Things We Think We Think #292


1. Saturday’s 2-0 victory at Nottingham Forest was acutely unexpected. Hardly any of those travelling can have done so with anything but trepidation. Yet here we are, basking in the glow of an exceedingly rare away win and with our foray into the bottom three already ended.

2. That climb into the top 21 may prove to be temporary rather than permanent, for City obviously remain in serious trouble of relegation. It’s just heartening to see something finally being done about it. In much the same way as Sunderland were recently rewarded against us for picking a young side, so Nigel Adkins was at the City Ground.

3. Even the most reality-averse Forest fans (and we’ve been surprised at the quantity of those in 2018) cannot begrudge City the win. Apart from the striking of McGregor’s post, they didn’t threaten City once and during a second half that was a professional exercise in calm containment, they were frankly terrible. But citing their tepid awfulness as the reason for victory does a disservice to Adkins and his players – the former changed things in search of inspiration, the latter made it work.

4. 2-0 didn’t flatter us either. It was close to the complete away performance, raiding with purpose and skill when in possession and retaining a disciplined shape without it. It’s worth noting again that this was hard to see coming, but now we know City do still have it in them, hopes and expectations will naturally rise. Perhaps, despite the best efforts of the Allam family, this season is not lost after all.

4a. That’s now five wins in a row at the City Ground. It’s a freakish sequence for which similar runs in the past don’t readily occur. Four in a row at Halifax were racked up between 1999-2002, but we trust the Shaymen will not be unduly offended if we suggest that rather pales in comparison.

5. Chelsea on Friday. Even with their much-discussed troubles at the moment, a Cup shock of vast proportions continues to feel incredibly unlikely. A gutsy, creditable defeat that doesn’t dent our post-Forest confidence and incurs no injuries feels the best we can hope for.

6. Matty Fryatt retired this week at the age of 31, unable to shake off an Achilles injury after years of surgery and abortive comebacks. For City, he was a reliable and predatory goalscorer with an excellent record and to see him score in the Premier League and especially our historic FA Cup run after spending a year out with another injury was immensely gratifying. We wish him great success in his future endeavours and assure him that his efforts in black and amber will always be appreciated, a fact proved by the throaty singing of his name by City fans at the City Ground at the weekend.

7.  If you organise meetings with supporter groups with the explicit intent of heading off protests, then it isn’t out of order to note that protests remain a possibility when after several meetings there has been no action and only words. Supporters aren’t giving up their free time for the privilege of chatting with Ehab, they attend to effect change, and those changes are not difficult and could have already been implemented. We’ve heard enough unfulfilled promises from the Allams to know that their talk is cheap

8. To end a meeting as it begins, wasting people’s time, and spuriously claiming threats have been made, is frankly pathetic and shamelessly manipulative, and further reinforces the belief that the Allams are disingenuous, merely box ticking and creating the illusion of fan consultation that doesn’t exist in reality.

9. HCST’s decision to present scarves on behalf of a group not in attendance was unwise, and cedes a tiny portion of the moral high ground that the Trust has worked hard to justifiably inhabit. However, given that Ehab said in a statement on the official website that he too is ‘ALLAM OUT’ (capitals his), and that meetings have taken place since the scarf offering, it simply isn’t  a big deal.

10. We discussed Ehab’s psychological gymnastics to maintain the self image of competence and credibility last week, and he gave a great example in the Radio Humberside interview, stating “I always try to blame myself first before someone else” before shifting the blame for a failure to sell the club and the club’s league position on the fans. Uh-huh.

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  1. WSM
    WSM says:

    I went with a Huddersfield Town season ticket-holding friend to watch them beat Bournemouth on Sunday. What a great atmosphere that club has – I was both envious and pleased for them. I’m sure their Yorkshire businessman owner, so different from Hull City AFC’s, is a big part of that – they seem to regard Dean Hoyle as a hero. Made me dwell on the destruction wrought by the Allams and on what could have been. And I couldn’t help thinking how Allam Jnr’s weasel words to Radio Humberside could have been so much more straightforward.

