Things We Think We Think #291


1. Another Saturday, another defeat. 2-1 to Preston this time, all with a demoralising air of inevitability about it. Even when City surprised us, and themselves, by taking a first half lead. In the same way that Ehab Allam’s fucktarded approach to transfers is easy to work out in advance, so Hull City’s capacity for finding a way to lose a winnable fixture counts second only to the sun rising in the east for predictability.

2. Preston aren’t especially good. You don’t need to be any good to beat City any more – in fact, as Sunderland showed recently, you can be really rather terrible and still expect to collect something at full time. We’re the ultimate easy-beats.

3. As much as the club’s death spiral ultimately rests with the despicable Allam family, there’s a degree of culpability also lying with the players – who are better than 22nd – and the manager, whose abilities are completely escaping us at the time. It may sound harsh, but it isn’t easy to feel a great deal of sympathy for Nigel Adkins. His post-match utterances are already beginning to significantly grate, his cathartine loitering in Leonid Slutsky’s tortured final days was quite unsettling, he knows (or should know) that the Allams are irresponsible owners and he has no evident plan for survival.

4. Not that there’s any point whatsoever in dispensing with him. Hiring someone with the capability of keeping this doomed side up would cost money, and yachts cost money too, so we can forget that. Instead, our flimsy hopes rest with the players themselves. They’re capable of finishing in the top 21, after all. Unfortunately, the principal leader has had his head turned, but it’s probably now with McGregor, Meyler, Larsson and Campbell – notionally the senior pros – to chart and then traverse a route to safety.

5. It feels unlikely though. It’s tough to find a City fan who doesn’t think we’re doomed to successive relegations. The club feels broken, and repair will not come until its current owners go. And that cannot happen too soon. Let’s assume for a moment that this season is already lost. Let’s not pretend that we’re suddenly going to prosper in League One next season, because under this parasitic regime we won’t. There’s no limit to how far we can fall. Others have fallen further than we’re about to. The longer they stay, the further we fall – it’s absolutely that simple.

6. So, we must protest, and protest hard. It may be in vain, but let’s not have to explain to City fans yet to come that we sat back and did fuck all while the club was deliberately shovelled back into the lower leagues we worked so hard to rise from. Sheffield United on Friday 23rd February is on Sky Sports. Let’s do it.

7. The mental gymnastics Ehab Allam has to perform to maintain the delusion he is a good steward of the club would have Louis Smith’s psyche gasping in approval. His latest psychological somersault, performed in the Yorkshire Post, is to use the analogy of the housing market a few years ago, with people not selling because they expect the price of their asset to rise in the near future, as an excuse for City being less ambitious in the winter transfer window than bottom club Burton Albion.

8. “When you are only outside the bottom three on goal difference, it is a hard job to bring players in.” Hmm. The two clubs below us brought in nine players between them. Maybe the problem stems with you Ehab, and even if you deflect the blame onto Lee Darnborough, well who was responsible for his appointment?

9. Pathological lying is described as a habituation of lying, when the individual lies even when there is nothing to be gained from it. Nobody believes Ehab any more, the Yorkshire Post are content to publish his words without question, but then they just need to fill space to make it look like they don’t only care about Leeds, so even then belief isn’t an issue. Ehab could just tell the truth, that his family are bleeding every penny out of the club possible while still keeping it functioning, and when the parachute payments have gone they’ll discard the club like a mattress in a lay-by, but he just doesn’t seem capable of it. The truth would shatter his best run club in the League delusional construct.

10. Everybody wants job security, and being well paid doesn’t create an exemption, especially when your career is relatively short and your earnings will need to finance the rest of your life. So when you’re in the last knockings of that career, out of contract in the summer, able to field offers from other employers from January, having no certainty that your current employer will exercise the one year extension option they have but won’t activate till May when the employer’s status is known, and that employer is notorious for taking a Victorian mill owner’s approach to employee relations, you grasp that offer of security like a drowning man grasps a rope. We don’t blame Michael Dawson for wanting to move to Nottingham Forest on deadline day.

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  1. Steve Lee
    Steve Lee says:

    7. He must be the only person in the world who doesn’t know that it usually costs more to buy a player in January than in the summer. What a complete cock.

  2. Chris Bird
    Chris Bird says:

    Once they get the last parachute payment they will put us into administration.therefore bottom of league one with minus ten points.

