Things We Think We Think #272

1. What’s more frustrating: poor concentration and sloppy defending leading to a goal conceded early on, or late in the game? City treated us to both against Ipswich on Saturday, chucking away three points that seemed to have been secured by Allan McGregor’s spot-kick save heroics. Victory would have propelled us to the dizzying heights of 18th ahead of a midweek trip to Millwall (and The Den is rarely a house of fun for us), instead we remain in 20th place. It can’t just be chalked up to bad luck either, we’ve developed a deleterious habit of letting in late goals.

2. The first half of the first half was pretty rancid, not just from a City performance point of view, but also as a spectacle. Indeed, there was more entertainment to be had watching a bird of prey in the North Stand rafters  kill another bird and skillfully de-feather it (with feathers, but thankfully not entrails, falling onto fans) than contemplating the grisly fare unfolding on the field.

3. Somehow though the game transmogrified into an absorbing encounter, with City willing themselves back into the game and scoring through the ever impressive Jarrod Bowen (after a good cross from Grosicki) and the decent-in-this-game-despite-generally-woeful-supply-from-the-midfield Nouha Dicko. The Tigers had robbed Ipswich of belief, leaving them a tad petulant and niggly, but foolishly, generously City gave them hope again with a silly challenge that led to the penalty award. McGregor’s save inspired the biggest cheer of the afternoon and that might have inspired City to see out the win, but Ipswich remained energised and moonwalked out of the KCOM with a perhaps unwarranted share of the spoils.

4. Over the top criticism seems just to be the way things are nowadays, and several members of the current squad have been on the scapegoat rota this term. However, it’s fair to say that Markus Henriksen did little to silence his detractors on Saturday, with a foppish, nay fadge-like display that was exemplified by turning away from the ball as he ‘contested’ a header as we defended a corner.

5. Who says that protests don’t work? Rattled by the the stress balls and pre-match march against Nottingham Forest and alarmed by the prospect of dissent during the Queen’s visit to Hull, the Allam family have organised a meeting with fans’ leaders (well, the ones they can trust to say the right things, plus the Supporters’ Trust) – and pretended they want to compromise on the squalid removal of concessions. None of these things would have happened if we’d meekly sat on our hands while the club is dismantled around us.

6. So, there’s to be a meeting. It’s supposedly for “fans group leaders”, though it isn’t really. Amber Nectar and City Independent, present at various incarnations of Fans’ Liaison Committee meetings for over 15 years, have been disinvited in recent times, while the new Hull City Action For Change group is also not welcome. And hey, that’s the Allams’ prerogative – if they don’t want to hear independent views that reflect the wider fanbase, that’s up to them. But we worry that only the Supporters’ Trust will actually represent the fans.

7. It’s a bit reminiscent of November 2013, when Assem Allam – unsettled by dissent over his imbecilic name change idea – summoned fans’ groups to the Circle for one of the more surreal 3½ hours we’ll ever have. He didn’t listen, or even show the faintest comprehension of the issue. Nothing that he and his son have said in the intervening years suggest they’ve developed an understanding of City fans.

8. Then, as now, a meeting was preceded by Assem Allam criticising supporters in the press, suggesting a lack of good faith going into ‘supporter consultation’. He laughably claims that ‘militant’ fans are putting off potential buyers, which shows a startling lack of self awareness and conveniently absolves himself of any responsibility. Let’s face it, Assem and his son are legendary in this city for being difficult to get along with, there is a wasteland of fractured relationships surrounding them and that can’t be pinned on anyone else. The fans didn’t drive Peter Grieve and others away, the Allams did that.

9. The reintroduction of concessions isn’t anything to be lauded, it doesn’t show the Allams to be reasonable as suggested by their dwindling band of self-serving sycophants, since the club had to be censured by the Premier League for the mere righting of a wrong to be considered. Adult prices going up is all good, the whole point is that discounts for children and seniors are subsidised by those paying full price, but failing to reduce the current prices for those who do qualify for concessions shows a (likely deliberate) lack of understanding for the issue people have with the Membership Scheme.

