone, Allam Marine will quickly go down the pan!

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