NEWS: Huddlestone the latest to leave


City have confirmed the departure of another first-teamer, with Tom Huddlestone leaving for Derby.

He had a £2m release clause in his contract that the Rams have activated, and with Ehab Allam negligently declining to offer the player a new contract until interest emerged elsewhere, the player has elected to move back to the club he began life as a professional with.

Huddlestone frustrated and delighted during his time at the club. There’s a strong argument to be made that he’s the finest passer of the ball we’ve ever had, yet frequently he’d fail to orchestrate games in the way he’s capable of doing. However, prior to a comically unjust red card at Everton at the end of last season, he was in perhaps the best form of his City career.

That career took in two separate spells in the Premier League, a League Cup semi-final, victory in a play-off final at Wembley, an FA Cup final and European football. It’s been an eventful time on and off the pitch, though the ongoing circus off it has seen his time end. His final contribution was to thank to everyone at City, apart from the owners. He’d have been a regular starter next season, and it’s hard to see how he can be replaced for £2m, if at all. For the second time during this increasingly desperate summer, our loss is Derby’s gain – and City are once again looking hopelessly unprepared for the start of a new season.

All the best, Tom.

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  1. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    So how many others have cheap get out clauses in their contracts that mean rivals can pick them up for next to nothing, the powers that be should be tightening up the existing contracts of players they don’t want to lose. Who the f*** has valued Andrew Robertson at only 8 million, worth double that when you see some of the prices payed and being talked about this summer. Tom was one player I didn’t want to see going but what he said about his offer from Hull being too late could be looked at in different ways much as Curtis Davies comment about needing a kick up the arse, did they really want too keep playing for City and if not who could blame them given the sour atmosphere hanging around the club.

  2. haltemprice tiger
    haltemprice tiger says:

    City’s best players will continue to leave City until we get rid of the cancer that is eating away at the club ie. the Allams.

    I fully expect Robertson, Hernnandez, Grosicki and Clucas to leave before the end of the transfer window to be replaced mainly by loanees (if at all).

  3. Richard pearson
    Richard pearson says:

    Did they recruit Slutsky because no manager who works in this country would go near us?
    By now .the Allams must be notorious amongst players, managers and agents.
    This latest loss of Huddleston is massively depressing. What on earth is going on?
    It’s easy for some just to say “I’m not watching City until the Allams go.” For those who will go because Hull City means more than a rotten set of owners, it looks like more pain to come. Does Ehab have a cunning plan?

  4. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    @John from Brid but there are no players “the powers that be” don’t want to lose. Any player who’s saleable will be sold, it’s all about filling the Allam coffers at the expense of the team and replacing them with a few (very few) by the way things are going, loaners. The club is up for sale but who will buy it? The stadium doesn’t belong to Hull City and neither will half the players come the end of the transfer window. I’m surprised that the boy blunder hasn’t sold off the Cottingham training ground to property developers by now but that’s probably in the future projects folder. Get ready for another relegation and thousands more cancelled memberships but the Allams will hang around until the parachute money has all been scooped up by their grubby little paws!

  5. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Come on Tomb Rater: surely reduced to 0/10 after this new low of mismanagement!

  6. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Tom Huddlestone certainly needed a kick up the backside from time to time, but his sublime skills in controlling and passing the ball as well as his calmness were a joy to watch.
    £2M is insulting and another slap in the face.
    The Jak has now left (to be confirmed) for Leicester. His passion was just what we needed last season and again this season. We are now left with one crocked Scottish keeper and in my opinion one over the hill Scottish keeper. In Marshalls absence id be tempted to started with Will Mannion.
    An entire back line has now left, Jak, Maguire, Tymon (shocking mismanagement), Bruce, Davies and soon to go, Elmo and Robbo.
    How on earth is Robbo only £8M???
    Maloney has chosen Scottish football at a time of mass exodus from Scotland to any English club.
    Desperate times.
    Ehab said he had learned from the absolute shambles of last years pre season.
    Answers on a postcard as to what he has learned?
    What is our new Director of Football doing?
    His priority was to secure our prized assets???
    I expect Robbo, Jak, Elmo (good riddance), Grosicki and at this rate Dawson to all leave.
    Desperate depressing times but nothing new being a Hull City supporter.

  7. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    The ever useless and inconsequential Hull Daily Fail reported that Leicester had offered 2 million pounds for Jakupovic but that Hull City were holding out for more, like hmm let’s see now, 2 million! The selling strategy of our odious owners goes like this: Sell off as many players as possible, pay off the outstanding AllamShithouse loans and pocket the remaining cash while being sure to sell at less than market value in order to piss off the remaining supporters and spend nothing on replacements. The pathetic and childish revenge of Allam junior will be complete when the club is playing in the Conference League North, thus massaging his bruised and fragile ego over the name change saga, years of Allam out chanting and being loudly booed when he held up the Championship Play Off Final trophy! Steve Bruce certainly knew when to jump!

  8. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Not forgetting that Livermore & Snodgrass went during last season & it looks even more depressing doesn’t it?

  9. Dave
    Dave says:

    A couple of weeks ago if you’d asked me, I’d have said I was feeling confident about the new season – as whilst our premiership team didn’t cut it in the premiership, I felt we had a strong champion team. But with all the recent sales however, I’m starting to worry that we’ll even compete against Villa on the opening day. Even with several new signings – ( I doubt we’ll get that many), Its going to take time for players to understand one another. Only thing I can hope for is this whole Russian Manager and Abramovich connection to be so strong, Abramovich buys it for a side project and sends the Allams packing and we suddenly end up with a 200m transfer kitty -Don’t Worry, I’ll keep taking the magic pills. But, Whatever happens we must get behind the players come the start of the season.

  10. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    I also share your fear of an opening day annihilation. Steve Bruce will want to prove a point to the Allams.
    We all expected players to be sold but they were Robbo, Maguire, Grosicki and Clucas.
    The real shocker is the likes of Davies, THudd, Josh Tymon, Msloney, all effectively walking away from the club with little income coming in.
    Only an idiot repeats his mistakes and this is Groundhog Day!!!

  11. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Will miss Davies who always played better when Dawson not around…tellingly. Also Jak, who’s fine words about Hull didn’t amount to much it seems. Maloney, Thudd and Elmo not so much, but Tymon should have been our regular LB this season….. Rannochia for £5 mil to WBA really hurts because it shows what might have been. Brought back that desolate feeling that the loss to Sunderland brought on.
    We knew quite a number would go, and indeed it was necessary to move on some, but the replacement void is disturbing on a massive scale! Was concerned about Slut as he’s non EU and player recruitment could be problematic from outside… as seems to be the case with the assistant manager! Some action needed this week or suspect we may be looking from a new manager again. Step forward Mr Pennock?

  12. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Could someone please explain how Andy Robertson is only worth an apparent £8M???
    One thing selling off our assets but surely the price has to be right?
    As GJHDurham points out there are: Players who due to their abilities were bound to go on to biggers things: Maguire, Robbo and Grosicki. Combined these 3 should bring in £35 in my opinion. Then we have players who we need ti move to freshen up the squad, Elmo, Maloney (perhaps), Bruce and McGregor. Then we have players who we should have done everything possible to keep for the future of the club, Tymon, Clucas and Jakupovic, and yet it looks as though we will lose these 3 for less than £8M combined! Shocking incompetence!
    The only silver lining is the hope that we have got a great Head Coach in Slutsky, who when a squad of some sorts is assembled, can work his magic.

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