10. Everton are prepared to give Watford £12m to secure the services of Marco Silva as their head coach. Not bad a for a bloke of whom it was asked “what does he know about the Premier League?” and whose appointment at City in January was “astonishing…when there are a lot of people out there who know the Premier League…he’s not got clue.” Whether Silva goes to Goodison Park or not is irrelevant outside of the two clubs vying for his services, but the fact that he is now so sought after by one of the greatest names in the English game may just prove a turning point in the way lazy, xenophobic pundits are permitted to use nationality alone as a reason not to offer gifted football men employment in our game.

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  1. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Well written article again.
    First re Henriksen, I’ve never seen a tall player miss so many headers! I think he now fears he’s going to get injured everytime he goes in for a challenge.
    I personally don’t think the Allams will concede or listen & take on board any comments from this meeting.
    They were just very frightened fans would protest at the Queen’s visit re themselves.
    As nice a guy Slutsky is he is lost with any tactical solutions for Hull City.
    Hence the team selections recently.
    I will continue to support them this season but if we are religated again that’s my membership handed back.
    Lastly the attendances given out, are a joke! Like someone else commented on Saturday in the crowd ” it’s empty seats they are declaring”.

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    Marco Silva, can’t help wondering where City would be if we were still in the Premership this season, similar position to Watford possibly? – Providing we got some backing from the Allams… Oh wait… maybe not.

    Slutsky, whilst I feel sorry for the guy, sure he needed time, sure he lost some of the best players we’ve ever had… but, I just don’t think he’s doing enough nor really understands how to change things. He’s been dealt a duff hand, but surely he could influence things off the pitch in training – could he not get another defensive coach in or something? Look at the under 23’s team, to get some cover in for positions? – you know just look outside the box a little. Tactic wise, there’s been times I’ve watched City this season, and it’s like we’re back in old days, lumping the ball up the field – these tactics must have come from him or his coaching staff. Is it time for change? – Maybe, Maybe Not … but who’s going to come to Hull?

    As for the Allams, they are simply clueless, “yeah we’ll give you concessions, but you’ll pay for them” – wow thanks. Surely it would be better to fill the place, even give so many tickets to the concessions payers for free – just think of all that extra money spent on food and programs once in the ground. If concessions do come in at the proposed prices, with the adult prices increasing the only thing they’ll do is drop attendances further, losing full priced ticket goers over the additional £6 per ticket. Whilst I’ve got no figures to back this up, I’m sure the players would player better, get a buzz out of seeing the KC full, must have a physiological impact on you as a player, playing in front of a half full stadium.

    Urrrgghh, I’m going to stop. Every week, I seem to find more and more points to rant on about.

  3. Steve Lee
    Steve Lee says:

    It’s clear that the Allams’ intention is to hang on until all the parachute payments have been creamed off (and in the meantime take the bonus cash from the sale of Bowen), then sell off the shell of the club for a quid. The old man will then, without a trace of irony or self-awareness, say “I am a man of my word, I told you years ago that I wanted to do that”. By that that time we’ll be in League 1 or 2 which, let’s be honest, is where the Allams want us to be in order to give the fans their comeuppance. It’s a win-win for them.

    The only way we can stop this inevitability is more direct action and to make their continued ownership intolerable.

  4. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    A good TWTWT and comments.

    Agree re Dave, yes we have 3 Chelsea youths in defence, surely they can be better drilled in tactics? Is there nothing better in the U23’s?

    Feel for Slutz, but he is not covering himself in glory with the repeated late goals against.

    Agree re Steve Lee, the Allam’s won’t go till they’ve sucked the money (and life) out of City.

    Looking forward to the Podcast, lads… what time are you on? …. so I can plan my tea time viewing!

  5. Dave
    Dave says:

    Les, If I ever get a full half hour break from working, I might just let rip with a full blown rant :) – but for now…

    Bosco, Exactly we’ve opted for 3 Chelsea Youth players, surely some of our under 23’s if nothing else might just help with competition for places / cover and allow Slutsky to play players in their preferred positions? And hey a little raw passion and pride wouldn’t go a miss – sure its not an ideal solution calling on the under 23s but why not.

    The Allams confuse me greatly, I feel like others on here they will stay until every possible penny has been taken out of the club, but surely the club falling out of the premiership and down the leagues is a huge personal failure for them. And its clear they don’t like failing?