  3. Andy Vickers
    Andy Vickers says:

    The owners are unlikely to have a Vincent Tan like road to Damascus conversion. Even that Bond villain realised he was been a malevolent cock and finally listened to the fans.
    Its sad when you are jealous of a club that has Warnock and also spends £6m on Gary Madine.
    We are screwed

  4. Always a rainbow
    Always a rainbow says:

    The good times seem so long ago I’ve almost forgotten how to smile on match days it’s not even like we’re entertaining in defeat its dire desperate football under a happy clappy manager who lives in cloud cuckoo land!

  5. Richard pearson
    Richard pearson says:

    Away from football the Allams have been great benefactors for Hull; in education and health services. For that alone the Allam name would be revered. So one wonders why they destroy this goodwill by wrecking one of the city’s major sporting clubs? There are many people locally who have no inyerest in football yet question the reason or sense of this. The Allams initial outlay in buying the club must have been replayed (or very near to it) with player sales and parachute payments.
    If they have their money what is the purpose of remaining in charge if not for purely malignsnt reasons?
    I try to see the Allam side of the story. Let’s be sensible and agree that the Allams are intelligent business people who have done much good in our community. So why continue to destroy a much loved part of our sporting life? I know the Allams won’t read this but if only they could appreciate that most Hull City fans are not morons or hooligans but decent people who love Hull City. Please do ‘t Feel vindictive towards us. If you have your money back, just sell soon and leave us with your dignity intact.

  6. Ben
    Ben says:

    I was prepared to give the Allams the benefit of the doubt for longer than some working on the basis that for all of their failings at least the team had been successful and having been a season ticket holder for 45 years I wanted to see the team playing in PL, Wembley, Europe etc – I never dreamed I would see any of this in my lifetime. I never had an issue with them getting a commercial return on their loans – that is normal business practice and not unreasonable…………but that was then! In fairness to the Old Man and whilst he got it badly wrong with the name change,he brought Brucie in, had a good relationship with him and backed him. It has all gone wrong since Ehab took over the reins. He is not his father and never will be. He is clearly a far more arrogant and significantly less capable individual. I do now genuinely think that he has an inherent loathing for the fans.
    I don’t think that they will “rape” the club and put it into administration. I have always thought that once they have their debt repaid and taken what they see as an appropriate profit, management fee whatever you want to call it they will look to hand the club back to the city in whatever way they see fit – whether that be a local consortium, a fans co operative etc etc. Their justification will be that they saved the club, presided over the clubs most successful ever period and then handed it over debt free. In their minds they will then be able to walk away with a clear conscience!! The problem is that by then we will probably be in League 2!
    They need to go NOW but we all know that it wont happen until they decide the time is right and by then the club will unfortunately be a shell of what it has been in recent years. I sympathise with the protest and the fact that we need to do something however futile it might be.
    It is so very sad. This club is in my blood and I don’t want to see us “bumming around” in the lower divisions again however that feels inevitable from where we are now. Furthermore when the Allams do go who knows who the next owners be – we would all like it to be someone local or another Adam Pearson but will it be more of the same? ………………….sad times indeed.

  7. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    I agree with most of your points Ben but the fact remains that the Parachute payments have twice disappeared into a black hole, that or into the Bank of Allam. Questions were asked after the previous relegation from the Premier League and the Allams were specifically named as owners who hadn’t spent the payments as they were intended to be spent. Nothing was changed of course and now it’s happening again. Including the two promotions to the PL and two sets of Parachute payments, the owners must have received around 350 million pounds, plus a large sum from player sales, I’d guess at around 420 million altogether. Less wages and cash for players and a small amount paid off the loan, (that they are receiving about 5 million a year interest on) that still leaves a big chunk of change unaccounted for. You don’t think that they will rape the club? I think it may well have happened already.

  8. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    An article in the Hull Daily Fail last May stated that the outstanding amount on the Allamhouse loan was 60 million pounds, plus 20 million owed to other sources. The owners may well be paying the current Parachute payments off the loan, then again they might not.

  9. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    On our form since November we are certainties for relegation. Although the bookies have us at 9/4 to go down!
    On the Adkins diet, we have slimmed down to averaging just circa 0.7 points per game and 0.7 goals per game.
    The transfer window was a complete disaster. Clearly Dawson must have been promised a move, perhaps Grosicki too.
    We look like a defenceless merchant ship, which has been torpedoed by a U-Boat, broken and about to sink to the bottom.
    Captain Ehab having fired the fateful torpedo.
    And League 1, will not be the sea bed, unless we are miraculously salvaged.
    No we have much further to sink.
    So yes to a protest vs Sheffield United.
    Perhaps though, do it when Sheffield United are laying siege to our goal?
    42 years watching City and this is the most depressing era yet. All inflicted by our own Fifth Columnist Captain Ehab.

