PODCAST: City sinking fast, transfer window, FA Cup R3 past and present…

Happy new year, sort of. The first podcast of 2018 has little cause for jollity or positivity normally befitting of the change in calendar, but that’s what City have given us, to wit:-

* the concession of a two-goal lead against Fulham
* losing to, and going below, Bolton Wanderers
* Adkins admitting it’s a relegation fight
* transfer window requirements, and what’s actually likely to happen
* FA Cup third round of this weekend, and of ten seasons ago

Here you go…

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  1. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    All will be revealed in the next few weeks but if the last couple of transfer windows are any indication it won’t be very pretty. Ehab’s “bring in cheapo loans” tactic has backfired, Aina has done ok but all three Chelsea players lack the experience needed for the Championship, and Hector has been a secret weapon for the opposition in most games this season! Stewart was supposed to have been bought for 4 million plus add ons of around another 4 million if you can believe that, and has proved to be a waste of money and space although he might find his feet in League 2! We need an injection of quality plus experience and if it isn’t forthcoming the rest of the season will be a struggle to avoid relegation, and that would be an apocalyptic disaster for Hull City. Given Ehab’s and Darnbrough’s clownish efforts so far we would be much better off with either Hale and Pace or Little and Large in charge of recruitment!

  2. Bryne
    Bryne says:

    The biggest on pitch issue we need to address is still the defence. Michael Dawson moves slower than one of the mannequins in the club shop, Hector gives away a goal for every good pass that he sprays and Tomori will be good in the future – but he isn’t ready for first-team football in the Championship yet. Aina and perhaps Kingsley look like the keepers out of the 4, but need a couple of energetic centre-halves between them.
    We look good going forward and have created enough chances to win in every game this season. Toral, Bowen and Irvine will create enough chances for us at this level but even when they do (e.g. Fulham) the defence is undermining the confidence of the team as a whole. IF Adkins is given money in the window he should spend it on acquiring our defence of the future, even if we go down, we will need to rebuild the defence anyway once the 3 loanees go back and the cardboard cut-out of Michael Dawson gets thrown into the skip out the back of The Brickmakers Arms.

  3. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    @Bryne. Your comments about Michael Dawson are grossly unfair, Dawson has been a great signing for City, he’s played for us for three years and been the lynchpin of the defence for most of that time, scoring some important goals and preventing many more from being scored against us. He made 237 appearances for Tottenham in the Premier League and has played for England. Yes he’s coming to the end of his career and this will probably be his last season, how does your playing career compare to his?

  4. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Interesting Bryne. Agree with you that we need to build a defence for the future, but I disagree with your detail on the current lot. No way would I keep Aina, not as a right-back anyway. Kingsley was scarcely uninjured long enough, but I thought he looked very poor. Anyway, Kingsley is not a loanee and so we have to keep him. Of the Chelsea trio, Tomori looks the best, and should be in central defence rather than at right-back. Mazuch seems a decent defender. We need a couple of full-backs at least. Mind you, we needed that in the summer and look what we ended up with.

  5. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    I’d agree with Blackadders original post about the situation in general.
    As for the defence, we let 7 defenders go in the summer, so hardly surprising that our defence is so fragile.
    I’d keep Tomori out of the loanees. If Chelsea want Hector back then I’ll drive him to Stamford Bridge.
    Stewart is reason enough for Darnborough to be sacked.
    1 win in 13 is truly awful and suggests there is a riff in the camp. Under Slutski I think our fitness was lacking. Fearing the worst!

  6. Bryne
    Bryne says:

    Blackadder – Dawson has served the club well (like his brother), but that doesn’t detract from the fact that his playing career is completely cooked. He has also made mistakes at crucial times that have led to us getting relegated and being in our current situation.

    N.B. In my own management career I have taken City to PL and Champions League glory, plus turned the Circle into a 70,000 seater fortress. When playing I have scored over 40 goals in a season for City in the PL before moving to Barcelona and picking up a century of England caps.

  7. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    @Bryne. But why are you blaming Dawson? If he keeps being selected he’s going to keep playing, anyone would. Your criticism should be directed at the managers, sorry head coaches, who kept him in the side. And I don’t see you having a go at Hector who is absolutely useless and makes schoolboy howlers every time he plays, his latest cost City 2 points and he makes Dawson look like Harry Maguire. Why he keeps being selected I have no idea, Theresa May would make a better central defender.

    Congratulations on your fine career as a player and manager. I was trying to figure out why I’d never heard of you when I remembered that while you were scoring goals, building stadiums, collecting medals and covering yourself in glory in Europe, I was starring in the USA as quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and winning 23 Superbowls, I also hit 200 home runs and won 20 World Series with the LA Dodgers.

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