    And here’s a fun question for you all, If Allam Senior wasn’t around, do you think Allam Junior would have given it a bit more of go this season?

  6. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    Slutsky should play, he moves more than some of the players in the 90 minutes.
    Dave in answer to your fun question, yes. Much as I don’t like making excuses for him, I sometimes think he is piggy in the middle, ( hope springs eternal ).

  7. Ray
    Ray says:

    The main problems the Allams face is that they are more ambitious for the club than many of the so-called supporters. It is nearly ten years since we first went into the Premier League and in that time, this mouthy minority have turned on everybody, owners, managers and players. We’ve lost fans. Not because of the Allams, but because of the moaners and whingers and people like Complain Til We Die. Many of us grew up knowing our football team as the Tigers. People rarely referred to Hull City. The word “City” rarely appeared on league table or Saturday night results sequences. Yet out heroic anti-Allam supporters decreed that the word “City” was worth more to our heritage than Hull or Tigers. And the sheep followed. For the first time I can afford to see every game, thanks to the membership scheme. There appear to be more kids at the game than ever before, so what’s the problem? Most of us don’t want to see the Allams go. We would rather have owners with a local connection. We’ve had plenty of the other types of losers. If you don’t support your local club, go elsewhere, please. Soon.

  8. Les
    Les says:

    Oh Ray, you really are full of shit aren’t you? Nothing announces that you don’t know what you’re talking about than saying City wasn’t really used.

  9. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:


    But according to the Allams those fans who don’t bow down to their whim are “Hooligans”. “Irrelevant” .Not deserving of having away fans’ initiative funding spent on them (lets’ spend it on the oppositions; fans instead) The reason they cannot sell the club?

    And they really want to, yes they really do, but poor dears they can’t because the nasty City Council won’t sell them the stadium and surrounding land for a pittance and because the horrible revolting fans scare prospective owners away. Diddums.

    Since you are such a good fan and a positive advert for the Allams, where are the others like you? And why aren’t you and they enough to persuade/cajole prospective buyers into stumping up? Come on Ray. Sing/shout up. Start a “Tigers” chant at games. No? Not your cup of tea, all that making an exhibition of yourself in front of others? Not even if you and your like-minded colleagues shout “We want the Allams”? Nah. Not a chance. Passion? I’ve seen more passion in a stack of fruit in the supermarket.

    In my opinion the Allams are ambitious for no one but themselves and their own pockets, and they don;t give a damn about how they achieve that ambition. Actions speak louder than words.

    Shut the gate behind you as you leave.

  10. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Ray, my parents, uncles, aunts, my whole family have always called it “..going to City”.

    You are completely sycophantic and clueless.

  11. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    And Ray, my family was at City -v- Man Utd in 1949 for the FA Cup match. They stayed up all night to queue for City tickets.

    So get your facts straight. How old are you anyway? 12?

  12. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Ray, the Allams are not ambitious for the club. They have sold so many of our best players and had two consecutive close seasons where the squad was allowed to diminish to the bare bones. How is that ambitious? Not surprisingly the results reflect their lack of ambition. One relegation, and now we’re near the bottom of the Championship. We could have been the consolidated Premier League club that the city deserves, if only we’d had more ambitious, and less arrogant, owners.

  13. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Seems very strange that old man Allam slagged the fans off days before the scheduled meeting to find a “truce”, that’s really going to help things isn’t it?
    Those supporters groups attending should be very wary of any olive branch offered, we’ve all seen the way those 2 have lied & manipulated the facts over the years without the slightest hint of any fault on their parts.
    I hope I’m wrong but I just get the feeling it’s going to end up as more propaganda from them to split the fans again & make themselves look the like the good guys who can do no wrong & any protesting groups are just trying to bring the club down come what may & unsettling the players.

  14. Paul B
    Paul B says:

    Ray – do you really think that the name change is the only reason a large proportion of the fanbase want rid of the Allams? Sure, it may have been the first major thing they have done to piss people off but there is a long (and constantly growing) list of other misdemeanours that can but put squarely at the door of the Allams. If you don’t see that then I suggest a trip to the opticians to get your rose tinted spec prescription updated.