    “You know what Burnsy, we just fucked up didn’t we. Yes, we had a great start – the old man’s a sharp cookie – knows how to make things happen. But then we got a bee in our bonnet over the stadium and the council, and – well – lost the plot. Wanted to change the name for the wrong reasons, then the concessions thing. Oh Lord. Lost the fans. Never registered that they’re at the centre of it and not employees at the factory. We’re not footballing people you see. And once Snr appointed me to run the show it was game over. Truth is, I’ve none of his talent. I’m just the privileged son and not really suited to this management thing. It could all have been so very different, couldn’t it. I mean, look at those guys in the Pennines – Burnley is it? And I’ve heard there are others. But it’s over. We just want out with whatever cash we can get. Yeah, it’s true Burnsy, we fucked up”.

  2. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    The usual engaging read Amber Nectar, but WSM as it spot on even if it ain’t gonna happen!
    I wonder what type of dialogue the Allams have together over the club ?
    No mention of Steve McClaren fronting a consortium wanting to buy in on a possible Championship club?
    Now that would cause Hull City fans an headache, Allams or the wally with the brolly!
    Because could that be McClarens way back into footy, fronting a consortium because no club seems to want him as a manager..

  3. CairnsTiger
    CairnsTiger says:

    Fuck it, if McClaren’s taking over we’d all better brush up on our Dutch accents.
    Good read as always.
    Can someone have a word in the ear of whomever produces the tigers player (I fucking despise having to pay the club the, admittedly minimal amount, for the pleasure of watching the matches here in Australia) and tell them to put up a neutral picture advertising the most recent performances in their full match or highlight videos. Its intensely annoying avoiding any coverage all weekend to see that simmering twat Adkin’s face a picture of delight informing me we’ve had a much needed win before I get to watch it.
    What’s next? Him doing a doing a quick film review before each broadcast telling every bastard that Darth Vader is Luke’s dad and paedo-Spacey is Kaiser Soze?
    Dont get me wrong, im as happy as the next man that we twatted Forest again but I like a bit of mystery before my impending happiness or gloom. Just a thought.

  4. ann guy
    ann guy says:

    Check out “Look Out For Crisis Clubs” Observer sport yesterday, good coverage on situation at HCAFC.

  5. Davicus
    Davicus says:

    Anyone who has spent some years working with Arabs will know that ‘saving’ face’ is part of their make up, but not necessarily in a bad way.
    I will leave you to judge which the Allams are employing.

  6. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    Pleased to see a young team employed with none of the remaining premier league hangovers from last year in the starting lineup, Time will tell if this is the way forward, hope springs eternal,UTT.

  7. Gina
    Gina says:

    Why is Steve McClaren after referred to as ‘the wally with the brolly’ ? Because everyone parrots the Sun headline ? FFS, he played for us, and played for us with some class and distinction and he went onto manage England. Show some respect.

  8. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Too right, Gina. I’ve a lot of respect for Steve McClaren, and he has a lot a respect in the game. It would be a dream come true to have someone like McClaren heading up a consortium to take over City. A. Dream.Come. True.

  9. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Gina – spot on. I was at the infamous England vs Croatia game and we were beaten by a slip, in torrential rain. I watched England a few times live, under McClaren and they played some good football. For Hull City, he was s well respected creative midfielder with a decent free kick in him.
    As for TTWT – Excellent, well balanced and accurate.
    6. Nice tribute to Super Matty Fryatt.
    7. Spot on and yes these are simple enough issues to put right.
    9. It might have been a laugh to give Ehab an Allam Out scarf but you’re right, this has lost some of the moral high ground.
    Finally, whatever happened to cheap tickets?
    Yes £21 per a month for a working adult isn’t bad but with no concessions, this makes it expensive for families, children and OAP’s,
    This undermines Assam Allams original and seemingly, long lost promise of cheap tickets.
    It was embarrassing to see out West Stand upper empty in the Premier League and again this season. £200 per year Adults, £129 OAPS and Youths 16-22. £60 U-16’s

  10. Eastmidstiger
    Eastmidstiger says:

    Reference Ehabs comedy parody of an informative interview, Steve Bruce left because…..he wanted to be nearer home! So Steve Bruce walked away from a job in the Premier League and another opportunity to show his merit in the chosen land into uncertain unemployment, removed the possibility of a large termination payment (that is common for football managers who “fail”) because of a work life balance due to living 2 counties away from his home …yer Ehab we all believe that one because we are all obviously really really stupid.

  11. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    I’m disappointed but not really surprised to hear that Ryan Mason has had to retire due to his devastating injury, obviously he had to put his life and his family first and I wish him well in the future.

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