Things We Think We Think #288


1. Where on earth to start with Saturday’s appalling spectacle? City and Reading served up about us dismally tepid a fixture as you could ever want not to see. If we’ve seen a worse game of football in the past decade, then mercifully our minds have erased it. It was truly, almost memorably awful.

2. City did show at least a modicum of attacking intent, unlike Reading. They should be absolutely ashamed of turning up to a side as poor and off-form as ours and sitting back for a draw – and no, two first-half injuries aren’t an excuse for that. They were pathetic, and if that negativity comes back to bite them on the arse in May, good. It deserves to.

3. That City couldn’t break down a side – a poor side – with no particular interest in moving forward is damning. Nigel Adkins may have sorted out the defence, as two successive clean sheets indicates, but it’s coming at a high price. We need wins, quite a few of them, and rather quickly; but this cautious approach doesn’t suggest they’re coming any time soon.

4. We go to Sunderland this weekend, and if they beat us, we could end the day joint bottom of the Championship, spared the immeasurable ignominy of 24th place only by our deceptively superior goal difference. This is a worst case scenario, as both Burton and Birmingham have to visit sides in the top ten of the Championship, but let’s not rely alone on City to actively avoid it – after all, Sunderland were bottom of the table when they all too comfortably beat us twice in the Premier League last season and for all their troubles, are equipped enough to do it again.

5. Meanwhile, there were almost certainly fewer than 12,000 in attendance on Saturday. How long before our first 11,000 crowd? And relegation or not, could 2018 see the Circle’s first four-figure home attendance for a League game?

6. Sky Sports – who may be regretting this decision in light of the Reading non-event – have chosen to televise our home game with Sheffield United next month. The Nottingham Forest fixture earlier this season saw many take the opportunity to broadcast our distaste for the Allams’ abysmal behaviour to the nation. If they refuse to act properly during the present transfer window and refuse to restore the club’s name and concessions, it’s easy to imagine a repeat, and very possibly on a larger scale. Their move.

7. City have tabled a bid for Aberdeen’s Scott McKenna to the tune of £800,000, which the Scottish side has turned down. Reports now say that City’s follow-up offer is valued at, er, £800,000. Presumably while stifling laughter and shrugging shoulders, Aberdeen have not surprisingly rejected this too. In what world does Ehab Allam live in whereby he thinks he can persuade any party to give him what he wants without actually spending the requisite cash? Aberdeen must think we’re run by an idiot. And maybe, just maybe…

8. What odds on him offering one final bid of £400,000? How long before Nigel Adkins realises he’s been taken for a mug?

9. Forest at home in the FA Cup. It’s often the case that an unexciting draw leaves one scrabbling for positives. And here’s ours: it’s winnable, and means we’ve a chance of making the fifth round. That’s about it though.

10. Have you seen the state of the ‘branding guidelines‘ supplied to HCST by the club? One page of hopelessly amateurish nonsense dated 2014/15, that has taken them months to provide. It does confirm a few things we already suspected though: 1) The now departed Tom Rowell’s assertion that there was no standing directive to not use Hull City AFC was a flat out lie. 2) The current round of fan consultation is an exercise in futility. 3) Ehab Allam’s self image does not correspond to reality. He clearly thinks he’s a brilliant, leftfield thinker, yet has no insight into how stupid he looks with each action or utterance.  When you acknowledge that the ‘Governing Bodies and Media’ don’t use your inconsistent preferred branding, you’re acknowledging your own failure and lack of business nous.

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    Perhaps Ehab can’t believe £800,000 doesn’t buy this player, after all he did sell two England internationals and a Scottish one for next to nothing thinking perhaps they were good deals?
    A quick tip Ehab, you are supposed to reject the first bid, reject the second increased bid then think about the third increased bid not think well that’s a 500% profit out of the blue, sell sell we’re not a selling club*, sell!

  2. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    According to the Hull Daily Fail the offer was 300k not 800k, just more stupidity from Ehaw the clown! As others have pointed out we need a central defender capable and experienced enough to step into the side, not another rookie on a steep learning curve. Let’s face it the owners have no interest in the club and are content to let Hull City slide into another relegation, very little money will be spent and Adkins is either going along with the bullshit or just another dupe of the Allams, fulfilling their need for a cheap option.

    The only salvation would be a new owner who is prepared to invest in players but that doesn’t look very likely and I’m starting to fear the worst for the club.

  3. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Great article again.
    Now back to Ehab, obviously he is out of his depth when dealing with pounds,agents, other clubs,press, staff etc.
    So my advice to him is to return to bartering with camels and generators ! So he feels more at home.
    For instance many camels & generators = a player.

  4. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    What the hell is Darnborough doing?
    Surely we should have had players in by now?
    After selling off our prized assets for a pittance, when and where will we reinvest?
    League 1 fast approaching without an experienced centre back, an Ashbee type in midfield and someone who can score goals.

  5. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    It’s obvious that Ehab Allam has no interest in seeing Hull City become a successful club again, it’s now just a money making exercise and I imagine that Darnborough only does what he is told to do and has no say in how much is spent on signings. Free transfers and loans will probably be the only incomings and only then if permission is given to add to the wage bill.

  6. Ozzie
    Ozzie says:

    Let this be a lesson to everyone… my dear departed Mum used to say “if there is one thing worse than a tell tale its an Arab!”

    Btw Michael….I agree Camels and Generators…well said.

    Finally Ehab…..PO to whence you came!

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