All the better for snowing


Snowflakes! No, we’ve not gone all alt-right and taken to denigrating Millennials, we’re talking about actual snowflakes.

Right now 24 hour rolling news channels will be losing their shit, ‘SNOW BLASTED BRITAIN IN TRAVEL CHAOS’ across the bottom of the screen ticker as a blonde in a Berghaus fleece stands outside in Dundee for no good reason to bemoans slow moving traffic and possible school closures.

But you know what? Snow is PRETTY, and what’s PRETTIER STILL is football games played after, or even better, during snowfall. So we’ve scraped the ice off some FRANKLY ACE snow game photos. Just ‘cos.  Enjoy.


29/12/1962: City 1 Southend 2. The winter of 1962/63 was the coldest on record since 1895 and laid waste to the English football calendar. After this game City didn’t play again until the February!196263

19/02/1963: City 0 Leyton Orient 2. The Tigers’ next home game was an FA Cup 3rd round replay against Orient after a 1-1 draw at Brisbane Road. City had bested Crook Town and Workington in earlier rounds but came a cropper in extra time against the Londoners at Boothferry Park.1963Southend

What is there to not love about this image? The Boothferry Park green wearing a white blanket, the gas powered ‘Best Stand’  floodlights glinting as people at the back of Bunkers look like they may tumble to their doom any moment.196465

28/12/1964: City 4 Port Vale 0. Two days after beating Port Vale 3-0 in Stoke, The Tigers put 4 past them at a snowy Boothferry Park.  Waggy grabbed a hat trick, our image shows the only goal he didn’t score, as Ray Henderson nets. 1965-66 Nov 27 Hull City v Grimsby Town

27/11/1965: City 1 Grimsby 1. Waggy was up to his goalscoring antics the following campaign, scoring against the Fishpackers in the slushy stuff.Match 1966-01-15@1966 Jan 15 Hull City v Workington

15/01/1966: City 6 Workington 0. The Tigers avenged a 3-0 defeat at Workington’s Borough Park in October 1965, Ian Butler grabbed 2 goals, the rest coming from Waggy, Ken Houghton, Alan Jarvis and an own goal.Match 1967-01-07@1967 Jan 07 Hull City v Preston North End

07/01/1967: City 2 PNE 2. Waggy and Chillo lie down on the job against Preston, leaving the goalscoring to Wilkinson and Jarvis.1968-69 Dec 26 Hull City v Norwich City

26/12/1968: City 0 Norwich 1. Perhaps the Tigers couldn’t see the white clad Canaries on a snow covered pitch on Boxing Day.
19701971 an FA Cup 3rd Round Football
02/01/1971: City 3 Charlton o. Ooh, a colour shot! City made light work of Charlton on FA Cup Third Round day, later meeting Blackpool, Brentford and top flight Stoke.198485Brighton

05/01/1985: Brighton 1 City 0. Another FA Cup Third Round tie, this one at the Goldstone Ground. Steve McLaren contests the ball with Mike Ring. Just look at that orange adidas Tango ball! *girly scream*201011Boro1

27/11/2010: Boro 2 City2. The most recent notable snow game came at the Riverside Stadium. City’s white shirt camouflage plan almost worked, with goals from Anthony Gerrard and Robert Koren.201011Boro

Will this wintry scene be replicated on Saturday at Sunderland? Here’s hoping!

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  1. Chris Stern
    Chris Stern says:

    Nice one! Note that in 1971 Blackpool were also in the top flight. During the week before that match City trained in Scarborough where I lived at the time. Scarborough FC had a match on the Wednesday evening which I attended and found myself surrounded by the entire team. I remember Ian McKechnie being particularly funny. I asked if they thought they could beat Blackpool and Simmo said he thought we had a good chance. He was right. I picked up a dislike of Terry Neill particularly from Chris Chilton who left a few months later.

  2. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Yes you’re right Lincs, Kempton Road ran at the back of the East Stand. I remember orange balls Bill Carson, I was playing in goal for Melton and took a a full blooded volley from an opposing striker right in the nuts, had to dangle them in ice water for hours when I got home. Some nice photos bringing back lots of memories.

  3. Bunkers Bull
    Bunkers Bull says:

    Remember that Cup game with Charlton in 71. Someone hurled a snow/ice ball from the Well that struck their defender Dietmar Bruck bullseye on his thigh.

    Happy days.

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