PODCAST: Chelsea, Boro, protests, Mason retires, AN at 20…

Mercifully, we have our 20th birthday, plus the tenth anniversary of a famous win at West Brom, to chat about at the end of this podcast, as prior to that it’s all about defeats, protests and retirements.

Still, we hope you like it…

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  1. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Sadly seemed McDonald in error for at least one Bro goal… Hope Larson back helps v Blunts but we need a full strike force with Bowen and Hernandez. Campbell seems to have gone right off…
    Should Dawson now by replaced by Masuch/Hector? Get the feeling we’re better without him…
    Pity Willian didn’t miss against us as he did v Barca! Bet he’d swop those two performances. He’s on fire atm.

  2. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Adkins has already bored us all to death by turning a free scoring, albeit porous City team into a no scoring four team, which still loses.
    Not content with this, he has now crossed the line in offering his thoughts on how the supporters should behave.
    “4 or 5 people stand outside peacefully with placards”! You seriously cannot make it up.
    There will be whole families there tomorrow and you will spoil it for them! There will be very few families Nigel because they have been priced out and THAT is what the protests are partly about.
    Whistling will get the game abandon, really?
    Eintract Frankfurt demonstrated just this week by hurling tennis balls into the pitch to protest against Monday night football.
    Just shows how clueless this stooge is on every aspect!
    Steve Bruce was wise enough to stay clear of this nonsense, this clown is here 2 minutes and starts lecturing lifelong supporters.
    I for one will be turning my back on the game on 30 minutes!

  3. haltemprice tiger
    haltemprice tiger says:

    Whilst I support fully the campaign to rid the club of Allams I don’t believe that protesting at games that they no longer attend is going to have any effect. Isn’t it about time we starting directing the protests where they are fully aware of them and where they may start to think seriously about selling the club instead of continuously lying to the fans. Either direct the protests outside Allam Marine or at their home addresses. Time to stop pussyfooting around.

  4. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Ehab Allam is clearly embarrassed by the protests; especially when on TV. If fans want to protest, it’s their right.

    Doing nothing achieves nothing. Protests at Allam Marine won’t be nationally televised.

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