Things We Think We Think #269


1. An away win! A win, away! At an away ground! After well over 400 days of waiting, of fruitless journeys and dismal displays outside of Hull, City have finally won an away game!

2. It’s as much a relief as a source of jubilation. After drawing so many blanks in the Premier League, seeing that wretched run continue in the Championship was becoming a major source of concern and exasperation. Thank goodness it’s now at an end, if only because we were probably all sick of talking and thinking about it.

3. However…amid the glee about winning on the road, would it be excessively churlish to note that it wasn’t exactly a sparkling performance and that the points were not comprehensively merited? If so, then we’ll have to be churls, because the display left an awful lot to be desired – at one point, the away end sang “we only want one shot”. And while there are mitigating circumstances – foul weather, the nerves engendered by that run and so on – we doubt that Leonid Slutsky will have failed to notice that there’s room for improvement.

4. Still, the clean sheet was nice. City have kept too few of these this season, and while a better side than a fairly mediocre Barnsley may have found a way to puncture the Tigers’ iffy defence, nilling someone was nice. And it isn’t just with the benefit of hindsight that we observe that Barnsley didn’t really look like levelling – City closed the game out well and deserve credit for doing so, particularly after losing a lead so late just a week earlier.

5. So, there are some positives to take beyond just the points. City coped better without David Meyler than many may have expected and despite the lack of fluency on show there was no shortage of commitment either. A 6.5/10 sort of effort.

6. It leaves City 14th, as many points clear of the bottom three as behind the top six. Which feels broadly accurate as a snapshot of the season to date, and also a likely final outcome for 2017/18. We don’t feel good enough for a promotion push, but probably have too much to have any serious concerns about dropping another division. Given the calamitous incompetence we saw in the boardroom this summer, what else could we expect?

7. Apropos boardroom dolts, wasn’t Ehab’s interview with the Hull Daily Mail every bit an exercise in snivelling, blame-dodging fact-free drivel as we’d expect from one as unimpressive as him? There were some unintentionally revealing bits though. Ehab’s detestation of City fans was obvious, and him considering not selling City just to spite us is a fascinating insight into his sub-standard character. It’s fairly obvious that the club isn’t for sale in any meaningful sense anyway, and this grim stand-off between the reviled Allam family and the people of Hull isn’t going to end soon.

8. We hear, from multiple sources, that City tried to instruct the stewards at Barnsley to remove anti-Allam flags in the away end at Oakwell. We aren’t surprised that free speech isn’t awfully popular among the hierarchy at City, but even for them this would be pathetically thin-skinned.

9. Forest next on the telly. It’s a chance to show the world how much we hate our owners, but also a chance for City to inch closer to a top-half place. Will Slutsky keep faith with those who laboured to victory on Saturday – or has Campbell earned a start and will Meyler return? Interesting questions for the manager.

10. The impending visits of sides in 12th and 13th should give us an idea of whether we can improve upon the mid-table finish we expect. Forest look nothing special, but Middlesbrough’s comparably lowly standing is a surprise. They’ve plenty of time to put things right, but it’s possible we could catch them at a good time. And who knows, six points from these two home games….

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  1. WSM
    WSM says:

    Personally, I’d place shaking the Allams off the club’s back well above winning promotion. The club as a whole will never be happy until they have gone. I wonder if Dean Hoyle has a twin brother?

  2. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    #3 very true and I’m glad you said it. We were shoddy long-ball merchants on Saturday, poor performance, poor football.

    Still, great to win, and if there was a #3a I would mention the immediate difference that Campbell and Irvine made when they came on, exemplified in the assist (sort of) and the goal, but more than just that one moment.

  3. Bond
    Bond says:

    Did City cope better without Meyler? I doubt he would have let the game go on in such a turgid and lethargic manner?

    Grosiki and Henriksen have to be dropped the former needs a lesson in putting a shift in and the latter just needs lessons,
    its almost giving the opposition a man or two advantage in our games now.

    I was pleased common sense broke out between the stewards at Oakwell, it seems pretty obvious that they had been instructed to remove the Allam out banners and just as it was beginning to get as ugly as the game a steward stepped in and stopped the nonsense.

    Seeing Chein Lee leave Barnsley having as good as bought the club just makes you realise what a specimen Ehab is (not that more proof is needed) saying no one is interested in buying a championship club, utter tripe.
    They have no intention of selling!

  4. Jon Tennison
    Jon Tennison says:

    Bad as we were I was, for once, proud of the character showed by the team. We need much more of this and neither Grosicki nor Henriksen should be starting away from home at the moment. Irvine should be an automatic choice and a fit Cambell is one of the best forwards in the division. Duffen may have been wrong about most things but he was spot on ten years ago when he said Cambell was far too good for the Championship.

  5. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Let’s not get too excited, it seems we can only beat teams beginning with “B” so we’re not going to pick up many more points!

  6. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Agree with JT above. Watching the highlights…has the defence ever been so open? Good thing they shot over, past or straight at McG! Lucky, but a win’s a win! No chance of playoffs with that defence! Also they seem to be running straight through our midfield. Need players who’ll put a foot in and that’s not Herickson.big test in the next two games…
    Allam jnr’s interview showed that…1: protests just make them dig their toes in, as some have suggested. 2: unlikely to sell outside the PL. So maybe just getting behind the team and trying for promotion is the way to get rid. May need a couple of signings in Jan though…so being up there in contention then is key.

  7. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    It’s obvious that the Allams see the club as a nice little earner and will only dump Hull City when it has been bled dry of parachute payments and money from player sales. Expect them to clear off in a couple of years unless we achieve promotion again, in which case the gravy train will roll on!

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