PODCAST: Cardiff, meeting the Allams, 15 years of the Circle, red card for Mills…

With special guest Geoff Bielby, chairman of the Hull City Supporters Trust, our (slightly longer) podcast this week has plenty to occupy you…

* City’s defeat and performance at Cardiff
* the forthcoming transfer window
* the latest meeting between supporters and the Allams
* 15 years of our stadium
* ten years ago, and a draw at Charlton famous for a sending off

Here you go, hope you enjoy it. There will be a podcast after Boxing Day but we’re not sure exactly when just yet.

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  1. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Based on what I’m hearing here from the meetings with the Allams, these meetings are pointless and the HCST should withdraw. HCST will lose credibility if they continue to partake in and pander to this Allam charade.

    As an example, the claim from the club “….. it’s not the policy of the club to not use the words Hull City” is absolute bullshit. Judge the Allams by their actions, not the words coming from their forked tongues. There is no sign of Hull City anywhere in their communications; this is the measure of their bullshit.

    The Allams know exactly what they’re doing and no amount of 90 minute corporate double speak can hide the fact they have rebranded the club “Hull Tigers” by stealth.

  2. WSM
    WSM says:

    The issue of calling a football club (or anything else for that matter) by its actual name is simple for anyone to understand. Allam Snr is bright and will from the beginning have understood the significance of not doing that. He hasn’t issued instructions to revert back to the real name because he doesn’t want to, and talk won’t change that. But banners, balls on the pitch and protests maybe will. It makes him look out of control and businessmen hate that.

  3. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Respect to Geoff Bielby for his hard work, and I for one wouldn’t want to sit in a room with the Allams for that long. It seems to have had such an effect on Geoff that he has started referring to himself in the third person.

    But why on earth did he, a supporters’ representative, make a point of telling the Allams that it was possible to walk around the stadium from stand to stand during a match? And why did he then proudly boast that they listened to him and now flourescent-jacketed stewards stop fans from doing this, meeting their mates, getting out the ground quicker and so on?

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