PODCAST: One point from six, Slutsky’s future, meeting the Allams, attendance discrepancies…

The latest award-nominated edition of your podcast is here! Jocular it rarely is, as we have to dissect how City lost on Saturday from a 2-0 lead. That takes a while, and conclusive it struggles to be.

We discuss Slutsky’s position and also muse on the first meeting in four years between Allams and fans, while talking about the attendance discrepancies that recently came into our mitts.

We did discuss two games from ten years ago, as we’ve done all season, but the recording software broke down and our outstanding reminiscences on 0-0 v Bristol City and 2-2 v Cardiff City were lost forever.

Not sure when we’ll do next week’s, as the awards are on Monday night and we’ll be there

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  1. geoff thomas
    geoff thomas says:

    It is my belief that nothing short of a change of ownership will resolve the problems besetting Hull City, I certainly feel that it would be a backward step to sack Leon Slutsky, the talk of replacing him with Nigel Adkins concerns me more than a little. Apart from a brief period of success across the river he has achieved nothing in football either at Southampton, Reading or Sheffield United all these clubs lost ground under his stewardship and all these latter clubs sacked him! I would suggest that a year without a club say’s all that needs to be said. I would think his greatest attraction
    for the Allam’s is the fact that he will be CHEAP. There is a feeling among a few City Fans that the Allam’s
    are trying to get Hull City out of league football for spite!

  2. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    So winning back to back promotions which took Southampton from League 1 to the Premier League is achieving nothing?
    He also had his biggest win rate (54%) at Southampton.
    Yes, we certainly don’t want a shit manager like that.

  3. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Beat me to it Bill Baxter 😀
    Adkins always cam across well in his post match interviews.
    Geoff “going backwards by sacking Slutski”? Have you been this season?
    I seriously question if our team are even fit enough to last 90 minutes, the results would suggest not.
    Slutski should do the honourable thing and walk, if he’s still in charge at Hillsborough, then I’m predicting a 4v1 win for Wednesday.

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