PODCAST: Win at Forest, chances at Chelsea, Ehab’s flounce out, 1-1 draws from 07/08…

The podcast is happy again!

Amazing what a win can do. Plus the opportunity to pretend to be confident about an FA Cup shock at Stamford Bridge, and more open goals left for us by the idiocy and petulance of Ehab Allam.

To wit, we’ll discuss:

* The win, clean sheet and general brilliance at the City Ground
* Being inconvenient to Chelsea
* Ehab Allam cancelling the supporters meeting, then moaning to the media
* The definition of “threats”
* Matty Fryatt’s retirement
* Draws with Norwich and Colchester a decade ago

It’s right here…


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  1. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Ehab has not instigated censorship at the KCom.
    Threatening to not sell tickets or move fans in the North Stand based on “intelligence”.
    Whether you agreed or not with the Forest protest, it was peaceful.
    Censorship- Another low point in the history of Hull City

  2. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Wonder what Ehab thinks about our embarrassing first half last. Brought about by two seasons of massive underinvestment!!
    #CityofCulture #HullCityofNationalEmbarrasment

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