  10. Eastmidstiger
    Eastmidstiger says:

    Wow one of the best summary’s ever, and every comment left is in line with the summary, it’s a shame we got all the way to the devils door before the full Tiger Nation jointly understood their plight, but there again what could we have done differently what could we affect? We are a peaceful mild mannered club at heart, just think what would have happened if this rape had been committed in Liverpool or Glasgow, I think there may have been a few bonfires lit inside certain factories producing marine engines, but we can just do what we can do, I hope our peaceful protests have the desired affect .

  11. Tom
    Tom says:

    Ahab has complained about the level of protests since the balls being thrown on the pitch. Personally I am amazed things have stayed as peaceful as they have. Enjoyed reading this and comments, basically anything they have said the opposite has or will happen and even those willing to give the benefit of the doubt have given up on them. What poor individuals we have as owners who still pour weed killer on the future of our club, charging adult prices for youth. Disgusting

  12. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    If there are to be mass protests at the Sheffield United game, can we please find the time during them to remind David Prutton of what a monumental bell end he is.

  13. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Protests are fine and understandable but apart from giving the owners bad publicity they won’t really change anything. What’s needed is someone like Adam Pearson to step in and buy the club before it’s even deeper in the mire. Someone who loves the club and is a supporter and understands how it feels to love the club and be there for most of his or her life. Someone who doesn’t spout weasel words like “We are not a selling club” and then proceeds to flog off any player who’s saleable. Someone who is not an incompetent fool who has no idea of how to run a successful company without his daddy behind him pulling the strings!

  14. Ray
    Ray says:

    How I and the majority of fans despise Amber Nectar, Bielby, Complain Til I Die and the whole load of whingers and moaners who have infested our club, basically since the club became successful ten years ago. Who the hell do they think they are? Personally, I hope the Allams stay and turn around the club’s fortunes. If not, I hope they take every penny they can get their hands on and do what they do best, which is put some of it to good use in the community. I don’t think any of us realised the depth of stupidity the Allams were having to deal with. We should not forget where this season started to go wrong on the pitch. Throwing ping pong balls onto the pitch? Throwing their dummies onto the pitch would have been more apt. Grow up! I wouldn’t be surprised if players wanted away. Who would want to play for the whingers and moaners, good wages or not? If the Allams wanted to increase attendances, I would identify who these people are and ban them from the ground. Then I think you are more likely to see the return of people who want to support the club and not see it’s name dragged through the mud. Bielby and the above should be asked what their real agenda is. Perhaps hoping the club will drop down the divisions so other loser friends can try and buy the club?

  15. Les
    Les says:

    Pretty glad you despise us Ray, when you actively hope the Allams bleed the club dry. So much to laugh at in your post: “since the club became successful ten years ago”, well given that Amber Nectar is 20 years old this month and began when City were third bottom in Division Three, that kind of pisses on your chips.

    What else…”If the Allams wanted to increase attendances, I would identify who these people are and ban them from the ground. Then I think you are more likely to see the return of people who want to support the club and not see it’s name dragged through the mud.” Now this is funny, the people who don’t value the club’s name should take action to ban lifelong fans because they apparently muddy the club’s name? Haha, brilliant.

    Keep hating Ray, and keep posting funny shit.

  16. Ray
    Ray says:

    Aaaahhh, that’s hit the nail on the head hasn’t it Les? That is exactly what all of this is about. Pompous or what?Those few who think they have a right to feel superior because they were there when the club was in Division Three. Some of us have been supporting the club since the mid-60s, so if I were to go along with that kind of thinking, I would be telling you that you are not a proper supporter if you were not with us then. I had the same argument with the numpties a few years ago. As far as I’m concerned, if you want the best for the club and you want the club to be the best in the land, in the Premier League, then you’re a supporter, no matter where you live or how long you have been supporting the club. If you want to drag it back to the bad old days because you feel more important, you should go and support a non-league side. I think there is a hard core who feel put out because the Allams made the club more successful, and it bruised their egos, because it made the numpties irrelevant.
    The problem with the name Hull City is it means nothing to anyone other than the locals. When you walk across the car park on Walton Street, which resembles the aftermath of a First World War battlefield, it often reminds me that the Allams not only wanted to improve the area, but employ local people afterwards. In fact, had the Allams been successful in their plan to change the name and it had had the desired effect, you would hardly be hearing of Assem and Ehab, because the idea was to make the club self sufficient. No, that was too ambitious for some. The same sort of backwards thinking that held Hull back for years. Never mind. You’ll just have to get used to people despising you lot even more if the club get relegated.

