NEWS: Jakupović leaves, but Campbell returns


Mixed news on the transfer front for City this morning, which does at least constitute an improvment of sorts after recents days.

Eldin Jakupović has left City for Leicester, after a fee of around £2m was agreed between the clubs. He’d been with the Tigers five years, which rather remarkably made him our longest-serving player. His City career didn’t get off to a great start, and an infamous evening against Sheffield Wednesday in January 2013 saw him written off by many, loaned out to Leyton Orient and with an awful lot of reputational damage to repair.

He gradually did that, and battled his way to become City’s first choice keeper following the arrival of Marco Silva earlier this year. He rarely let us down after that, and with capable keeping combined with an endearing eccentricity he become something of a minor cult hero. He ended up with 54 starts for City in League and cups, plus one sub appearance, and leaves with the best wishes of us all (and decent in his position, thankfully).

Rejoining City is Fraizer Campbell. Almost ten years since the beginning of his stunning loan spell that was instrumental in propelling Phil Brown’s unfancied Tigers to Wembley and promotion, the now 29 year old has returned on a two year deal after being released by Crystal Palace.

His exploits in that extraordinary 2007/8 season need no recounting, and as a key part of that glorious season, Campbell’s subsequent career will be familiar to us all. He rarely (and unfairly) never received a warm welcome back to the Circle after declining to join City on a permanent basis, and his return may cause consternation among the unforgiving. The recipient of a single England cap in 2012, he’ll arrive with plenty of expectations and with memories of that magical season at the forefront of our minds. As a free transfer and still the right side of 30, it looks a rare shaft of light of this gloomy summer.

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  1. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Grosicki, Clucas and Hernandez still to go? There’s no doubt Campbell can still score goals at Championship level but what will the rest of the team look like?

  2. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Will miss Jak… From the highlights of the friendlies in Portugal, McG looks to have lost the ability to hang onto the ball at all! Will need to do better!! Quite encouraged by…OK only highlights, but seemed to move the ball around quite well, got in quickly and broke well. Well taken goals too. Bad mistake from someone in midfield for a goal, but the scratch back lines didn’t look too bad…improved v Bristol R… and our youngsters seem to know their trade pretty well. They should get more chances this season. A mistake by Bruce not to give more game time to such the last time in the Champs IMO. Might have kept Tymon… Hernandez not offside v Oxford, as he followed in a shot off the post, and was well onside when the ball was struck IMO. Someone doesn’t know the
    law…hope it’s not me!
    Wrt FC: welcome back as a real Tiger this time! Opportunity to resurrect career? They say never go back, but think if he stays fit then goals will come. Need to hang on to the rest of the squad now. Perhaps Delaney…if fit…could do a job for us at centre back too for a year or so. Always liked him…
    A winger next….? Still work to do in the transfer Market. See Brentford are getting Watkins from Exeter. Saw him on NE TV v Carlisle highlights. Looked a very good player…scores and assists. If I’d been in charge of transfers….

  3. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Is Campbell even fit to play a full season?

    We don’t need a sick note.

    I hope he recaptures his early City form. Let’s get Deano up there so he has a foil.

    Selling Jak is a disaster: the best keeper we have by a long way. McGregor is a sick note and the other Scottish bloke is just crap.

  4. haltemprice tiger
    haltemprice tiger says:

    If Campbell stays fit, he will score regularly at Championship level. If we keep Hernandez, another proven goalscorer at this level, we could potentially have a very good front partnership on our hands.

  5. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    25 goals in 160 games in 9 years for Campbell since he left us.
    If that gets your juices flowing then there’s really no hope for you.
    He had one good season (for us) 9/10 years ago & fuck all since.

    One step up from Danny Graham in my eyes.

    Totally underwhelmed & shows the club have no ambition at all and Cunt & Cunt Jr. are just raping the club of it’s money to prop up their other business.

  6. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Another stroke of genius by the boy blunder, sell Robertson to Liverpool for 8 million pounds and buy Kevin Stewart from them for the same amount, unknown, virtually untried and virtually unplayed! He may turn out to be ok but paying that kind of money for an unknown rookie player sounds nuts to me!

  7. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Could someone please explain how Andy Robertson is only worth an apparent £8M???
    It’s bad enough selling off our assets but on the cheap too???
    There are players who due to their abilities were bound to go on to bigger things: Maguire, Robbo and Grosicki. Combined these 3 should bring in £35M in my opinion. Then we have players who we need to move to freshen up the squad, Elmo, Maloney, Bruce and McGregor. Then we have players who we should have done everything possible to keep for the future of the club, Tymon, Clucas and Jakupovic, and yet it looks as though we will lose these 3 for less than £8M combined! Shocking incompetence!
    The only silver lining is the hope that we have got a great Head Coach in Slutsky, who when a squad of some sorts is assembled, can work his magic.

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