PODCAST: Preston now and Blackpool then, managerial irritation, absentee captain…

The “hatecast”, this time. And there is a lot of swearing, and not just in a semi-jovial manner either. Some of the expletives are harsh, loud and not the faint of hearing. It’s the sweariest we’ve been for years. And it’s merited.

Making us issue profanities, some improvised (with the return of a few old favourites…)

* The defeat at Preston
* Nigel Adkins and his clichés
* Protests and new owners
* Ehab talks at the Yorkshire Post
* Dawson’s dash to Nottingham
* Blackpool at home, ten years ago

All here. Enjoy, if possible, but be aware of any minors in earshot.

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Top podcast lads, hit a few nails on the head, but not sweary enough for me considering the drivel that’s been spouted by the regime at the moment

  2. James (aka TigerJim)
    James (aka TigerJim) says:

    Good work, Amber Nectar crew. Quality blogging – we should run the bloody club! Couldn’t do it any worse!

  3. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Les, here’s my theory on why Meyler couldn’t be arsed to get up and defend Preston’s first goal:

    Meyler Brain Cell One to Meyler Brain Cell Two: “Can I be bothered to jump here? Nah, my contract runs out in a few months, this club is dead”.

    City’s owners don’t care, and neither do the players, especially the ones out of contract at the end of this season (Eleven of them!).

  4. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Just looking at the “fans” groups proposed meeting with our Owners.
    To me these meetings are driven 1. By the fact that the club HAS to hold at least 2 per annum. 2. By the fans reaction vs Forest in October.
    On the agenda, quite rightly, concessions.
    Of course these should be reintroduced, immediately but so should pricing overall.
    We were all paying the same to watch top quality Premier League football. Now it’s low quality Adkins Diet crap.
    We have 10,000 empty seats.
    It would (if we were fickle and could swap clubs, which of course we can’t) be cheaper for us all to watch Huddersfield or Burnley this season.
    So we need a complete review of ticket pricing, also taking into account the lower wages in Hull.

  5. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    A commonsense move at this time would be a ten pound reduction in adult and pensioner ticket prices and “membership” payments and a five pound admission charge for supporters under the age of sixteen. That would probably stop any more supporter defections and might boost attendances with more adults and kids encouraged to attend and add much needed support for the last eight home games. Nothing like this will happen of course because commonsense is not in Ehab’s lexicon. If we are relegated it’s obvious that supporters will not want to pay Premier League prices for League 1 football but I very much doubt that the current pricing structure will be reduced.

  6. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Sounds good Blackadder.
    Currently we are still paying Premier League Membership prices, although Ehab could argue our prices are comparable with other Championship clubs.
    £20 per month for adults.
    £15 per month pensioners
    £10 per month 16-21
    £5 per month U-16
    Online registration, photo ID just as they do at theme parks to stop fraud.

  7. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Just been watching Adkins press conference from today. Seems to me that his relentless chirpiness and positivity is being replaced by a more brittle chippyness. He’s noticeably irritated with David Burns asking sensible questions. I suspect that, as we saw with Leonid Slutsky, the realisation of what a basket-case club he’s employed by and piss-poor squad he’s in charge of has finally dawned.

  8. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Yes Bill It’s simple but apparently a bit too complex for Ehab. On the interview with Burnsie and Ehab in the HDM tonight I wonder why Burnsie didn’t ask about Ehab’s “we’re not a selling club” quote. It sounded like the gospel according to Saint Ehab but a lot of it sounded like bullshit to me. He says he’s going to bring back concessions but with only 8 home games left it will soon be moot and if we go down there’ll be another five or six thousand supporters lost.

  9. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    You’re right Blackadder.
    The membership scheme in principle was fine. Scrapping concessions was not. Single guy £252 per year – reasonable.
    Family man + 2 children = £753 and simply priced out!
    Likewise for 16-21 year olds.
    We are in the Championship, watching poor, negative football.
    Charging children and OAP’s the same as adults is a PR disaster.
    Looks like Ehab is cashing in to sell in the summer.

  10. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Haven’t posted much recently. Watching the results and window unfold. Neither give much encouragement. Think the scarf episode unwise and Dawson’s position untenable! Hope protests don’t lead to point deduction because that would relegate us. Shame some seem to want that!
    We look tighter at the back, but need goals. Hope I’m wrong… looking at Keane up front today, doesn’t inspire.
    Disappointed so many are on Adkins case….seemingly much based on personality. He did have some bad luck with injuries at his start, but needs to sort out what’s his best midfield… Meyer looks out of it after Ireland went out, injury and no contract offer. Shame…
    Need some luck and sense from refs!

  11. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Ehab seems confident of selling the club, even if the worst happens and we are relegated. The amount currently owed to Allamhouse is around 60,000,000 pounds, who is going to pay that amount off the loan to buy the club, unless there has been some creative accounting going on? There is no stadium to sell and most of the players with any value have been sold off which is why the club is now in the bottom three. And as Bill Carson says, the football has been poor and negative, the last couple of games have been diabolical and we can’t win a game, City were doing better under Slutsky, we were 6 points clear of the relegation places when he left. I hope things turn around at Notts Forest, they have to soon or we are going down.

  12. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    At last, a glimmer of hope!
    When I saw today’s team sheet with Will Keane up front I feared the worst.
    I’ve been a big critic of Adkins, so today I give him credit for a left field team selection, which paid dividends.
    We have to stay in the Championship, as it’s our only realistic hope of a sale.

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