  17. Les
    Les says:

    How many ways do you want it Ray? Are we glory hunters who’ve only followed since Premier League or pompous for having been around in Division Three and want us relegated? It can’t be both. It’s almost as if you’re full of shit. If you want to think I’m not a real fan because I didn’t go before I was born, knock yourself out, it just proves how hard of thinking you are.

    I don’t want to support a non league side ta, I support Hull City. You’re a Forest man aren’t you Ray?

  18. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Ray: you can’t be for real; your spiel is so irrational it’s pathetic.

    And tell me, how do you know that “,,,, the majority of fans despise Amber Nectar…”. You know the minds of 13,000 people?

  19. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    If the idiot despises Amber Nectar so much, why is he posturing, sorry posting on here? I think that “Ray” is a nom de plume for Ehab!

  20. Ray
    Ray says:

    Ambertigerfan, you lot seem to think you know what the fans want. Which you don’t. Have a look on the Hull Daily Mail thread about Hull City owners being told to act. You’ll see by some of the comments on there what some people think of your attitude and actions. You’re a joke to many fans. I don’t know where I said you were glory hunters. You are anything but that. Judging by the way you go about “supporting” the club, you won’t be happy until we are back in Division Two or below. Perhaps you were somehow more important among your chums then. Success can’t be easy for you to deal with when you love to wallow in failure.
    In the years to come, whatever happens, the Allams will be remembered for the success they brought to the club. The protests will be forgotten, because there has always been a high degree of whinging from one group or another, and they all blur into one. Do what you think you have to do. You don’t impress anyone. Understand though that we know you are protesting for your own selfish reasons and not the good of the football club.

  21. Les
    Les says:

    Spot the difference:

    Ray – “the majority of fans despise Amber Nectar.”

    Also Ray – “you lot seem to think you know what the fans want.”


  22. Ray
    Ray says:

    Very grown up Les. No wonder the Allams don’t treat you lot like adults. Now go and pick up your toys and put them back in the pram.

  23. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Ray, you’ve still not answered the question:

    How do you know that “,,,, the majority of fans despise Amber Nectar…”. You know the minds of 13,000 people?

  24. ann guy
    ann guy says:

    Ray, you and the” majority of fans ” must be figments of HG Wells imagination because your presence certainly ain’t visible at home matches lately. Just sayin.

  25. Les
    Les says:

    Ray I respect your right to be a silly cunt, even if I think your advertising it on here is an odd choice.

    Grow up? Why? You’ve made up your mind to condemn me so why shouldn’t I point our your massively contradictory statements and utterly feeble guesswork about people who are lifelong fans? Hell, I’m paying for the privelage of you calling me an ‘infestation’ and the other drivel.

    You call people out for claiming to know what the ‘majority’ think while doing it yourself. Well if the majority hate Amber Nectar, then the ratio of feedback we get would be more people criticising us than agreeing with us, one thing I’ve learnt about quasi anonymous postings on the web is that complaints far outweighs compliments, so if what you say is true I’d know it. Carry on being in thrall to the Allams you servile ball bag, but don’t delude yourself you’re in the majority.

  26. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:


    Know what? I actually think you might be onto something with your idea of it all starting to go wrong with a load of balls on the pitch – except you missed out the load of balls off the pitch for the last five years.

    Just like your posts. A load of balls.

  27. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Les – just to try and balance the feedback, your website and posts offer a sanity check in a World of insanity.
    Your match reports and TTWT posts are usually spot on and provide humour, badly needed at the KCOM and amongst the Tiger Nation.
    I don’t always agree with everything posted but on the whole it’s brilliant.
    Keep up the superb work!

  28. haltemprice tiger
    haltemprice tiger says:

    Regardless of anybody’s view of the Allams (I am firmly in the Allams Out camp and believe that to date we have not gone far enough with the protests), there is no doubt that our football club cannot progress until they have gone and new owners are in place. Until that time arrives, City will continue to plummet through the leagues whilst playing in front of lower and lower crowds. Once the club is sold, or the Allams place it into administration (the most likely outcome in my view), how many of the 10,000 plus lost fans will come back?

  29. adamhull
    adamhull says:

    So seemingly, comedy Ray supports the Allams, but really wants to see City in the Premier League. Quite the opposite of what the Allams are doing with the club right now, eh? That alone should have you be grumbling about their regime and “strategy”, rather than be victim-shaming (because let’s face it, in this scenario it’s only ever the fans who lose out).

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