Things We Think We Think #277


1. A weekend of positives! Sure, the magnitude of those positives depends upon the value you assign to the ailing FA Cup, and the significance of beating lower league opposition. But even the churls among us would struggle to pinpoint a bad side to the weekend – and how often have we been able to say that lately?

2. A 1-0 win at Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup has only limited pulse-quickening properties – but look at that sheet of perfect cleanliness! Marvel at that win in a place not called Kingston-upon-Hull! Rejoice at not leaving a game beset by despair. Clutch those straws, Tiger Nation. There’s little else to do.

3. In these grim times, we need something to hold on to. The players do, too. We cannot hope that this solitary victory transforms a wretched season, but it isn’t too much to wish for at least a modest uptick in our fortunes as a consequence – and that may be just enough to see us survive relegation.

4. It was a bold move by Nigel Adkins to field a fairly strong XI. He must have been tempted to card a lesser eleven, and protect his miserably thin squad for upcoming League fixtures. The calculation must have been that a strongish side would have enough to beat Blackburn, and lift its own morale – and so it proved. An interesting, and vindicated, roll of the dice by the manager. Well done to him.

5. Not that it was entirely straightforward. A dour first half and unconvincing late desperation sandwiched City’s best spell of the game, which brought Ola Aina’s first senior goal, and if you do fancy a bit of churlishness, its the difficulty we made in overcoming League One opposition.

6. But we are in the hat! Round Four beckons, which isn’t something we’ve always been able to say, and if Ehab Allam’s calamitous misrule does culminate in successive relegations then it’ll appear a distant prospect in 2018/19. But however diminished the Cup is these days, there’ll still be a frisson of excitement this evening when the draw is made and we dream of a tie away to FC Tick Ground. And at least Arsenal are out.

7. A marked improvement in City’s corner routines was evident on Saturday, so it wasn’t surprising when Nigel Adkins said post match that set pieces had been worked on in training. We’ve not seen a massive change in league form beyond goals drying up in order to shore a leaky defence so such attention to detail is welcome.

8. The ’15 years at the KCOM’ videos on Social Media are beautifully designed. Tip of the hat to whoever is responsible.

9. It isn’t just first team managers that City are working through at the moment, there’s another vacancy for media and marketing manager. James Mooney’s departure to a lesser club elsewhere in Yorkshire brought in Tom Rowell, for whom supporter liaison wasn’t excessively prioritised – and now he’s leaving for pastures new. Good luck to the new boy or girl who has to present the Allams’ dopey ideas to the Tiger Nation – you’ll need it.

10. Meanwhile, with wearying predictability, rumours now surface that the Allams may be close to selling the club – which is a far more reliable indicator that the transfer window is now open than any mere calendar could hope to provide.

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  1. Cumbrian Tiger
    Cumbrian Tiger says:

    I was delighted to find that Blackburn Rovers give a proper discount to pensioners. £5 was a snip for an FA Cup 3rd Round game. How do Blackburn check that concessionary tickets are not being used by those not entitled for the concession. They have real people in their ticket office who check evidence of a person’s age. Now there’s a novel idea!

    Another ground where your ticket bar code has to go in the reader to activate the turnstile. This is supposed to reduce costs by not employing turnstile operators – however every turnstile has a steward to help people use the reader and access the stadium!

    Decent away facilities at Ewood Park. Easy, but expensive, parking, Clean toilets, reasonable food and drink at prices that were not extortionate. Friendly stewards,

    The Press and Media have confirmed our Hull City’s insignificance in the world of football. OK there was no giant killing, the crowd was under 7,000, but we are recent FA Cup Finalists and didn’t Blackburn once win the Premiership? Hardly a mention in the weekend’s papers and 30 seconds on TV. We deserve greater respect.

    Onwards and upwards into Round 4 – hoping for an away game in the North West so it’s easy to travel.

    Oh, how badly do we need new strikers with a talent for scoring two goals every match!

  2. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    The Manchester Evening News is saying that Man City intend tabling an offer of 50 million pounds for Harry Maguire, even if this doesn’t happen it was obvious that Maguire, now capped for England, was worth far more than the pathetic 12 million plus five million in add ons that Ehaw the clown sold him for! With the right manager and some wise investment in players, not to mention keeping players like Livermore City could still be in the Premier league instead of staring down both barrels of relegation to League 1 or at least challenging for promotion again. By the time our wonderful owners have departed, the club will be in freefall towards League 2 unless radical changes are made in squad and management. Once again the Allams went for the cheap option with Adkins and so far he’s proved to be as much a dud as Slutsky was.

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