    “For the first time I can afford to see every game, thanks to the membership scheme.” Great, if it’s good for you then fuck everyone else, eh? Sounds like you have the same mentality as the Allams, hence your support for them.

    “There appear to be more kids at the game than ever before, so what’s the problem?” Errm, have you seen the West Stand Upper? The kids who used to sit there now sit next to you, giving the perception of there being more kids at games. If you can’t see there is a problem when a whole section of the stadium has been closed off then there is no help for you.

  15. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    I love that the best that the Allams can muster these days is ‘Ray’. At least in the past their acolytes were just wrong. Now they are embarrassing. And still wrong, obviously. These are the depths to which the supporters of our owners have sunk. And, on the whole, I think that’s a good thing.

  16. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    Ray, I used to sit in West stand upper, block UPP5. I now sit in East stand, block E7, there were many children and teenagers in the West upper stand, I presume like me they were told / asked to move thus creating to you the illusion there are more of them at games. Just looking at the empty upper west stand should be enough to judge the Allams business acumen.

  17. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Spot on, John from Brid. Whenever someone says that we should get behind the Allams because ‘football is a business’, I just point out what appalling businessmen they have shown themselves to be. Losing a couple of hundred million quid through relegation, and losing so many fans (aka ‘customers’) that the superb publically-funded stadium the Council crazily signed over to them to ‘manage’ has half of its main stand closed for 2nd tier football, when it used to be full and vibrant for the 4th tier version. Leaving everything else about their arrogant and self-serving ownership of the club aside, the Allams have shown themselves supremely incompetent at running a football business. Perhaps the campaign against them should engage on their terms, and start campaigning for good business people to own the club and manage the stadium?

  18. WSM
    WSM says:

    Well at least Rayski has triggered some good comments. I’d love to hear of any further views he has – I’ve not seen him here before.

    The protests need to keep going. Nothing will change without them.

  19. Ray
    Ray says:

    I think if you wondered why people don’t speak out against Complain Til I Die and co, you only have to look at some of the moronic hostile comments on here. Having said that, the majority of us have got to start engaging with you lot if we are to move this forward for the sake of the club.
    To answer a few points raised, I’ve been supporting the club since the mid 1960’s. That makes me on the wrong side of middle age. Most of the chants at that time and for years afterwards ended in T-I-G-E-R-S Tigers! So, no, the word City was not that important for us then or now. I’m also peed off with the Allams for moving me from UPP4, a) because I don’t like my seat further along the West Stand and b) I’ve ended up sitting in front of five moaning holes, who seem to think the referee’s whistle is a signal to whinge about the team for ninety minutes, while praising anything the opposition does, whoever they may be. I could never get my head around why people would supposedly go and support their team by slagging off their own players for the whole game.
    I feel, as do many people, that the protests are out of all proportion to the “crimes” committed. Other than the Allams, we have only ever had one decent group of owners, and that was the Needlers. Russell Barlett took us to the Premier League, and he should have had some degree of respect, but was sadly out of his depth. As far as I am concerned, the Allams have taken the view that new ideas were needed and boundaries need to be tested, and good on them. Just supposing the name change had achieved what it was intended to do, which was bring revenue in for the club to be self supporting. The irony is, you would probably not have seem much of the Allams then.
    What about the decisions regarding managers? I think Slutsky was a bold move, and could still come good. No-one could deny that Steve Bruce and Marco Silva were anything but good decisions. Despite what you lot think, the evidence is that the Allams want to do the right thing for the success of the club. They’ve made money out of players who wanted to go? Brilliant bits of business. I’ve seen too many clowns trying to ruin this club over the years. I want someone who is business minded. If they get some benefit as well, that’s fine by me. All I want is success on the field. If some of the fans are too wrapped up in their own petty niggles, so what. Forget them. As long as the club moves forward and has a chance of a long term future.
    There are no fantastically rich people who want Hull City, Hull Tigers or whatever. Certainly none that will not consider doing more than the Allams are doing to get their moneys worth. We’re out on a limb, the fan support base isn’t big enough, and who would want fans who turn on the owners at any opportunity, no matter how small the provocation?
    If the Allams have any sense they will stick it out, as the Glazers did at Man Utd. If I were the Allams I would be spitting blood at the lack of respect shown, considering what we’ve achieved over recent years. I would also be thinking that the best way to get that respect would be to make the club successful again.
    WSM. The protests need to stop. Nothing will change with them. Time for everyone to get their heads out of their arses, Allams included, and let’s at least leave the complaining and whinging until the matches are finished. Two, Four, Six, Eight, who do we appreciate, T-I-G-E-R-S, TIGERS!!!

  20. Niko
    Niko says:

    Engagement is good Ray. But you don’t really bother with with much of what has been written. Instead you talk, with no evidence, about ‘the majority of us’ having to engage ‘with you lot’.

    There is no ‘you lot’. This is a forum for City fans, with plenty of disagreement here.

    A lot of what you write is OK, but not that relevant to today’s issues.

    I’m not interested in historical comparisons about who was worse or better as an owner. That’s irrelevant. The point is that the Allams are allowing, indeed helping, the club to sink and diminish at the moment. They say they want to go. They should go.

    I’ve little time for the idea of ‘respect’ for a rich bloke who repeatedly slags off City fans and thinks money can buy him the right to do what he wants with a city’s football club, and publically-funded stadium.

    The time for discussion about whether we were ever referred to by our nickname (which of course we were, that’s what nicknames are) is long gone. That battle over changing the formal name (not the nickname) of the club was won, by intelligent and focused fan protest backed by the football community and authorities.

    The alleged business acumen of the Allams can be seen in a half empty stadium, and widespread dislike in the city and amongst the fans for the club’s arrogant and petty owners who carry out an argument with the City Council using our football club, and its stadium, as a weapon.

    Think of the decision to close the path from the city centre to the stadium with a padlocked gate. Who do these people think they are?

    Or the crazy idea that children and pensioners should pay the same as adults to sit with them, contravening Premier League regulations in the process. Who do they think they are?

    I don’t think you’re part of any majority, Ray. Most City fans that I know what these owners to leave. The owners themselves say they want to leave. Let’s get our club back on track.

  21. WSM
    WSM says:

    Ray, you make some good points and I agree that Assem Allam has strengths. But I am amazed that a serious supporter of a football club would trade the historic name of that club for a small amount (at best) of extra income. It’s why name changes are vanishingly rare. They represent an insignificant benefit for a total break with tradition. And tradition is a huge component of the game. It may not bother you but it certainly does me.

  22. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Ray: No one can claim to be speaking for “the majority” as you attempt, not until an independent poll is held of all City fans.

    I notice you don’t address why Steve Bruce left, the awful appointment of Phelan, or the past two disastrous pre- season preparations overseen by your heroes the Allams.

    “All I want is success on the field” says it all about your values. At what cost? Changing the name based on another bogus Allam story of promised riches from Far Eastern sales because City are called Hull Tigers? If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. The Allams are not trustworthy, if they were, City would be playing in Melton and tickets would be 10 pounds as a gift to the community. None of this happened because they are deceptive snakes that should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

    It is true “Tigers” chants have been on the terraces for many decades, but equally City fans have been “…going to City” for that same number of decades. It is ingrained in all my memories of the club and how I’ve always referred to them as it was passed down from my parents and uncles. That history and tradition is something far more valuable than a pair of Egyptian fly by nights looking to make a few quid by conning a stadium out of the peoples’ hands for free, as their “contribution”.

    You need to re examine your values.

  23. Paul B
    Paul B says:

    “I think if you wondered why people don’t speak out against Complain Til I Die and co, you only have to look at some of the moronic hostile comments on here.”

    Ray, read back your comments on here and tell me if you think you can really take the moral high ground here? You’ve called anyone opposing the Allams unambitious, whingers, morons, moaners, sheep, and disrespectful. And that’s just in the two comments you’ve made on here. If you don’t want ‘moronic, hostile comments’ thrown back at you then don’t dish them out to begin with.

  24. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    I’ve probably posted this before but I have no sympathy for Slutsky (or Phelan before him).
    He would have known about the situation at the club before he decided to take his big pay cheque or if he didn’t he obviously didn’t do any homework about us.
    The way he’s been talking recently sounds as though he wants the sack, then he can get his pay off & bugger off to Chelsea in whatever role they might give him (& possibly more money then what he’s on now).
    Nice work if you can get it.

  25. WSM
    WSM says:

    Hm, yes, when Mr S is taking his grandkids through his scrapbook I can’t see too many pages being about his time in Hull.

  26. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    It seems representative of the current situation surrounding City that there are more comments regarding the ownership and their ways than the fact that we have a manager that is surely not equipped to at least consolidate our position in the championship’s top half. I don’t think that this is an unrealistic objective even with the loss of some decent players in the summer, who with the exception of Harry don’t seem to be progressing at their new clubs. The fact is that for all his affable charisma, idiosyncratic ways and clearly likeable manner Leonid must go. No wins in 5 post the Millwall result is damning in itself but Phil Buckingham’s recent analysis that stated City had conceded late goals in 10 games this season certainly suggests that we lack the leadership and nous to hold on to a result, which has to rest at the manager’s door.
    It feels like another Phil Parkinson situation. On paper lots of positives for the appointment but in reality just not cut out for the job. I just hope that history can repeat itself and a post Slutsky era can herald the same success as a post Parkinson era. But that doesn’t mean a reappointment of the tanned one!!

  27. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    The owners appointed the club’s most successful manager and then drove him out by refusing to back him in the transfer market, from that point on it’s been about hoarding parachute payments and flogging off every player with any value. I’ve heard comments like, “well those players took us down might as well get rid”, conveniently ignoring the fact that those same players would probably have taken us back up. I know we were going to lose such as Maguire and Robertson but by keeping the nucleus of the side and signing a few experienced players this could have been another promotion season. Instead we are in deep shit and looking like relegation fodder, all thanks to the boy blunder’s bungling and abetted by the old man. Despite all of the money from promotion, parachute cash and player sales the club is still deep in debt, apparently Ehaw meant “running it like a business going bust”. Anyone who thinks the Allams are doing a good job is deeply delusional.

  28. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Depressing times and a parallel with current affairs in Korea, where there is a truce and look at what good that is!!!
    We need either a new positive regime, or a full peace treaty, with all of the reasons for hostilities aired, examined and put right.
    I am not hopeful for the latter.
    For all the good The Allams have done, they have spectacularly wiped out with a series of PR disasters.
    The concessions and forced movement of loyal fans being the worst. Any family with 2 or more children will be forced (in the current economic climate) to stop going as a family or even worse tell their children that they can’t go.
    We have a half empty stadium, a manager who wanders around as if he’s shell shocked, a team who run out of steam every game and play at 70% capacity.
    Steve Bruce, a great manager and a gentleman walking away because of the “war”.
    I really fear that we may well go down again. And yet……with all the money we had, we could do easily have had a squad to challenge for automatic promotion this season.
    Apologies for simply adding to the gloom, it’s 2017 but feels like 1917, the darkest days of WW1

  29. Jon
    Jon says:

    Do they publish accounts? You’d think with parachute payments and the player sales we’d be ok for money. As for the name change, people on the other side of the world don’t care about the name but about success and star players – how many UK team shirts outside the big 6 do you see on holiday worn by locals? Name change was politics, to distance them from the council. Cardiff tried similar changing to “lucky red”, which was abandoned too because it’s just factless marketing. I haven’t forgotten that the Allams (arguably) saved the club from bankruptcy, but it’s gone sour for everyone now. What I don’t understand is a club in the PL or in with a chance of being there is saleable, a club drifting to the third tier isn’t. So why has the club been run down since 2016? Doesn’t make business sense, so maybe it’s emotionally driven, namely spite. That’s what I find depressing, and I wonder if it drags the players down too.

  30. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    I think I know Ray. His surname is Charles. As Rottenborough says, nowt so blind as those that fail to see.

  31. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    I’m as capable of seeing the damage the Allams are inflicting on a once successful club as the next person, but Bill Carson, get a sense of perspective. This ain’t the Korean Peninsula and it certainly ain’t the darkest days of WW1. It’s a football club being badly run.

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